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Advanced Technologies for the Rehabilitation of Gait and Balance Disorders

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Table of contents

Part I. Assessment of Gait and Balance Disorders

1. An Overview of the Physiology and Pathophysiology of Postural Control
Antonio Nardone, Anna Maria Turcato

2. RCT Design for the Assessment of Rehabilitation Treatments: The Case Study of Post-stroke Rehabilitation
Simona Ferrante, Marta Gandolla, Elisabetta Peri, Emilia Ambrosini, Alessandra Pedrocchi

3. Assessment of Balance Disorders
Marialuisa Gandolfi, Christian Geroin, Alessandro Picelli, Nicola Smania, Michelangelo Bartolo

4. The Assessment of Gait Disorders in Neurorehabilitation
Christian Geroin, Cristina Zanga, Marialuisa Gandolfi, Nicola Smania, Caterina Pistarini

5. Bedside Vestibular Examination
Maurizio Versino, Roberto Icco, Silvia Colnaghi

6. Balance Rehabilitation Using Computerized Dynamic Posturographic Platforms
Isabella Springhetti, Chiara Villani

7. The Influence of Cognitive Factors on Balance and Gait
Valentina Varalta, Cristina Fonte, Daniele Munari

8. Risk Factors and Outcome in Falls
Alessio Baricich, Marco Invernizzi, Carlo Cisari

9. Strategies to Prevent Falls
Giovanni Morone, Alessia Federici, Marco Tramontano, Roberta Annicchiarico, Antonino Salvia

Part II. Integrated Approach to Gait and Balance Rehabilitation in Neurological Diseases

10. Rehabilitation of Parkinson’s Disease
Giovanni Abbruzzese, Elisa Pelosin

11. The Treatment of Axial and Foot Dystonia
Micol Avenali, Roberto Icco, Cristina Tassorelli

12. Rehabilitation Approach to Stroke
Giovanni Morone, Marco Iosa, Stefano Paolucci

13. Rehabilitation of Ataxias
Mariano Serrao

14. An Integrated Approach to Gait and Balance Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis
Maria Grazia Grasso, Luca Pace

15. Balance and Walking Training in Ataxic Neuropathies
Philippe Thoumie, Maeva Ferrari, Samy Bendaya, Michèle Mane, Besma Missaoui

16. Approach to Gait and Balance Rehabilitation in Spinal Cord Injury
Federica Tamburella, Marcella Masciullo, Marco Molinari, Giorgio Scivoletto

Part III. New Technologies for the Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Gait and Balance Disorders

17. Advanced Methods for Gait Analysis Data Processing
Manuela Galli, Mariano Serrao

18. Exoskeletons for Over-Ground Gait Training in Spinal Cord Injury
Marco Molinari, Marcella Masciullo, Federica Tamburella, Nevio Luigi Tagliamonte, Iolanda Pisotta, José L. Pons

19. The End-Effector Device for Gait Rehabilitation
Nicola Smania, Christian Geroin, Nicola Valè, Marialuisa Gandolfi

20. Early Verticalization in Patients in a Vegetative or Minimally Conscious State
Giuseppe Frazzitta, Ilaria Zivi, Roberto Valsecchi, Leopold Saltuari

21. Functional Electrical Stimulation and Its Use During Cycling for the Rehabilitation of Individuals with Stroke
Elisabetta Peri, Eleonora Guanziroli, Simona Ferrante, Alessandra Pedrocchi, Franco Molteni

22. Gait Training by FES
Thomas Schauer, Thomas Seel

23. Gait Rehabilitation by Nociceptive Withdrawal Reflex-Based Functional Electrical Therapy
Ole Kæseler Andersen, Erika G. Spaich

24. Postural Rehabilitation Within the VRRS (Virtual Reality Rehabilitation System) Environment
Marco Pirini, Maria Cristina Bisi, Andrea Turolla, Michela Agostini, Denis Vidale, Alessio Fiorentin, Federico Piron

25. Cues and Body-Weight-Supported (BWS) Gait Training in Parkinson’s Disease
Giorgio Sandrini, Cristina Tassorelli, Eliana Berra, Roberto Icco

26. Effects of Neuromodulation on Gait
Giuseppe Cosentino, Filippo Brighina, Enrico Alfonsi, Giorgio Sandrini

27. Introducing a Surgical Procedure for an Implantable FES Device and Its Outcome
Kiriakos Daniilidis, Eike Jakubowitz, Daiwei Yao

28. Indications and Results of Implantable Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) of the Peroneal Nerve
Michaela M. Pinter, Frank Berenpas, Alexander C. Geurts

29. Neuroprostheses: Significance in Gait Rehabilitation
Josefina Gutiérrez-Martínez

Part IV. Spasticity and Gait Rehabilitation

30. Pathophysiology of Spasticity and Therapeutic Approach
Jörg Wissel

31. Gait Analysis in the Context of Spasticity Management
L. Jorge Jacinto, Miguel Reis Silva

32. Neuromotor Techniques, Physical Treatments and Orthoses in Spasticity
Alessandro Picelli, Elena Chemello, Nicola Smania

33. Spinal Cord Stimulation as a Neuromodulatory Intervention for Altered Motor Control Following Spinal Cord Injury
Ursula S. Hofstoetter, Brigitta Freundl, Heinrich Binder, Karen Minassian

34. Functional Surgery and Early Rehabilitation Treatment in Hemiplegic Patients
Paolo Zerbinati, Erika Giannotti, Maria Longhi, Davide Mazzoli

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Rehabilitation Medicine, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Physiotherapy, Robotics and Automation

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