Goebel, Thomas

Earthquakes and Multi-hazards Around the Pacific Rim, Vol. I

Goebel, Thomas - Earthquakes and Multi-hazards Around the Pacific Rim, Vol. I, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Earthquakes and Multi-hazards around the Pacific Rim, Vol. 1: Introduction
Yong-Xian Zhang, Thomas Goebel, Zhigang Peng, Charles Williams, Mark Yoder, John Rundle

2. Scaling law of average failure rate and steady-state rate in rocks
Shengwang Hao, Chao Liu, Yingchong Wang, Fuqing Chang

3. Apparent Dependence of Rate- and State-Dependent Friction Parameters on Loading Velocity and Cumulative Displacement Inferred from Large-Scale Biaxial Friction Experiments
Yumi Urata, Futoshi Yamashita, Eiichi Fukuyama, Hiroyuki Noda, Kazuo Mizoguchi

4. Source Functions and Path Effects from Earthquakes in the Farallon Transform Fault Region, Gulf of California, Mexico that Occurred on October 2013
Raúl R. Castro, Joann M. Stock, Egill Hauksson, Robert W. Clayton

5. Stress Distribution Near the Seismic Gap Between Wenchuan and Lushan Earthquakes
Yihai Yang, Chuntao Liang, Zhongquan Li, Jinrong Su, Lu Zhou, Fujun He

6. Parametrizing Physics-Based Earthquake Simulations
Kasey W. Schultz, Mark R. Yoder, John M. Wilson, Eric M. Heien, Michael K. Sachs, John B. Rundle, Don L. Turcotte

7. Spatial Evaluation and Verification of Earthquake Simulators
John Max Wilson, Mark R. Yoder, John B. Rundle, Donald L. Turcotte, Kasey W. Schultz

8. Radar Determination of Fault Slip and Location in Partially Decorrelated Images
Jay Parker, Margaret Glasscoe, Andrea Donnellan, Timothy Stough, Marlon Pierce, Jun Wang

9. Detecting Significant Stress Drop Variations in Large Micro-Earthquake Datasets: A Comparison Between a Convergent Step-Over in the San Andreas Fault and the Ventura Thrust Fault System, Southern California
T. H. W. Goebel, E. Hauksson, A. Plesch, J. H. Shaw

10. Real-Time Earthquake Intensity Estimation Using Streaming Data Analysis of Social and Physical Sensors
Yelena Kropivnitskaya, Kristy F. Tiampo, Jinhui Qin, Michael A. Bauer

11. The Dependency of Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Assessment on Magnitude Limits of Seismic Sources in the South China Sea and Adjoining Basins
Hongwei Li, Ye Yuan, Zhiguo Xu, Zongchen Wang, Juncheng Wang, Peitao Wang, Yi Gao, Jingming Hou, Di Shan

12. Can Apparent Stress be Used to Time-Dependent Seismic Hazard Assessment or Earthquake Forecast? An Ongoing Approach in China
Zhongliang Wu, Changsheng Jiang, Shengfeng Zhang

13. An Ensemble Approach for Improved Short-to-Intermediate-Term Seismic Potential Evaluation
Huaizhong Yu, Qingyong Zhu, Faren Zhou, Lei Tian, Yongxian Zhang

14. Reducing False Alarms of Annual Forecast in the Central China North–South Seismic Belt by Reverse Tracing of Precursors (RTP) Using the Pattern Informatics (PI) ‘Hotspots’
Shengfeng Zhang, Zhongliang Wu, Changsheng Jiang

15. Test of the Predictability of the PI Method for Recent Large Earthquakes in and near Tibetan Plateau
Yongxian Zhang, Caiyun Xia, Cheng Song, Xiaotao Zhang, Yongjia Wu, Yan Xue

16. Long-Term Seismic Quiescences and Great Earthquakes in and Around the Japan Subduction Zone Between 1975 and 2012
Kei Katsumata

17. Statistical Studies of Induced and Triggered Seismicity at The Geysers, California
A. Hawkins, D. L. Turcotte, M. B. Yıkılmaz, L. H. Kellogg, J. B. Rundle

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Geophysics/Geodesy

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