Bai, Chenguang

Characterization of Minerals, Metals, and Materials 2018

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Table of contents

Part I. Characterization Methods

1. On FIB Milling Parameters
Jian Li, Pei Liu

Part II. Characterization of Ceramics

2. Preparation and Characteristics of Steel Slag Ceramics from Converter Slag
Mingsheng He, Bowen Li, Wangzhi Zhou, Huasheng Chen, Meng Liu, Long Zou

3. In-Situ XRD Investigation of Bauxite Dehydroxylation
Hong Peng, James Vaughan

4. The Investigation of Humics as a Binder for LiFePO4 Cathode in Lithium Ion Battery
Guihong Han, Shuzhen Yang, Jiongtian Liu, Yanfang Huang

5. Evaluation of Brazilian Bentonite Modified by Acid Attack in Biofuel Production
C. G. Bastos Andrade, S. M. Toffoli, F. R. Valenzuela Diaz

Part III. Characterization of Non-ferrous Metals

6. Synthesis and Characterization on Nickel Orthosilicate Anode of Lithium-Ion Battery
Guihong Han, Duo Zhang, Yanfang Huang

7. Eletrochemical Behavior and Corrosion Properties of Ti–6Al–4V Alloy Made by Selective Laser Melting for Immersion in Artificial Seawater at Different Temperature
Yifei Zhang, Jianzhong Li, Wenhao Zhang

Part IV. Microstructure and Performance of Materials

8. Correlation of Microstructure to Mechanical Properties in Two Grades of Alumina
Tomoko Sano, Ian Buterbaugh, Timothy Walter, James Catalano, Brendan Koch, Calvin Lo, James Hogan

Part V. Characterization and Uses of Metallurgical Slags

9. Preparation and Characterization of NaNO3/BFS Composite Phase Change Materials
Jicheng Liu, Yuanbo Zhang, Zijian Su, Bingbing Liu, Manman Lu, Tao Jiang, Guanghui Li

10. Characteristics of WISCO Steelmaking Slags
Bowen Li, Mingsheng He, Canhua Li

11. Effects of Civil Construction Waste on Properties of Lining Mortars
A. R. G. Azevedo, J. Alexandre, G. C. Xavier, B. C. Mendes, S. N. Monteiro, N. C. Aguiar

12. Pilot Trial of Direct Modification of Molten Blast Furnace Slag and Production of High Acidity Coefficient Slag Wool Fibers
Jun Li, Lingling Zhang, Guizhou Zhao, Daqiang Cang

13. Reduction Behavior of Ternary Calcium Ferrites for CaO–Fe2O3–MgO System
Senwei Xuan, Xuewei Lv, Kai Tang, Chengyi Ding, Gang Li, Chenguang Bai

14. Propagation of Power Ultrasound in Calcium Ferrite Melt
Ruirui Wei, Xueqing Li, Mingrui Yang

Part VI. Characterization of Polymer and Composite Materials

15. Dynamic-Mechanical Analysis of Epoxy Composites Reinforced with PALF Fibers
Gabriel O. Glória, Maria Carolina A. Teles, Felipe L. Périsse, Carlos Maurício F. Vieira, Sergio Neves Monteiro, Frederico M. Margem, Maycon Gomes

16. Characterization of PCBs from Obsolete Computers Aiming the Recovery of Precious Metals
Mariana Alves Carvalho, Marcos Paulo Kohler Caldas, Jorge Alberto Soares Tenório, Denise Crocce Romano Espinosa

17. Izod Impact Test Comparative Analysis of Epoxy and Polyester Matrix Composites Reinforced with Hemp Fibers
Lucas A. Pontes, Janaína S. Vieira, Dhyemila P. Mantovani, Sergio Neves Monteiro, Carlos Maurício F. Vieira, Frederico M. Margem, Lázaro A. Rohen, Anna C. C. Neves

