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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing II

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Table of contents

1. GMDH-Based Learning System for Mobile Robot Navigation in Heterogeneous Environment
Anatoliy Andrakhanov, Alexander Belyaev

2. Model of the Objective Clustering Inductive Technology of Gene Expression Profiles Based on SOTA and DBSCAN Clustering Algorithms
Sergii Babichev, Volodymyr Lytvynenko, Jiri Skvor, Jiri Fiser

3. From Close the Door to Do not Click and Back. Security by Design for Older Adults
Bartlomiej Balcerzak, Wieslaw Kopec, Radoslaw Nielek, Kamil Warpechowski, Agnieszka Czajka

4. The Popularization Problem of Websites and Analysis of Competitors
Taras Basyuk

5. Analysis of Uncertainty Types for Model Building and Forecasting Dynamic Processes
Peter Bidyuk, Aleksandr Gozhyj, Irina Kalinina, Victor Gozhyj

6. Dynamic Inertia Weight in Particle Swarm Optimization
Bożena Borowska

7. Mathematical Method of Translation into Ukrainian Sign Language Based on Ontologies
Maksym Davydov, Olga Lozynska

8. Method of Parametric Identification for Interval Discrete Dynamic Models and the Computational Scheme of Its Implementation
Mykola Dyvak, Natalia Porplytsya, Yurii Maslyak, Mykola Shynkaryk

9. Mechanisms to Enhance the Efficiency of Maritime Container Traffic Through “Odessa” and “Chernomorsk” Ports in the Balancing of Portfolios
Anatoly J. Gaida, Elena A. Zarichuk, Konstantin V. Koshkin

10. Porting a Real-Time Objected Oriented Dependable Operating System (RODOS) on a Customizable System-on-Chip
Muhammad Faisal, Sergio Montenegro

11. A General Game-Theoretic Approach to Harmonization the Values of Project Stakeholders
Tigran G. Grigorian, Sergey D. Titov, Anatoliy Y. Gayda, Vladimir K. Koshkin

12. Information Technology for Assurance of Veracity of Quality Information in the Software Requirements Specification
Tetiana Hovorushchenko

13. A Multidimensional Adaptive Growing Neuro-Fuzzy System and Its Online Learning Procedure
Zhengbing Hu, Yevgeniy V. Bodyanskiy, Oleksii K. Tyshchenko

14. Method of Integration and Content Management of the Information Resources Network
Olga Kanishcheva, Victoria Vysotska, Lyubomyr Chyrun, Aleksandr Gozhyj

15. Geoinformation Technology for Analysis and Visualisation of High Spatial Resolution Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data Using a Cloud Platform
Vitalii Kinakh, Rostyslav Bun, Olha Danylo

16. Comparative Analysis of Conversion Series Forecasting in E-commerce Tasks
Lyudmyla Kirichenko, Tamara Radivilova, Illya Zinkevich

17. Performance Analysis of Open Source Machine Learning Frameworks for Various Parameters in Single-Threaded and Multi-threaded Modes
Yuriy Kochura, Sergii Stirenko, Oleg Alienin, Michail Novotarskiy, Yuri Gordienko

18. On Scalability of Predictive Ensembles and Tradeoff Between Their Training Time and Accuracy
Pavel Kordík, Tomáš Frýda

19. Agent DEVS Simulation of the Evacuation Process from a Commercial Building During a Fire
Andrzej Kułakowski, Bartosz Rogala

20. The Alpha-Procedure as an Inductive Approach to Pattern Recognition and Its Connection with Lorentz Transformation
Tatjana Lange

21. Analyzing Project Team Members’ Expectations
Vira Liubchenko

22. The Contextual Search Method Based on Domain Thesaurus
Vasyl Lytvyn, Victoria Vysotska, Yevhen Burov, Oleh Veres, Ihor Rishnyak

23. Optimizing Wind Farm Structure Control
Vitalii Kravchyshyn, Mykola Medykovskyy, Roman Melnyk, Marianna Dilai

24. Model of the System of Personalized Analysis of Financial Condition of the Enterprise
Melnykova Nataliia

25. Hybrid Sorting-Out Algorithm COMBI-GA with Evolutionary Growth of Model Complexity
Olha Moroz, Volodymyr Stepashko

26. Development of Combined Information Technology for Time Series Prediction
Oksana Mulesa, Fedir Geche, Anatoliy Batyuk, Viktor Buchok

27. Keyphrase Extraction Using Extended List of Stop Words with Automated Updating of Stop Words List
Svetlana Popova, Gabriella Skitalinskaya

28. Innovative Concept of the Strict Line Hypergraph as the Basis for Specifying the Duality Relation Between the Vertex Separators and Cuts
Artem Potebnia

29. Involutory Parametric Orthogonal Transforms of Cosine-Walsh Type with Application to Data Encryption
Dariusz Puchala

30. On the Asymptotic Methods of the Mathematical Models of Strongly Nonlinear Physical Systems
Petro Pukach, Volodymyr Il’kiv, Zinovii Nytrebych, Myroslava Vovk, Pavlo Pukach

31. Solution of the Discrete Ill-Posed Problem on the Basis of Singular Value Decomposition and Random Projection
Elena G. Revunova

32. Methodology of Research the Library Information Services: The Case of USA University Libraries
Antonii Rzheuskyi, Nataliia Kunanets, Vasil Kut

33. The Method of Big Data Processing for Distance Educational System
Natalya Shakhovska, Olena Vovk, Roman Hasko, Yuriy Kryvenchuk

34. Developments and Prospects of GMDH-Based Inductive Modeling
Volodymyr Stepashko

35. Construction and Research of the Generalized Iterative GMDH Algorithm with Active Neurons
Volodymyr Stepashko, Oleksandra Bulgakova, Viacheslav Zosimov

36. The Fast Fourier Transform Partitioning Scheme for GPU’s Computation Effectiveness Improvement
Kamil Stokfiszewski, Kamil Wieloch, Mykhaylo Yatsymirskyy

37. Consolidation of Virtual Machines Using Stochastic Local Search
Sergii Telenyk, Eduard Zharikov, Oleksandr Rolik

38. Architecture and Models for System-Level Computer-Aided Design of the Management System of Energy Efficiency of Technological Processes at the Enterprise
Taras Teslyuk, Ivan Tsmots, Vasyl Teslyuk, Mykola Medykovskyy, Yuriy Opotyak

39. Basic Components of Neuronetworks with Parallel Vertical Group Data Real-Time Processing
Ivan Tsmots, Vasyl Teslyuk, Taras Teslyuk, Ihor Ihnatyev

40. Recommendation Systems as an Information and Technology Tool for Virtual Research Teams
Nataliia Veretennikova, Nataliia Kunanets

41. Analytical Model for Availability Assessment of IoT Service Data Transmission Subsystem
Bogdan Volochiy, Vitaliy Yakovyna, Oleksandr Mulyak

42. Building Vector Autoregressive Models Using COMBI GMDH with Recurrent-and-Parallel Computations
Serhiy Yefimenko

43. Adaptive Enhancement of Monochrome Images with Low Contrast and Non-uniform Illumination
Elena Yelmanova, Yuriy Romanyshyn

44. Secure Routing in Reliable Networks: Proactive and Reactive Approach
Oleksandra Yeremenko, Oleksandr Lemeshko, Anatoliy Persikov

45. Linguistic Comparison Quality Evaluation of Web-Site Content with Tourism Documentation Objects
Pavlo Zhezhnych, Oksana Markiv

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Project Management, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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