Dhia, Hamed Ben

Recent Advances in Environmental Science from the Euro-Mediterranean and Surrounding Regions

Dhia, Hamed Ben - Recent Advances in Environmental Science from the Euro-Mediterranean and Surrounding Regions, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Keynote Lectures and Workshops

1. New Pathways in the Synthesis of 2-Dimensional Materials
Suela Kellici

2. Environmental Risk Assessment of Pesticides in Soil: Does It Have to Be Different in Different Regions?
Jörg Römbke

3. New Challenges for the Ecological Risk Assessment of Plant Protection Products to Soil Organisms in the EU
José Paulo Sousa, Silvia Pieper, Maria Arena

4. Hydrogeochemical Assesment of Groundwater Quality: A Case Study of a Wetland System in Central Italy
Maurizio Barbieri

5. Novel Ozone Oxidation Process for Emerging Contaminants Removal in Water
Chedly Tizaoui

6. Wastewater Treatment and Energy Production Through Electro Membrane Bioreactors
Vincenzo Naddeo, Laura Borea, Vincenzo Belgiorno

7. Implications of Sulphide on Trace Metal Pollution Mobility in Sediment
Baghdad Ouddane, Mariam Hamzeh, Mirna Daye

8. Remediation of Selenium Contaminated Wastewater
Eric D. Hullebusch

9. Services and Dysservices of Collective Gardens in Urban Areas: A Soil Perspective
Gilles Colinet, Amandine Liénard, Dinneke Schram, Piet Otte, Louisa Boukharaeva, Marcel Marloie

10. R&D for Clean Energy Production Through Responsible Utilization of Various Feedstocks Including Coal, Biomass, and Hydrocarbons
Rachid B. Slimane

11. Can ICZM Help the Resilience of Disappearing Beaches in the Face of Climate Change?
Maria Snoussi, Otmane Khalfaoui, Latifa Flayou, Siham Kasmi, Otmane Raji

12. Assessment of the Impact of Dams on River Regimes, Sediment Transports to the Sea, and Coastal Changes
Gil Mahe, Oula Amrouni, Thouraya Ben Moussa, Laurent Dezileau, Rajae El Aoula, Hamadi Habaieb, Abderraouf Hzami, Ilias Kacimi, Abderrahmane Khedimallah, Fatma Kotti, Mohamed Meddi, Nadia Mhammdi, Saadi Abdeljaouad

13. Evolution of GSDs in the Coastal Zone, New Insights
Jean-Paul Barusseau

14. Geodata the Tool for Environmental and Sustainable Spatial Planning
Barbara Koch

15. Earthquake Faulting and Their Implications for the Seismic Hazard Assessment Along the Plate Boundary in North Africa
Mustapha Meghraoui

16. Cryptosporidium: Waterborne and Foodborne Transmission and Worldwide Outbreaks
Panagiotis Karanis

17. Springer Workshop on How to Get Published in a Scientific Journal: Tips from Springer Editors
Nabil Khélifi, Abdullah Al-Amri

18. Editing a Paper from Submission to Publication
Amjad Kallel

19. 3rd Workshop of the Euro-Mediterranean Consortium of Higher Education and Industrial Institutions: Freshwater and Climate Change
Abriak Nor-Edine, Ahmed Addou, Hentati Olfa, J. Cisneros-Aguirre, Khaldi Abdelkrim, Kherbeche Abdelhak, Mohamed Ksibi, Zouhaier Ksibi, Legube Bernard, Hakima Nassali, Ouddane Baghdad, Rives Alain, Sehili Tahar

20. An Integrated Environmental Approach—City of Sfax, Tunisia
Hamed Ben Dhia

21. Groundwater Exploration in the Solar System: “the Restless Hunt for Life”
Essam Heggy

Part II. Innovative Approaches and Methods for Environmental Sustainability

22. Photocatalytic Membrane Reactor for Sustainable Environmental Remediation
Sudip Chakraborty, Jaya Sikder, Debolina Mukherjee, Stefano Curcio, Vincenza Calabro

