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Rare Metal Technology 2018

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Table of contents

Part I. Rare Earth Element I

1. The Demonstration Pilot Plant Results for the Search Minerals Direction Extraction Process for Rare Earth Recovery
David Dreisinger, Greg Andrews, Niels Verbaan, Mike Johnson, Ernesto Bourricaudy

2. Selective Oxidation of Cerium in Rare Earth Solutions, a Comparison of Four Oxidants
James McNeice, Ahmad Ghahreman

3. A Study on the Effect of Crystal Habit Modifiers on the Co-precipitation of REE with Gypsum
Farzaneh Sadri, Zhi Yang, Ahmad Ghahreman

4. Beneficiation and Leaching Study of Norra Kärr Eudialyte Mineral
Victoria Vaccarezza, Corby Anderson

5. Review on the Processes for the Recovery of Rare Earth Metals (REMs) from Secondary Resources
Archana Kumari, Manis Kumar Jha, D. D. Pathak

6. Selective Reduction and Separation of Europium from Mixed Rare-Earth Oxides Recovered from Waste Fluorescent Lamp Phosphors
Mark L. Strauss, Brajendra Mishra, Gerard P. Martins

7. Study of the Mechanochemical Calcification for Mixed Rare Earth Concentrate
Jiang Liu, Ting-an Zhang, Zhihe Dou, Yukun Huang

Part II. Rare Earth Elements II and Platinum Group Metals

8. Electrochemical Formation of Tb Alloys in Molten LiCl–KCl Eutectic Melts and Separation of Tb
Hirokazu Konishi, Hideki Ono, Tetsuo Oishi, Toshiyuki Nohira

9. Electrochemical and Spectroscopic Study of Eu(III)/Eu(II) Couple in the 1-Ethyl-3-Methylimidazolium Bis(Trifluromethanesulfonyl)Imide Ionic Liquid
David Bengio, Thomas Dumas, Eric Mendes, Pier-Lorenzo Solari, Richard Husar, Michel Schlegel, Philippe Moisy, Stéphane Pellet-Rostaing

10. The Electrolytic Production of Rare Earths from Their Oxides
James C. Withers

11. Commercial Processes for the Extraction of Platinum Group Metals (PGMs)
Rekha Panda, Manis Kumar Jha, D. D. Pathak

12. Recovery of Valuable Metals from Waste Printed Circuit Boards by Using Iodine-Iodide Leaching and Precipitation
Altansukh Batnasan, Kazutoshi Haga, Atsushi Shibayama

13. Cyclone Electrowinning of Antimony from Antimonic Gold Concentrate Ores
Weijiao Yang, Liugen Sun, Yihang Hu, Yongqiang Yang, Xingming Jiang, Hua Wang

Part III. Base and Rare Metals

14. Thermodynamic Study of Ga Extraction for Trace Element Analysis by ICP-MS
Kyungjean Min, David Johnson, Kevin Trumble

15. Electrodeposition of γ-MnO2 from Manganese Nodule Leach Liquor: Surface Modification and Electrochemical Applications
A. Baral, B. C. Tripathy, M. K. Ghosh

16. Recovery of Manganese from Scrap Batteries of Mobile Phones
Deblina Dutta, Rekha Panda, Manis Kumar Jha, Sudha Goel

17. The Management of Lead Concentrate Acquisition in “Trepca”
Ahmet Haxhiaj, Bajram Haxhiaj

18. The Recovery of Cesium Salts from the Taron Deposit
Mohammad Mokmeli, David Dreisinger, William (Bill) McWilliam, Colin Oloman, David Trueman, Bruce Downing, Rod McElroy

19. Recovery of Lithium from Brine with MnO2 Nanowire Ion Sieve Composite
Rajashekhar Marti, York R. Smith

20. FEM Simulation of Nodulation in Copper Electro-refining
Ken Adachi, Yuya Nakai, Atsushi Kitada, Kazuhiro Fukami, Kuniaki Murase

Part IV. Ti, V, Mo and W

21. Review of TiO2-Rich Materials Preparation for the Chlorination Process
Shiju Zhang, Songli Liu, Wenhui Ma, Yongnian Dai

22. Effect of CaO Additive on the Interfacial Reaction Between the BaZrO3 Refractory and Titanium Enrichment Melt
Guangyao Chen, Juyun Kang, Pengyue Gao, Wajid Ali, Ziwei Qin, Xionggang Lu, Chonghe Li

23. Extracting Uranium and Molybdenum from Refractory U–Mo Associated Ore
Kang Liu, Zhiping Yang, Fengqi Zhao, Liuyin Shi, Yan Song, Xing Fan

24. Thermodynamics Analysis on the Process of Decarburization and Vanadium Protection by CO2

Zhuolin Liu, Ting-an Zhang, Liping Liu, Guozhi Lyu, Yi Luo, Zhihe Dou, Xijuan Pan

25. Purification of a Nigerian Wolframite Ore for Improved Industrial Applications
Alafara A. Baba, Muhammed O. Muhammed, Mustapha A. Raji, Kuranga I. Ayinla, Aishat Y. Abdulkareem, Misitura Lawal, Folahan A. Adekola, Abdul G. F. Alabi, Rafiu B. Bale

26. Extraction of Vanadium and Chromium from the Material Containing Chromium, Titanium and Vanadium
Sheng Huang, Shengfan Zhou, Fuhong Xie, Bianfang Chen, Biao Liu, Qi Ge, Mingyu Wang, Xuewen Wang

27. Extraction Separation of V and Fe in High Acid and High Iron Solution
Weiguang Zhang, Ting-an Zhang, Guozhi Lyu, Yajing Tian, Biyu Long, Xuejiao Cao

28. Batch Studies for Removing Vanadium(V) and Chromium(VI) from Aqueous Solution Using Anion Exchange Resin
Yang Yang, Hong-Yi Li, Min-Min Lin, Bing Xie

Part V. Poster Session

29. Effects of Pre-oxidation on the Kinetics of Iron Leaching from Ilmenite in Hydrochloric Acid Solution
Junyi Xiang, Qingyun Huang, Wei Lv, Xuewei Lv, Chenguang Bai

30. Extraction of Vanadium from Vanadium-Containing APV-Precipitated Wastewater by W/O Microemulsion System
Yun Guo, Hong-Yi Li, Min-Min Lin, Bing Xie

31. Experimental Modeling of Nodulation in Copper Electrorefining
Yuya Nakai, Ken Adachi, Atsushi Kitada, Kazuhiro Fukami, Kuniaki Murase

32. Microfluidic Solvent Extraction of Zinc from Low Concentration Sulfate Solution Using D2EHPA
Feng Jiang, Libo Zhang, Jian Jian, Hongying Xia, Shaohua Ju, Jinhui Peng

Keywords: Materials Science, Metallic Materials, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Structural Materials

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The Minerals, Metals & Materials Series
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