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Spanish Philosophy of Technology

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Table of contents

Part I. Ontological and Epistemological Aspects of Technology

1. Atomism, Artefacts, and Affordances
Jesús Vega Encabo, María Muñoz Serrano

2. Praxeology Approaches Technology: The Ontology and Epistemology of Our Technological Practices
Diego Lawler

3. Synthetic Life: Organisms, Machines, and the Nature of Synthetic Biology Products
Diego Parente

Part II. Ethical, Political and Regulatory Issues

4. Valuing Reprogenetic Technologies: Bringing Insights from the Philosophy of Technology to Bioethics
Inmaculada de Melo-Martín

5. Regulatory Science: Between Technology and Society
José Luis Luján, Oliver Todt

6. Practices and Knowledge: Philosophy of Biomedicine, Governance and Citizen Participation
Esther Ortega Arjonilla, Silvia García Dauder, Nuria Gregori Flor, Eulalia Pérez Sedeño

7. The Culture of Risk: STS Citizens Facing the Challenge of Engagement
José Antonio López Cerezo, Belén Laspra

Part III. Development and Innovation

8. Engaging Technologies: Criteria for an Alternative Model of Technological Development
Miguel Ángel Quintanilla Fisac

9. Re-thinking Innovation as a Lever for Development Taking into Account Inequality
Rodrigo Arocena, Judith Sutz

10. University, Technology and Development: Reflections from the South
Jorge Núñez Jover, Galia Figueroa Alfonso

Part IV. New Technological Frontiers

11. The Philosophy of Technoworlds and Technopersons
Javier Echeverría

12. Ethical and Political Delusion in the Model of Cloud Computing
Javier Bustamante Donas

13. The Promises of Synthetic Biology: New Bioartefacts and Their Ethical and Societal Consequences
Jorge Enrique Linares Salgado

14. Matters of Concern Regarding Nanotechnology
José Manuel Cózar-Escalante, Andrés Manuel Núñez-Castro

Part V. Case Studies

15. Philosophy of Activism and Community Management in Water Systems
Carlos Augusto Osorio Marulanda

16. Localities Facing the Construction of Fossil-Fuel Power Plants. Two Experiences to Address the Hostile Face Electricity Infrastructures
Gloria Baigorrotegui, María Teresa Santander Gana

17. The Challenge of Transversal Education Through Teaching Ethics in Engineering: From Hubris to Hybrid
Emilio Muñoz, Ana García-Laso, Domingo Alfonso Martín-Sánchez

18. Technique and Technology in the Practice of Distance Running
Marta I. González García

19. Public Participation in Science and Technology and Social Conflict: The Case of Aerial Spraying with Glyphosate in the Fight Against Drugs in Colombia
Mónica Lozano

Keywords: Philosophy, Philosophy of Technology

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Philosophy of Engineering and Technology
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