18. Synthesis of Polymeric Hydrogel Loaded with Antibiotic Drug for Wound Healing Applications
Angélica Tamião Zafalon, Vinícius Juvino dos Santos, Fernanda Esposito, Nilton Lincopan, Vijaya Rangari, Ademar B. Lugão, Duclerc Fernandes Parra

19. Comparative Mechanical Analysis of Epoxy Composite Reinforced with Malva/Jute Hybrid Fabric by Izod and Charpy Impact Test
Janaína S. Vieira, Felipe P. D. Lopes, Ygor M. de Moraes, Sergio N. Monteiro, Frederico M. Margem, Jean Igor Margem, Djalma Souza

20. Comparison Between Epoxy Matrix Composites Reinforced with Ramie Fabric Under Pressure and Vacuum
Caroline G. Oliveira, Janine F. Deus, Felipe P. D. Lopes, Lucas A. Pontes, Frederico M. Margem, Sérgio N. Monteiro

21. Charpy Impact Test in Polyester Matrix Composites Reinforced with Hybrid Blanket of the Jute and Malva Fibers
Jean Igor Margem, Ygor Macabu Moraes, Frederico Muylaert Margem, Sergio Neves Monteiro, Marina Rangel Margem

Part VII. Analysis of Surfaces and Interfaces

22. Applications of Aberration-Corrected Low-Energy Electron Microscopy for Metal Surfaces
Zheng Wei, Tao Li, Meng Li, Xueli Cao, Hanying Wen, Guodong Shi, Lei Yu, Lin Zhu, Wen-xin Tang, Chenguang Bai

23. ZnO Thin Films of Flowered-Fibrous Micro/Nanowebs on Glass Substrates Using the Spray Pyrolysis Method
Shadia J. Ikhmayies

24. Intergranular Cracking of High Strength Extruded Brass Alloys
A. Vazdirvanidis, G. Pantazopoulos

Part VIII. Mechanical Behaviors of Materials

25. Determination of Microstructure-Based Constitutive Models Using Temperature Rise Distribution in Plane Strain Machining
Juan Camilo Osorio, Sepideh Abolghasem, Juan Pablo Casas Rodriguez

26. Precipitating Behaviour of Second Phase Particles in Lightweight Fe–Mn–Al–C–N Stainless Steel
Wei Hou, Xiaoyu Han, Jingtao Wang, Jun Bao

27. Local Texture Evolution and Mechanical Performance of Ultra-High-Speed Friction Stir Weld of AA 6111-T4 Sheets
Jingyi Zhang, Yuri Hovanski, Piyush Upadhyay, David P. Field

Part IX. Characterization of Powder Materials

28. Characterization of HPGR Pre-treated Sinter Feed
Mingming Zhang, Udaya Bhaskar Kodukula, Marcelo Andrade

29. Thermogravimetric Analysis on Reduction Behavior of Powdery Dicalcium Ferrite
Chengyi Ding, Xuewei Lv, Gang Li, Chenguang Bai, Senwei Xuan, Kai Tang, Yang Xu

30. Study on Application of Iron Ore Fine in Pelletizing
Gele Qing, Yunqing Tian, Weidong Zhang, Xiaopeng Wang, Wenbin Huang, Xiangjuan Dong, Ming Li

31. Characterization of Different Clays for the Optimization of Mixtures for the Production of Ceramic Artifacts
A. R. G. Azevedo, J. Alexandre, E. B. Zanelato, M. T. Marvila, L. G. Pedroti, G. C. Xavier, D. P. Santos, S. N. Monteiro, M. S. Peixoto

Part X. Mineral Processing and Analysis

32. Structural, Spectroscopic, Magnetic, and Thermal Characterizations of a Magnetite Ore from the Nagaland Region, India
Ritayan Chatterjee, Dinabandhu Ghosh, Surajit Biswas, Sandeep Agarwal, P. K. Mukhopadhyay, Saikat K. Kuila

