Patnaik, Srikanta

Recent Developments in Data Science and Business Analytics

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Table of contents

Part I. Marketing and Supply Chain Analytics

1. Research on Differential Pricing and Coordination Mechanism of Second-Class Supply Chain of New Products and Remanufactured Products
Hubiao Li

2. A Study on Cooperation Strategies of Dual Channel Supply Chain Based on Service Level
Guojun Ji, Xi Liu

3. The Quality Management of Food Supply Chain in Perspective of Food Safety
Gang Liu, Li Guo

4. Strategic Customer Behavior with Risk Preference for a Supply Chain Management Based on Double Channel
Wanjin Hou, Quansheng Lei

5. Competition and Coordination in Single-Supplier Multiple-Retailer Supply Chain
Jiahang Du, Quansheng Lei

6. Research on the Construction of Enterprise Brand Competitiveness Evaluation System Based on the Integration of SWOT and AHP Model
Mudan Tao, Zhi Li

7. Reflections on the Training Mode of E-Commerce Professionals with Improved Practical Exercises and Innovative Ability
Shunmin Wang

8. Research on Evaluating Marketing Ability of Traditional Chinese Medicine Enterprises in Gansu Province
Lixin Yun, Zhonghua Luo, Mingwei Wu

Part II. Logistics and Operations Analytics

9. The Impact of the Relationship Between Operational Cost and Oil Prices on Economic Assessment in Oil and Gas Industry
Lihui Zhu, Dongkun Luo, Xiaoyu Wang, Rui Guo

10. The Construction of University Students’ Entrepreneurship Competency Model in Application-Oriented Universities
Chunxiao Chen, Jinjian Wang

11. Improving Airport Security Screening System in Terms of Efficiency and Fairness Via Network Model
Tan Liming, Cai Xiaohang, He Yuandi

12. Study on the Choice of Strategic Emerging Industries in Gansu Province Based on Multi-level Grey Model
Zhonghua Luo, Qi Men, Lixin Yun

13. The Study of “Big Quality” Satisfaction Evaluation
Lizhong Tong, Taoyu Jia

14. Research on Evaluation Index System of Enterprise Brand Competitiveness: Taking Liquor Industry as an Example
Yan Fan, Lizhong Tong

15. Simulation of Stochastic Volatility Variance Swap
Shican Liu, Yanli Zhou, Yonghong Wu, Xiangyu Ge

16. Empirical Research of the Contribution Rate of University Science and Technology to the Regional Economic Development
Tianhang Wang, Fengge Yao

17. Research on Incentive Strategy of Logistics Outsourcing About Manufacturing Enterprises
Bo Yang, Wenwen Jin

18. Research on External Quality Inspection Technology of Tropical Fruits Based on Computer Vision
Kun Zhang, Xiaoyan Chen, Haifeng Wang

19. Wholesale Price Contract and Quantity Discount Contract Under Competition with Various Games
Qin Jiabao, Lei Quansheng, He Yezi

20. Evaluation of Science and Technology Service Industry in Shandong Province
Yanming Yang, Xi Wang, Keliang Jia

Part III. Financial Analytics

21. CEO’s Background Characteristics, Financing Preference and Firm Performance – Empirical Evidence From China’s A-Share Listed Companies
Yongzhuang Li, Xuan Wang, Dehuan Zhang

22. Security Risk Management Approach for Improving Information Security Return of Investment
Xichun Li, Mahmoud Al-Shawabkeh, Zhiyuan Li

23. Comparative Analysis on Investment and Financing Models of Urban Rail Transportation
Xiaodi Wang

24. Measuring Systemic Risk in the Chinese Financial System Based on Asymmetric Exponential Power Distribution
Helong Li, Tianqi Luo, Liuling Li, Tiancheng Liu

25. Research on Liquidity Preferences of Mutual Fund
Yinda Chen

26. Relationship of the Financial Agglomeration and Fiscal Expenditure Scale of Yangtze River Delta
Liu Jiacheng, Chen Yujie, Liu Nan