23. REAGRITECH: A Relevant Model of Sustainable Water Management
Marwa Ben Saad, Lorena Aguilar, Angel Gallegos, Beatriz Missagia, Raquel Rubio, Myriam Ben Said, Carlos Alberto Arias, Ahmed Ghrabi, Jordi Morato

24. Zero-Liquid Discharge Desalination of Hypersaline Shale Gas Wastewater: Challenges and Future Directions
Viviani C. Onishi, Juan A. Reyes-Labarta, José A. Caballero

25. Integrating Future Climate Change, CO2 Increase and Technology Progress on Wheat Production in Northern Tunisia
Mohamed Annabi, Haithem Bahri, Hatem Cheick M’hamed

26. Terrace Gardens Sustainable Carbon Sinks in Modern Urban Dynamics
Roohul Abad Khan, Amadur Rahman Khan, Abdullah M. Al Fatais, Abdulsalam Ahmed Ayed Alqarni

27. Urban Morphology for a Better Sustainable Urban Strategy: City of Tunis as a Case Study
Safa Achour Younsi, Fakher Kharrat

28. Water Quality Modeling in the Mediterranean River Basins
Anna Malagò, Faycal Bouraoui

29. Characterization of Glauber Hydrate Salt, Recoverable from the Disposal of Lead Batteries, When Used for Thermal Energy Storage
Maria Gabriela Paola, Marilena Simone, Natale Arcuri, Vincenza Calabrò

30. Can Conservation Agriculture Sequester Soil Carbon in Northern Tunisia in the Long Run?
Haithem Bahri, Mohamed Annabi, Abir Saoueb, Hatem Cheikh M’Hamed, Amir Souissi, Roukaya Chibani, Bochra Amina Bahri

31. Climate Change and Water Resources Management in Arab Countries
Attia El Gayar, Younes Hamed

32. Impact of Agricultural Policies on the Technical and Economic Parameters of the Olive Value Chain in the Djelfa Region (Algeria)
Leila Attallaoui, Salah Eddine Benziouche, Komi Apédo Atchemdi

33. A New Method to Estimate the Instantaneous Pollutants Emissions from Line Sources
Hicham Gourgue, Ahmed Ihlal, Ahmed Aharoune

34. From Phyto to Agromining: Past, Present, and Future Scope
Luís A. B. Novo, Paula M. L. Castro, Paula Alvarenga, Eduardo Ferreira Silva

35. Fernand Pouillon’s Architecture: A Sustainable Model in Algeria
Kersenna Soumaya, Chaouche Salah

36. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Bio-drying: An Experimental Prototype Conception
Mohamed Ali Saihi, Rami Hkiri, Mohamed Damak, Zaineb Braiek, Mourad Ayadi, Emna Ammar, Nabil Kechaou

37. Evaluation of the Inhibiting Effect of Organic Compounds on the Adsorption of Iodine Compounds in Cation-Exchanged Zeolites: A DFT Study
Etienne Hessou, Hicham Jabraoui, Mouheb Chebbi, Siwar Chibani, Laurent Cantrel, Michael Badawi

38. A Laboratory Investigation of the Hydraulic Performance of String-Wound Filters
Giacomo Viccione, Stefania Evangelista

39. Soil Thermal Properties: Effects of Density, Moisture, Salt Concentration and Organic Matter
Abdeen Omer

40. Decolourization of Real Textile Wastewater by the Combination of Photocatalytic and Biological Oxidation Processes
Teklit Gebregiorgis, Eric D. Hullebusch, Kiros Hagos

41. Efficient Removal of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solutions Using Olive Stone and Rye Straw as Abundant Adsorbents
Sana Dardouri, Asma Jedidi, Jalila Sghaier

42. Thermomechanical Properties of Plastic Films Based on Cassava Starch Reinforced with Kaolin and Metakaolin
Namory Meite, Léon Koffi Konan, Drissa Bamba, Bi Irié Hervé Goure-Doubi, Samuel Oyetola