33. Humic Acid-Based Silica Composite Aerogels—A Preliminary Study
Guihong Han, Chaolei Lv, Yongsheng Zhang, Wei Wang

34. Characterization of Non-Covalently Functionalized Halloysite
Danae Lopes Francisco, Lucilene Betega Paiva, Wagner Aldeia, Ademar B. Lugão, Esperidiana A. B. Moura

35. Synchrotron-Based XRD and XANES Study of Bornite Leached by Mesophilic Mixed Bacteria
Xingxing Wang, Maoxing Hong, Rui Liao, Chunxiao Zhao, Shichao Yu, Jun Wang, Hongbo Zhao, Min Gan

36. Adsorption and Surface Area of Modified Bentonite Used as Bleaching Clay
C. G. Bastos Andrade, S. M. Toffoli, F. R. Valenzuela Diaz

37. Investigation for Removal of Organic Carbon from Carbonaceous Copper Sulphide Ore and Improving the Recovery of Copper Through Flotation
Refilwe S. Magwaneng, Kazutoshi Haga, Altansukh Batnasan, Atsushi Shibayama, Masato Kosugi, Ryo Kawarabuki, Kohei Mitsuhashi, Masanobu Kawata

Part XI. Nanostructure and Characterization of Materials

38. Microwave Synthesis of Co–Ni Ferrite/Graphene Nanocomposite for Microwave Absorption
Zhiwei Peng, Jianhui Peng, Xiaolong Lin, Zhizhong Li, Zhongping Zhu, Guanghui Li, Tao Jiang

39. Evaluation of Urea Encapsulation by Microcapsules of PHB/MMT and PHB/OMMT Nanocomposites
J. C. Arjona, F. R. Valenzuela-Diaz, H. Wiebeck, S. H. Wang, M. G. Silva-Valenzuela

Part XII. Thermal Processing and Analysis

40. Buildup Formation Mechanism of Carbon Sleeve in Continuous Annealing Furnace for Silicon Steel
Mingsheng He, Guohua Xie, Xuecheng Gong, Wangzhi Zhou, Jing Zhang, Jian Xu

41. Pulse Parameter Characterization in Microdrilling of Maraging Steel 300 Alloy
Yeole Shivraj Narayan, Nunna Nagabhushana Ramesh, Banoth Balu Naik, Alluru Ramya

42. Characterization of Coke-Making Coals of High Reactivity from Northwest China
Qiang Wu, Zizong Zhu, Guojing Shi, Feng Wang, Yangyang Xie

43. The Anodic Behavior of Electro-deoxidation of Titanium Dioxide in Calcium Chloride Molten Salt
Pingsheng Lai, Meilong Hu, Leizhang Gao, Zhengfeng Qu, Chenguang Bai

Part XIII. Poster Session

44. Addition of Dregs in Mixed Mortar: Evaluation of Physical and Mechanical Properties
Rodrigo Felipe Santos, Rita Cássia Silva Sant’ana Alvarenga, Beatryz Mendes, José Maria Carvalho, Leonardo Pedroti, Afonso Azevedo

45. Adhesion Study at Advanced Ages in Multipurpose Mortars
M. T. Marvila, J. Alexandre, A. R. G. Azevedo, E. B. Zanelato, S. N. Monteiro, G. C. Xavier, M. A. Goulart, B. Mendes

46. Applications and Opportunities of Nanomaterials in Construction and Infrastructure
Henry A. Colorado, Juan C. Nino, Oscar Restrepo

47. Automated Optical Serial Sectioning Analysis of Phases in a Medium Carbon Steel
Bryan Turner, Satya Ganti, Bill Davis, Veeraraghavan Sundar

48. Characterization of a Brazilian Bentonite for Its Use in the Oil and Gas Industry
Adriana Almeida Cutrim, Margarita Bobadilla, Kleberson R. Oliveira Pereira, Fabio Jose Esper, Guillermo Ruperto Martin Cortes, Maria das Graças da Silva Valenzuela, Francisco R. Valenzuela-Diaz

