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Social Networks and the Life Course

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Table of contents

Part I. Theoretical Perspectives on Social Networks and the Life Course

1. Together Through Time – Social Networks and the Life Course
Duane F. Alwin, Diane H. Felmlee, Derek A. Kreager

2. Nine Ways That Social Relationships Matter for the Life Course
Richard A. Settersten

3. The Linked Lives Principle in Life Course Studies: Classic Approaches and Contemporary Advances
Deborah Carr

Part II. Social Network Perspectives on the Life Course

4. Life Course and Network Advantage: Peak Periods, Turning Points, and Transition Ages
Ronald S. Burt

5. Life Course Events and Network Composition
Peter V. Marsden

Part III. Marriage and Family Networks

6. Calling on Kin: The Place of Parents and Adult Children in Egocentric Networks
Shira Offer, Claude S. Fischer

7. Changes in Spousal Relationships over the Marital Life Course
Paul R. Amato, Spencer L. James

Part IV. Childhood and Adolescent Social Networks

8. The Evolution of Youth Friendship Networks from 6th to 12th Grade: School Transitions, Popularity and Centrality
Diane H. Felmlee, Cassie McMillan, Paulina Inara Rodis, D. Wayne Osgood

9. Best Friends for Now: Friendship Network Stability and Adolescents’ Life Course Goals
Robert Faris, Diane H. Felmlee

10. Problems at Home, Peer Networks at School, and the Social Integration of Adolescents
Robert Crosnoe, Julie Skalamera Olson, Jacob E. Cheadle

Part V. Gender and Social Networks

11. Who Wants the Breakup? Gender and Breakup in Heterosexual Couples
Michael J. Rosenfeld

12. Gendered Life Course Transitions: The Case of Driving Cessation and Social Networks
Markus H. Schafer

13. How Much Can Be Expected of One Child? Consequences of Multiplexity of Mothers’ Support Preferences on Adult Children’s Psychological Well-Being
J. Jill Suitor, Megan Gilligan, Siyun Peng, Marissa Rurka

Part VI. Race and Social Networks

14. Race, Social Relations and the Life Course
Duane F. Alwin, Jason R. Thomas, Kyler J. Sherman-Wilkins

15. Can Extracurricular Activities Reduce Adolescent Race/Ethnic Friendship Segregation?
David R. Schaefer, Sandra D. Simpkins, Andrea Vest Ettekal

Part VII. Tracking Social Networks Through Time

16. Structure by Death: Social Network Replenishment in the Wake of Confidant Loss
Benjamin Cornwell, Edward O. Laumann

17. Changes of Personal Network Configuration Over the Life Course in the USA: A Latent Class Approach
Yoosik Youm, Edward O. Laumann, Keunbok Lee

Part VIII. Inter-generational Social Networks

18. Trajectories of Mother-Child Relationships Across the Life Course: Links with Adult Well-Being
Jennifer L. Doty, Jeylan T. Mortimer

19. Linked Religious Lives Across Generational Time in Family Lineages: Grandparents as Agents of Transmission
Merril Silverstein, Vern L. Bengtson

Part IX. Exploring the Potential of Social Networks as Mechanisms for Prevention

20. A Life Course and Networks Approach to Prison Therapeutic Communities
Derek A. Kreager, Martin Bouchard, George Leon, David R. Schaefer, Michaela Soyer, Jacob T. N. Young, Gary Zajac

21. Impact of School-Based Prevention Programs on Friendship Networks and the Diffusion of Substance Use and Delinquency
Kelly L. Rulison, Scott D. Gest, Mark Feinberg, D. Wayne Osgood

Part X. Conclusions

22. Strategies for Integrating Network and Life Course Perspectives
Derek A. Kreager, Diane H. Felmlee, Duane F. Alwin

Keywords: Social Sciences, Sociology of Family, Youth and Aging, Developmental Psychology, Information Systems and Communication Service

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Frontiers in Sociology and Social Research
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