27. Applying Data Processing Method for Relationship Discovery in the Stock Market
Mouataz Zreika, Jie Hua, Guohua Wang

28. A Study on Assets Categorizations and Optimal Allocation via an Improved Algorithm
Guang Liu

29. Forecasting Stock Price Index Volatility with LSTM Deep Neural Network
ShuiLing Yu, Zhe Li

30. Improvement of Hedging Effect Based on the Average Hedging Ratio
Yang Liu, Chuan-he Shen

31. Finding the Lenders of Bad Credit Score Based on the Classification Method
Haifeng Li, Yuejin Zhang

Part IV. Predictive Modeling and Data Analytics

32. Research Status and Prospect of Data Extraction and Cleaning Technology in Large Environment
Mingzhe Wang, Zhaochan Li

33. Research on Intelligent Sales Platform of Automobile Industry Based on Large Data Mining
Jinzi Lee

34. A Local Neighborhood Constraint Method for SIFT Features Matching
Qingliang Li, Lili Xu, Pengliang Zheng, Fei He

35. A Wine Consumption Prediction Model Based on L-DAGLSSVM
Xiao Wang, Sijie Lu, Zhijian Zhou

36. Fuzzy Control and Network System Design for Time Series Prediction Model
X. L. Lu, H. X. Wang, Z. X. Zhao

37. Research on Data Storage Based on Cloud Platform
Xiaoman Zhang, Fangqin Xu

38. An Automatic Multi-Objective Clustering Based on Hierarchical Method
Chao Chen, Feng Qi

39. Big Data Analytics for High Frequency Trading Volatility Estimation
Henry Han, Maxwell Li

40. A Simulation of Sample Variance Calculation in the Teaching of Business Statistics to English Majors
Shili Ge, Rou Yang, Xiaoxiao Chen

41. Application of Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Data of Coronary Heart Disease Based on Association Rules
Kun Zhang, Xiaoyan Chen, Haifeng Wang, Yufei Wang

42. Bibliometric Analysis of Spatial Econometrics
Jianhua Liu, Wei Li

43. Using Diagnostic Analysis to Discover Offensive Patterns in a Football Game
Tianbiao Liu, Philippe Fournier-Viger, Andreas Hohmann

44. Fuzzy Game Based on Fuzzy Comparison Operator
Cunlin Li, Lin Zhang, Zhifu Jia

45. An Analysis of Business English Translation Research in China
Xue Yu, Shili Ge

Part V. Communications and Information Systems Analytics

46. Optimum Design and Function Improvement of Mobile Nursing System
Gang Tong, Huan Liu, Luxing Wang

47. Technology Development and Networking Application of a Mobile Passive Optical Access Network System
Yin Shuhua

48. Improvement of E-MIMLSVM+ Algorithm Based on Semi-Supervised Learning
Wenqing Huang, Hui You, Li Mei, Yinlong Chen, Mingzhu Huang

49. The Method of Improving Learning Ability of “C Language Programming Design” Course
Chunxiu Xiong, Xinhua You, Peng Yu

50. Implementation of Koch Curves Based on Html5 <canvas>
Zhengzhi Xu, Youhui Su

51. The Proposal of Centralization Deployment of Cadre Management Information System of SGCC
Jian Zhang, Tianjing Sun, Wentao Liu, Sunnie Ren

52. Research and Designing of Grounding Fault Diagnosis for Small Current System Based on DsPIC33 and MCP3903
Yin Hui, Shi Changkai, Guan Shilei, Lv Liping, Liu Manyu, Wu Guoping

53. Mobile Phone Addiction in Youngsters: Concept and Measurement
Menglong Li, Yujia Ren

54. Measurement and Empirical Research of High Technology Industry Development for Mainland China Region
Ming Luo, Rui Luo

55. Sina Weibo User Influence Research
Zhu Yangpeng, Li Peng

Keywords: Business and Management, Operations Research/Decision Theory, Big Data/Analytics, Business Information Systems

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