Matson, Johnny L.

Handbook of Childhood Psychopathology and Developmental Disabilities Treatment

Matson, Johnny L. - Handbook of Childhood Psychopathology and Developmental Disabilities Treatment, ebook


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Table of contents

1. History
Johnny L. Matson, Claire O. Burns

2. Developmental Psychopathology and the Epidemiology and Expression of Psychopathology from Infancy Through Early Adulthood
Corina Benjet

3. An Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis
Justin B. Leaf, Joseph H. Cihon, Julia L. Ferguson, Sara M. Weinkauf

4. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Robert D. Friedberg, Micaela A. Thordarson

5. Parent Training Interventions
Nicholas Long, Mark C. Edwards, Jayne Bellando

6. Cognition and Memory
Corey I. McGill, Emily M. Elliott

7. Handbook of Childhood Psychopathology and Developmental Disabilities: Treatment
Jason F. Jent, Tasha M. Brown, Bridget C. Davidson, Laura Cruz, Allison Weinstein

Johnny L. Matson, Jasper A. Estabillo

9. Treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorders
Michelle S. Lemay, Robert D. Rieske, Leland T. Farmer

10. Treatment Strategies for Depression in Youth
Gail N. Kemp, Erin E. O’Connor, Tessa K. Kritikos, Laura Curren, Martha C. Tompson

11. Treating Bipolar Disorders
Johnny L. Matson, Claire O. Burns

12. Specific Phobias
Peter Muris

13. Treatment of Anxiety Disorders
Maysa M. Kaskas, Paige M. Ryan, Thompson E. Davis

14. Tics and Tourette Syndrome
Denis G. Sukhodolsky, Theresa R. Gladstone, Shivani A. Kaushal, Justyna B. Piasecka, James F. Leckman

15. Treatment Approaches to Aggression and Tantrums in Children with Developmental Disabilities
Abigail Issarraras, Johnny L. Matson

16. Self-Injurious Behavior in Children with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Current Practices in Assessment and Treatment
Casey J. Clay, Courtney D. Jorgenson, SungWoo Kahng

17. Pica in Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
Esther Hong, Dennis R. Dixon

18. Social Competence: Consideration of Behavioral, Cognitive, and Emotional Factors
Karen Milligan, Annabel Sibalis, Ashley Morgan, Marjory Phillips

19. Headache and Migraine
Tiah Dowell, Paul R. Martin, Allison M. Waters

20. Eating Disorders
Juliet K. Rosewall, Janet D. Latner, Suman Ambwani, David H. Gleaves

21. Feeding Disorders
Jonathan K. Fernand, Krista Saksena, Becky Penrod, Mitch J. Fryling

22. Toilet Training: Behavioral and Medical Considerations
Pamela McPherson, Claire O. Burns, Mark J. Garcia, Vinay S. Kothapalli, Shawn E. McNeil, Timothy Thompson

Keywords: Psychology, Child and School Psychology, Pediatrics, Social Work

Publication year
Autism and Child Psychopathology Series
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11 pages
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