49. Characterization of Tensile Properties of Epoxy Matrix Composites Reinforced with Fique Fabric Fiber
Maria Carolina Andrade Teles, Marcos Vinícius Fonseca Ferreira, Frederico Muylaert Margem, Felipe Perissé Duarte Lopes, Djalma Souza, Sergio Neves Monteiro

50. Clay Smectite Synthetic: Characterization and Application in Nanocomposites
Thamyres C. Carvalho, Edemarino A. Hildebrando, Roberto F. Neves, Francisco R. Valenzuela-Diaz

51. Comparison of Performance Between Granite Waste Pigments Based Paints and Soils Pigments Based Paints
Márcia Maria Salgado Lopes, Rita de Cássia Silva Sant’Ana Alvarenga, Leonardo Gonçalves Pedroti, Beatryz Cardoso Mendes, Fernando de Paula Cardoso, Afonso Rangel Garcez Azevedo

52. Development and Characterization of Recycled-HDPE/EVA Foam Reinforced with Babassu Coconut Epicarp Fiber Residues
Mariana M. Arantes, Julyana Santana, F. R. Valenzuela-Díaz, Vijay K. Rangari, Olgun Guven, Esperidiana A. B. Moura

53. Evaluation of Microcapsules of PBSL/MMT-K and PBSL/OMMT-K Nanocomposites
B. B. Michel, F. R. Valenzuela-Diaz, H. Wiebeck, W. S. Hui, M. G. Silva-Valenzuela

54. Evaluation of the Quality of Concrete with Waste of Construction and Demolition
Niander Aguiar Cerqueira, Victor Barbosa Souza, Afonso Garcez Azevedo, Anna Carolina Lopes Rabello, Renan Tavares Vicente, Amanda Camerini, André Raeli Gomes

55. Evaluation of Two Different Pulsed Plasma Nitriding Conditions on Steel Properties
Fabio Costa Garcia Filho, Gabriel Bartholazzi Lugão Carvalho, Sergio Neves Monteiro

56. Flexural Mechanical Characterization of Polyester Composites Reinforced with Jute Fabric
Foluke S. Assis, Artur C. Pereira, Sergio N. Monteiro

57. Influence of Coupling Agent on the Modification Effects of Vanadium Tailing as a Polymer Filler
Tiejun Chen, Min Lu, Peiwei Hu

58. Influence of Electron-Beam Irradiation on the Properties of LDPE/EDPM Blend Foams
Julyana Santana, Marcus Vinicius S. Seixas, Vijay Rangari, Francisco Valenzuela-Díaz, Helio Wiebeck, Esperidiana Moura

59. Influence of the Areal Density of Layers in the Ballistic Response of a Multilayered Armor System Using Box-Behnken Statistical Design
Fábio Oliveira Braga, Pedro Henrique L. M. Lopes, Fernanda Santos Luz, Édio Pereira Lima, Sergio Neves Monteiro

60. Influence of the Blocks and Mortar’s Compressive Strength on the Flexural Bond Strength of Concrete Masonry
Gustavo H. Nalon, Rita C. S. S. Alvarenga, Leonardo G. Pedroti, Marcelo A. Alves, Roseli O. G. Martins, Carol F. R. Santos, Igor K. R. Andrade, Beatryz C. Mendes

61. Influence of Two Solubilization Conditions at 718 Superalloy Hardness and Microstructure
Fabio Costa Garcia Filho, Dian Souza Oliveira, Sergio Neves Monteiro

62. Irradiation Influence on the Properties of HMS-Polypropylene Clay/AgNPs Nanocomposites
Washington Luiz Oliani, Duclerc Fernandes Parra, Vijaya Kumar Rangari, Nilton Lincopan, Ademar Benevolo Lugao

