Haltinner, Kristin

Teaching Economic Inequality and Capitalism in Contemporary America

Haltinner, Kristin - Teaching Economic Inequality and Capitalism in Contemporary America, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Walda Katz-Fishman

2. ‘Teaching Naked’ in Late Capitalism: Instructors’ Personal Narratives and Classroom Self-disclosure as Pedagogical Tools
Danielle Docka-Filipek

3. Untold Stories: Bringing Class into the Classroom
Adj Marshall, Betsy Leondar-Wright

4. ‘Self-made’ Success on the Private Dole: An Illustration of the Reproduction of Capitals
Roxanne Gerbrandt, Ann Strahm

5. Financial Stumbles, Consumer Bankruptcy, and the Sociological Imagination
Deborah Thorne

Part II. Making Marxist Theory Real

6. Capitalism 101: Teaching First-Year Students How to View the Social World Through the Lens of Marxist Theory
Laura Earles

7. Teaching Global Inequality Through the World of Commodities
Eric M. Edwards

8. Radical Pedagogical Homesteading: Returning the ‘Species’ to Our ‘Being’
Phoebe Godfrey

9. Socialist Grading
David I. Backer

Part III. Applied Pedagogical Strategies for Course Development

10. Overcoming Students’ Fear: Scaffolding to Teach Money and Society

Stephanie L. Bradley

11. Capitalism in the Classroom: Confronting the Invisibility of Class Inequality
Charlotte A. Kunkel

12. Experiencing the Outcomes of Economic Inequality in the Day-to-Day Workings of the Classroom
Susan Machum

13. Teaching Economic Inequality and Capitalism in Contemporary America Using Resources from the Federal Government
Andrew E. Kersten

14. Teaching Social Inequality Through Analysis of Hidden Assumptions in Non-Academic Publications
Pidi Zhang

15. Participatory Action Research as Problem-Based Learning: A Course Study of Rural Poverty, Low-Income Housing, and Environmental Justice
Leontina Hormel, Cynthia Ballesteros, Haylee Brister

16. Inequality and Violence
Barbara H. Chasin

Part IV. Intersections: Global and Local

17. Intersectional Marginalities in Rural Teacher Preparation: Teaching Beyond “What I Am Able to See Visibly”
Vanessa Anthony-Stevens

18. Economic Inequality and Race: No, It Can’t Be that Bad…
Paul R. Croll

19. Irreversible Punishment: Teaching About Inequalities in Capital Punishment
Kristine Levan

20. Making Room for a Postcolonial Critique in the Introductory STS Curriculum
Dilshani Sarathchandra

21. Utilizing Social Science Theories, Findings, and Comparative Analyses to Create a Framework for Understanding Economic Inequality”
Derek J. Robey, Jason P. Robey

Part V. Capitalism and Higher Education: Constraints and Opportunities

22. Capitalism and the Cost of Textbooks: The Possibilities of Open Source Materials
Annie Gaines

23. Writing Against Ideology: Exploring Strategies that Resist Assessment Orthodoxy in the Classroom
Joshua Olsberg, Raphi Rechitsky

24. Lessons on Inequality and Capitalism: Perspectives from a Community College
Peter J. Wruck

25. Capitalism, Racism, and the Neoliberal University: The Case of the University of Missouri (Mizzou)
Rose M. Brewer

26. Against the “Institutional Real”: The Structural and Cultural Foundations of Corporate Higher Education and the Challenge to Developing Politically Engaged Students
Corey Dolgon

Keywords: Social Sciences, Social Structure, Social Inequality, Sociology of Education, Political Economy/Economic Policy, Gender Studies

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