Altenbach, Holm

Advances in Mechanics of Materials and Structural Analysis

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Table of contents

1. On Constitutive Models for the Momentum Transfer to Particles in Fluid-Dominated Two-Phase Flows
Yan Cui, Jure Ravnik, Matjaž Hriberšek, Paul Steinmann

2. Flexible Beam-Like Structures - Experimental Investigation and Modeling of Cables
Vanessa Dörlich, Joachim Linn, Stefan Diebels

3. On Phase Transformation Induced Effects Controlling the Flow Behavior of Ferritic-Martensitic Dual-Phase Steels
A. Fillafer, E. Werner, C. Krempaszky

4. Hygro- and Thermo-Mechanical Modeling of Wood at Large Deformations: Application to Densification and Forming of Wooden Structures
Robert Fleischhauer, Michael Kaliske

5. Damage and Fracture of Ductile Sheet Metals: Experiments and Numerical Simulations with New Biaxial Specimens
S. Gerke, M. Schmidt, M. Dirian, M. Brünig

6. Influence of Shear Correction Factors on Eigenfrequencies of Layered Plates
Friedrich Gruttmann, Werner Wagner

7. Verification Examples for Strain and Strain-Rate Determination of Digital Image Correlation Systems
S. Hartmann, S. Rodriguez

8. Closed-Form Approximate Solutions for the Local Buckling Behavior of Composite Laminated Beams Based on Third-Order Shear Deformation Theory
Johannes Herrmann, Torsten Kühn, Tjorven Müllenstedt, Siham Mittelstedt, Christian Mittelstedt

9. Dislocation Dynamics as Gradient Descent ina Space of Currents
Thomas Hochrainer

10. Optimum Design of Thick Laminated Anisotropic Plates via Frequency Regulation. A BEM Approach
J. T. Katsikadelis, N. G. Babouskos

11. Application of Piezoelements in a Structured Thin-Walled Shaft Material to Active Control of Stability and Vibration
Włodzimierz Kurnik, Piotr Przybyłowicz

12. Remarks on a Fluid-Structure Interaction Scheme Based on the Least-Squares Finite Element Method at Small Strains
Carina Nisters, Alexander Schwarz, Solveigh Averweg, Jörg Schröder

13. Dynamic Analysis of Gradient Poroelastic Solids and Structures
Ioannis P. Pegios, Sofia Papargyri-Beskou, Dimitri E. Beskos

14. Microstructured Multiferroic Materials: Modelling Approaches Towards Efficiency and Durability
Andreas Ricoeur, Artjom Avakian, Stephan Lange

15. Biaxial Tensile Tests and Microstructure-Based Inverse Parameter Identification of Inhomogeneous SMC Composites
Malte Schemmann, Sebastian Gajek, Thomas Böhlke

16. Configurational Forces in a Phase Field Model for Dynamic Brittle Fracture
Alexander Schlüter, Charlotte Kuhn, Ralf Müller

17. A Multi-layer Piezocomposite Model and Application on Controlled Smart Structures
Georgios Tairidis, Georgia Foutsitzi, Georgios E. Stavroulakis

18. Optimal Design of Disks Under Large Creep Deformation
Aneta Ustrzycka, Krzysztof Szuwalski, Zbigniew L. Kowalewski

19. A J-Interaction Integral to Compute Force Stress and Couple Stress Intensity Factors forCracks in Functionally Graded Micropolar Materials
Hongjun Yu, Meinhard Kuna

20. Analytical Modelling of the Tooth Translational Motions: Comparative Analysis for Different Shapes of Root
Kirill Yurkevich, Sergei Bosiakov, Holm Altenbach

Keywords: Engineering, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Structural Mechanics

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Advanced Structured Materials
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10 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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