43. Electrocoagulation Process for Simultaneous Nitrate and Phosphate Removal Using Parallel Iron Plates in the Presence of Organic Pollutant: Optimization, Kinetic Study and Energy Consumption Evaluation
Mouna Ghazouani, Hanene Akrout, Salah Jellali, François Lapicque, Latifa Bousselmi

44. Fenton-like Catalytic Degradations of Neutral Red in Water Using Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder
Elaziouti Abdelkader, Laouedj Nadjia, Benhadria Naceur, Bouhadjar Boukoussa, Adnane Mohamed

45. The Promising Keratin-Biodegradation and Hide-Dehairing Activities of the Keratinase KERUS from Brevibacillus Brevis Strain US575
Nadia Zaraî Jaouadi, Hatem Rekik, Abdelmalek Badis, Sahar Trabelsi, Mouna Belhoul, Chiraz Gorgi Hila, Ahlem Irmani, Haifa Khemir, Abdessatar Toumi, Samir Bejar, Bassem Jaouadi

46. The Attractive Proprieties of the Keratinase KERQ7 from Bacillus Tequilensis Strain Q7 with Promising Potential for the Leather Bating Process
Nadia Zaraî Jaouadi, Hatem Rekik, Mouna Belhoul, Chiraz Gorgi Hila, Ahlem Irmani, Haifa Khemir, Abdelmalek Badis, Abdessatar Toumi, Samir Bejar, Bassem Jaouadi

47. Spinel Ni0.6Zn0.4Fe2O4 Nano-Catalyst: Synthesis, Characterization and Heterogeneous Fenton-like Degradation of Congo Red Azo-Dye
Laouedj Nadjia, Elaziouti Abdelkader, Benhadria Naceur, Bouhadjar Boukoussa, Bekka Ahmed

48. Biodegradation of Urban Stromwater Pollution in a Sequence of Constructed Porous Riffles in a Mediterranean Creek
Pascal Breil, Jonathan Gervaix, Philippe Namour, Marie-Noëlle Pons, Olivier Potier

49. Effect of Chemical Modifications on the Adsorption of Nickel Ions Using Micro-Particles of Dry Palm Fibers
Asma Boudaoud, Mebrouk Djedid, Mokhtar Benalia, Chifaa Ad, Hicham Elmsellem, Amina Zaid

50. Effects of Petroleum Pollution in Niger Delta Wetlands: Interplay Between the Social and Ecological Systems
Francis O. Arimoro, Jude E. Uku, Nelson O. Odume

51. Influence of Temperature and Doping Content on the Photocatalytic Activity in Visible Light of W-Doped TiO2

Chérif Moslah, Teresa Aguilar, Mohamed Ksibi, Rodrigo Alcántara, Javier Navas

52. Phosphorus Removal Efficiencies via a β Proteobacterium Isolated from Active Phosphate Mine Area in Southern Tunisia
Imen Daly, Abdelwahab Chatti, Salah Jellali

53. Eco-Friendly Finishes for Textile Fabrics
Imene Belhaj Khalifa, Neji Ladhari

54. Variation of Ten Durum Wheat Genotypes Yield and Nitrogen Agronomic Efficiency Under Mediterranean Subhumid Condition
Kalthoum Harbaoui, Karima Belguesmi, Amel Mguidiche, Abdennour Sebei, Chahine Karmous

55. Optimization of Coagulation/Flocculation Process for Landfill Leachate Treatment Using Box–Behnken Design
Rachid Elmoubarki, Mohamed Taoufik, Ahmed Moufti, Hanane Tounsadi, Fatima Zahra Mahjoubi, Samir Qourzal, Mohamed Abdennouri, Noureddine Barka

56. Removal of Arsenic by Iron (Hydr)oxide Impregnated Granular Activated Carbon Derived from a Tunisian Date Stones
Farah Bouhamed, Zaineb Bacari, