Alvarez, Josefina Echavarría

Transrational Resonances

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Table of contents

1. On Resonances: An Introduction to the Transrational Peace Philosophy and Elicitive Conflict Transformation
Josefina Echavarría Alvarez, Norbert Koppensteiner

Part I. Resonances to Wolfgang Dietrich and His Work

2. Could You Do What You Are Writing About?
Armin Staffler

3. Cooperative Resonances: An Interview with Major General Herbert Bauer and Franz Jenewein
Daniela Ingruber

Part II. Scholarly Resonances

4. Transrational Methods of Peace Research: The Researcher as (Re)source
Norbert Koppensteiner

5. Why a Feminist Standpoint Epistemology Is Necessary in Times of Hegemonic Masculinity: Thoughts on Intersectionality and Transrationality
Annette Weber

6. Sexuality, Security and Migration: Seeking Elicitive Clues in the Analysis of the 2015 Cologne’s Sylvesternacht

Josefina Echavarría Alvarez

7. Inter-Actions that Matter: An Arendtian Approach to Elicitive Conflict Transformation
Andreas Oberprantacher

8. Transrational Peaces and Pax Technologica: On Artificial Intelligence, Peace Studies and Systemic Constellation Work
Albrecht Mahr

9. On the Flesh of Violence: The (Phenomenological) Dilemma in Researching Violence and Its Transrational Transformation
Rebecca Gulowski

10. Transrational Peaces Extended to Economics
Shawn Bryant

Part III. Practitioners’ Resonances

11. Communal Integration: A Perspective of Elicitive Conflict Work
Birgit Allerstorfer

12. Self-Exploration Through Holotropic Breathwork
Sylvester Walch

13. Elephant Watering (W)hole: Transrational Learning Spaces
Jennifer M. Murphy

14. Transrational Education: Exploring Possibilities for Learning About Peace, Harmony, Justice and Truth in the Twenty First Century
Hilary Cremin, Tim Archer

15. Iustitia’s Healing. On the Potential of Synergies Between Law and Elicitive Conflict Transformation
Florencia Benitez-Schaefer

16. A Rationale for the Transrational in Peace and Development Cooperation
Fabian Patrick Mayr

Part IV. Artistic Resonances

17. Theatre for Living: Searching for (and Sometimes Finding) Many Peaces in the Transrational Darkness
David Diamond

18. Performative Meeting for Peace. The Way of the Energetic Voice and Vocal Action
Nigar Hasib, Shamal Amin

19. Shamanic Resonances: An Interview with Peter Kirschner and Hanna Raab
Daniela Ingruber

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, Peace Studies, Conflict Studies, Political Sociology, International Relations Theory, Development and Social Change

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