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Embodied Carbon in Buildings

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Table of contents

Part I. Measurement

1. Uncertainty Analysis in Embodied Carbon Assessments: What Are the Implications of Its Omission?
M. A. Mendoza Beltran, Francesco Pomponi, J. B. Guinée, R. Heijungs

2. Probabilistic Approaches to the Measurement of Embodied Carbon in Buildings
J. Gantner, W. Fawcett, I. Ellingham

3. Uncertainty Assessment of Comparative Design Stage Embodied Carbon Assessments
S. Richardson, K. Hyde, J. Connaughton

4. Embodied Carbon of Wood and Reinforced Concrete Structures Under Chronic and Acute Hazards
A. Souto-Martinez, E. J. Sutley, A. B. Liel, W. V. Srubar

5. Embodied Carbon of Surfaces: Inclusion of Surface Albedo Accounting in Life-Cycle Assessment
Tiziana Susca

6. Quantifying Environmental Impacts of Structural Material Choices Using Life Cycle Assessment: A Case Study
D. Davies, L. Johnson, B. Doepker, M. Hedlund

7. Analysis of Embodied Carbon in Buildings Supported by a Data Validation System
Nuri Cihan Kayaçetin, Ali Murat Tanyer

Part II. Management

8. Embodied Carbon Tools for Architects and Clients Early in the Design Process
R. Marsh, F. Nygaard Rasmussen, H. Birgisdottir

9. Embodied Carbon Research and Practice: Different Ends and Means or a Third Way
B. Cousins-Jenvey

10. Embodied Carbon in Construction, Maintenance and Demolition in Buildings
G. K. C. Ding

11. Carbon and Cost Hotspots: An Embodied Carbon Management Approach During Early Stages of Design
Michele Victoria, Srinath Perera

Part III. Mitigation

12. Applying Circular Economic Principles to Reduce Embodied Carbon
Danielle Densley Tingley, Jannik Giesekam, Simone Cooper-Searle

13. Embodied Carbon of Sustainable Technologies
S. Finnegan

14. Accounting for Embodied Carbon Emissions in Planning and Optimisation of Transport Activities During Construction
Ahmed W. A. Hammad, Ali Akbarnezhad, David Rey

15. Design Strategies for Low Embodied Carbon in Building Materials
Marianne Kjendseth Wiik, Selamawit Mamo Fufa, Inger Andresen

16. Embodied Carbon of Tall Buildings: Specific Challenges
Donald Davies, Dario Trabucco

Part IV. Approaches Across Global Regions

17. Managing Embodied Carbon in Africa Through a Carbon Trading Scheme
N. Kibwami, A. Tutesigensi

18. Embodied Carbon in Buildings: An Australian Perspective
Robert H. Crawford, André Stephan, Monique Schmidt

19. Current Approaches for Embodied Carbon Assessment of Buildings in China: An Overview
Jingke Hong, Geoffrey Qiping Shen, Miaohan Tang

20. Embodied Carbon Measurement, Mitigation and Management Within Europe, Drawing on a Cross-Case Analysis of 60 Building Case Studies
A. M. Moncaster, H. Birgisdottir, T. Malmqvist, F. Nygaard Rasmussen, A. Houlihan Wiberg, E. Soulti

21. Initiatives to Report and Reduce Embodied Carbon in North American Buildings
Catherine De Wolf, K. Simonen, J. Ochsendorf

22. Embodied and Life Cycle Carbon Assessment of Buildings in Latin America: State-of-the-Art and Future Directions
Francesco Pomponi, Liliana Medina Campos

Keywords: Engineering, Building Construction and Design, Energy Efficiency, Renewable and Green Energy

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