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The Map and the Territory

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Table of contents

Part I. Philosophy

1. Maps and Territories in Scientific Investigation
Evandro Agazzi

2. On the Ontology/Epistemology Distinction
Michele Marsonet

3. *Intuition* in Classical Indian Philosophy: Laying the Foundation for a Cross-Cultural Study

Anand Jayprakash Vaidya, Purushottama Bilimoria

4. The Map and the Territory
John R. Searle

5. Iconic Representation: Maps, Pictures, and Perception
Tyler Burge

6. Scientific Realism in the Post-Kuhnian Times
Tian Yu Cao

7. Quantum Mechanics, the Manifestation of the Territory, and the Evolution of Maps
Ulrich Mohrhoff

Part II. Theoretical Physics

8. HowWe Make Sense of theWorld: Information, Map-Making, and the Scientific Narrative
Marcelo Gleiser, Damian Sowinski

9. Theories of Knowledge and Theories of Everything
David H. Wolpert

10. Substantivalism and Relationism as Bad Cartography: Why Spatial Ontology Needs a Better Map
Edward Slowik

11. Force in Physics and in Metaphysics: A Brief History
Barry Dainton

12. Map and Territory in Physics: The Role of an Analogy in Black Hole Physics
W. G. Unruh

13. Topological Foundations of Physics
Joseph Kouneiher

14. Quantum Physics and Time from Inconsistent Marginals
Chiara Marletto, Vlatko Vedral

15. Quantum Non-individuality: Background Concepts and Possibilities
Décio Krause, Jonas R. Becker Arenhart

16. Quantum Mechanics as a Semantic Problem
Hans Herlof Grelland

17. Mapping Quantum Reality: What to Do When the Territory Does Not Make Sense?
J. AcaciodeBarros, Gary Oas

Part III. Mathematics/Computer Science

18. Mathematics, Maps, and Models
Ian Stewart

19. A View from Space: The Foundations of Mathematics
Jean-Pierre Marquis

20. Reconciling the Realist/Anti Realist Dichotomy in the Philosophy of Mathematics
Bharath Sriraman, Per Haavold

21. To the Edge of the Map
Barry Mazur

22. El Aleph, Or a Monster Lurks in the Belly of Computer Science
Francisco Antonio Doria

23. Two Algorithms for NP-Complete Problems and Their Relevance to Economics
C. A. Cosenza, Francisco Antonio Doria

24. Building the World Out of Information and Computation: Is God a Programmer, Not a Mathematician?
Gregory J. Chaitin

Part IV. Biology/Cognitive Science

25. The Invention of Consciousness
Nicholas Humphrey

26. The Fantasy of First-Person Science
Daniel C. Dennett

27. Rethinking Life
Eörs Szathmáry

28. Genome Regulation Is All Non-local: Maps and Functions
Basuthkar J. Rao

29. A Philosophical Perspective on a Metatheory of Biological Evolution
Virginia M. F. G. Chaitin, Gregory J. Chaitin

30. On How Epistemology and Ontology Converge Through Evolution: The Applied Evolutionary Epistemological Approach
Nathalie Gontier

31. Quantum Perspectives on Evolution
Diederik Aerts, Massimiliano Sassoli de Bianchi

Part V. MISC

32. In the Deserts of Cartography: Building, Dwelling, Mapping
Robert T. Tally Jr.

33. Territory, Geographic Information, and the Map
Donald G. Janelle, Michael F. Goodchild

Keywords: Physics, History and Philosophical Foundations of Physics, Epistemology, Philosophical and Historical Foundations of Science, Popular Science in Philosophy, Mathematical Logic and Foundations

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23 pages
Natural Sciences
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