Masferrer, Aniceto

The Western Codification of Criminal Law

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Tradition and Foreign Influences in the 19th Century Codification of Criminal Law: Dispelling the Myth of the Pervasive French Influence in Europe and Latin America
Aniceto Masferrer

Part II. Europe

2. The Influence of the Napoleonic Penal Code on the Development of Criminal Law in Germany: Juridical Discourses, Legal Transfer and Codification
Karl Härter

3. Ignoring France? Possible French Influences on the Development of Austrian Penal Law in the 19th Century
Martin P. Schennach

4. The Influence of the French Penal Code of 1810 on the Belgian Penal Code of 1867: Between Continuity and Innovation
Yves Cartuyvels

5. The Influence of the French Penal Code of 1810 Over the “General Part” of the Portuguese Penal Code of 1852: The Visible and the Invisible
Frederico Lacerda da Costa Pinto, Pedro Caeiro

6. An Autonomous Path for the Italian Penal Code of 1889: The Constructing Process and the First Case Law Applications
Stefano Vinci

7. The Roots of Italian Penal Codification: Nation Building and the Claim for a Peculiar Identity in Criminal Law
Michele Pifferi

8. The Myth of French Influence Over Spanish Codification: The General Part of the Criminal Codes of 1822 and 1848
Aniceto Masferrer

9. The Influence Exerted by the 1819 Criminal Code of the Two Sicilies upon Nineteenth-Century Spanish Criminal Law Codification and Its Projection in Latin America
Emilia Iñesta-Pastor

Part III. Latin America

10. The ‘Code Pénal’ in the Itinerary of the Criminal Codification in America and Europe: ‘Influence’ and Circularity of Models
Diego Nunes

11. Codifying the Criminal Law in Argentina: Provincial and National Codification in the Genesis of the First Penal Code
Alejandro Agüero, Matías Rosso

12. From Free Will to Social Defense (or from Cesare Beccaria to Cesare Lombroso): Julio Herrera and the Criminal Law Codification in Argentina (1903–1922)
Jorge A. Núñez

13. The 1830 Criminal Code of the Brazilian Empire and Its Originality
Ignacio Maria Poveda Velasco, Eduardo Tomasevicius Filho

14. The Mexican Codification of Criminal Law: Its Foreign Influences
Oscar Cruz Barney

Part IV. Prison Law Reform

15. European and US Influences on the 19th Century Prison Reform
Isabel Ramos Vázquez

Keywords: Law, Criminal Law, Criminology and Criminal Justice, general, Legal History, Private International Law, International & Foreign Law, Comparative Law

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