63. Limit Speed Analysis and Absorbed Energy in Multilayer Armor with Epoxy Composite Reinforced with Mallow Fibers and Mallow and Jute Hybrid Fabric
Lucio Fabio Cassiano Nascimento, Luis Henrique Leme Louro, Sérgio Neves Monteiro, Fábio Oliveira Braga, Fernanda Santos Luz, Jheison Lopes Santos, Rubens Lincoln Santana Blazutti Marçal, Hugo Concolato Oliveira Freitas, Édio Pereira Lima Júnior

64. Mechanical, Thermal and Electrical Properties of Polymer (Ethylene Terephthalate—PET) Filled with Carbon Black
Anderson dos Santos Mesquita, Leonardo G. Andrade e Silva, Leila Figueiredo Miranda

65. Mineralogical Analysis of a Chrome Ore from South Africa
Ming-Feng Ye, Guang-Liang Wu

66. Pilot Trial of Detoxification of Chromium Slag in Cyclone Furnace and Preparation of Glass-Ceramics with the Water-Quenched Melt
Guizhou Zhao, Lingling Zhang, Daqiang Cang

67. Preparation of Refractory Materials from Ferronickel Slag
Foquan Gu, Zhiwei Peng, Huimin Tang, Lei Ye, Weiguang Tian, Guoshen Liang, Mingjun Rao, Yuanbo Zhang, Guanghui Li, Tao Jiang

68. Process Improvement on the Gradation Uniformity of Steel Slag Asphalt Concrete Aggregate
Can-hua Li, Ming-sheng He, Huo-guo Pang, Xiao-dong Xiang, Hong-bo Jin

69. Research on the Interaction of Humic Acid with Iron Minerals
Guihong Han, Shengpeng Su, Yijun Cao, Yanfang Huang, Xiangyu Song

70. Study of Different Process Additives Applied to Polypropylene
Patricia N. S. Poveda, Juliana Augusto Molari, Deborah Dibbern Brunelli, Leonardo G. A e Silva

71. Study of Durability of Mortars with Effluent Sludge from Paper Industry Exposed to Salt Spray
A. R. G. Azevedo, J. Alexandre, G. C. Xavier, E. B. Zanelato, M. T. Marvila, N. A. Cerqueira, B. C. Mendes, S. N. Monteiro

72. Study of the Incorporation of Residue of Ornamental Rocks in Ceramic Tiles
M. T. Marvila, J. Alexandre, A. R. G. Azevedo, E. B. Zanelato, S. N. Monteiro, G. C. Xavier, M. Goulart, B. Mendes

73. Study of the Incorporation of Smectite in Powder Coating
Simeão Lopes Ferreira, Mathilde Julienne Gisele Champeau Ferreira, Francisco Rolando Valenzuela-Díaz, Maria das Graças Silva-Valenzuela

74. Study of the Mineralogical Composition of the Tailings of Coscotitlán, Hidalgo, México
R. Aislinn Michelle Teja, T. Julio Cesar Juárez, P. Martín Reyes, C. Leticia Hernández, G. Mizraim Uriel Flores, D. Iván Alejandrox Reyes, L. Miguel Pérez, T. Raúl Moreno

75. The Influence of Clay Reinforcement on the Properties of Recycled Polymer Foams
Mariane Y. T. Oide, Julyana Satana, Renate Wellen, Francisco Valenzuela-Díaz, Olgun Guven, Esperidiana Moura

76. The Quality of Tiles in Red Ceramic in Northwest of Rio De Janeiro and Southeast of Minas Gerais
Niander Aguiar Cerqueira, Victor Barbosa Souza, Afonso Garcez Azevedo, Priscila Oliveira Campos Celebrini, Dienifer Daiana Konzen, Victor Tomazinho Bartolazzi, Mairyanne S. S. Souza, Sergio Neves Monteiro

Keywords: Materials Science, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Structural Materials, Materials Engineering

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