Mărginean, Silvia Cristina

Emerging Issues in the Global Economy

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Table of contents

1. Flattening Phillips Curve, “Passive” Policy, and Incidence of the Self-fulfilling Prophecy in a Standard New-Keynesian Model with Financial Accelerator
Alexie Alupoaiei

2. European Union at a Crossroads: What Could the Next 60 Years Bring About?
Lia-Alexandra Baltador

3. The Development of Methodology for Innovative Project Effectiveness Parameter Estimation in Direction of Fuzzy Set Application
Alexander Baranov, Elena Muzyko, Victor Pavlov

4. Foreign Direct Investments and Economic Growth in Central and Eastern Europe: A Panel-Based Analysis
Lucian Belaşcu, Oana Popovici, Alexandra Horobeţ

5. Returns on the Capital Market: A Challenge for Investment
Dorel Berceanu, Nicolae Sichigea, George-Daniel Popa

6. Financial Intermediation in Modern Europe Time: Evidence from Romania
Renate Bratu

7. Linking Online Marketing Practices in Romania to Global Trends
Camelia Budac

8. Characteristics of Contraction of Economic Agents in the Framework of Bankruptcy Institute
Tatyana Bukreeva, Irena Minakova, Natalya Tsukanova

9. The Influence of Business Ecosystems on Innovation-Based Industries: A Research on the Mechanical Sector in Italy
Anatolie Caraganciu, Fabio Musso, Barbara Francioni

10. Energy Perspective 2030 for Ukraine in the Context of the EU Integration
Oleksandr Chernyak, Ganna Kharlamova, Andriy Stavytskyy

11. Quality Management Determinants of Hospital Services Case Study: Pneumophthisiology Hospitals in Romania
Emilia Ciobanu, Maria Viorica Bedrule Grigoruta, Elisabeta Jaba

12. Taxation in Emerging Market and Middle-Income Economies: Similarities and Differences Between Countries from Europe and Central Asia
Carmen Comaniciu

13. The Audit of SME’s Informatics Systems
Marian Pompiliu Cristescu

14. Empirical Analysis of the Relationship Between CSR and Company’s Market Capitalization: Evidence from Bucharest Stock Exchange
Adina Dornean, Dumitru-Cristian Oanea

15. Study of Behavior Dimensions of the European Consumer of Financial Products and Services
Oana Alexandrina Duralia

16. The Investment on Capital Market: From Target Price Valuation Models to Investor Final Decision
Mihaela Herciu

17. Evaluation of Female Entrepreneurs’ Emotional Feedback
Esra Kahya Ozyirmidokuz, Eduard Alexandru Stoica

18. Creative Economy and Competitiveness: Case of Ukraine
Ganna Kharlamova, Oleksandra Gumenna

19. Dynamics of the Transaction Sector in the Countries of the Eurasian Economic Union
Galina Litvintseva, Nadezhda Gakhova

20. Globalization Is Dead: Long Live the Globalization!?
Silvia Mărginean

21. Role of Corporate Governance in the Context of Globalization
Bogdan Mârza, Alina Mărcuţă, Liviu Mărcuţă

22. Financial Synergies of Mergers and Acquisitions: Between Intentions and Achievements
Diana Marieta Mihaiu

23. Rural and Gastronomical Tourism in Baltic Countries
Virgil Nicula, Simona Spânu

24. The Dynamics of the Global Multinationals: Determinants of New Global Configurations and New Management Challenges
Claudia Ogrean

25. International Exchanges in a Globalized World
Oana Oprișan, Cosmin Tileagă

26. Global Powers and the International Currencies: What Does the Last Years Suggest for the Future?
Ramona Orăştean

27. The E-Government Role in the Future of Jobs in Accounting and in Auditing: A Theoretical Proposal Applied to the Italian Public Sector
Massimo Pollifroni, Gheorghe Militaru, Adrian Ioana, Augustin Semenescu

28. The Fascination of History Ignored: Explosive Economic Paths for Which We Pay a Huge Price
Dan Popescu

29. Sales Management Mechanism and Methodologies for Solving the Problems of Special-Purpose Product Management and Sales
Elvira A. Pyanikova, Anna E. Kovaleva, Mariya A. Zaikina

30. Short-Termism: A Step Forward Toward Long-Term Performance or a Dead End
Radu-Alexandru Șerban

31. Cultural and Creative Economy: Challenges and Opportunities for Romania
Marta-Christina Suciu, Laura Istudor, Diana Florentina Spînu, Christian Năsulea

32. The Challenge of Managing Knowledge Workers and Their Skills
Ramona Todericiu, Alexandra Boantă

33. Brand Unhappiness on Social Media
Kumru Uyar, Esra Kahya Ozyirmidokuz, Eduard Alexandru Stoica

34. Sustainable Growth Rate: An Analysis Regarding the Most Traded Companies on the Bucharest Stock Exchange
Diana Elena Vasiu, Livia Ilie

35. Comparative Assessment of the Income and Productivity Convergence of Albania and Western Balkans to the European Union
Ermelinda Xhaja, Ermelinda Meksi

36. Strategic Analysis and Evaluation of a Research University’s Performance
Oksana Zhylinska, Maksim Sitnitskiy

Keywords: Economics, Economic Growth, International Economics, Emerging Markets/Globalization, International Finance

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Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics
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8 pages
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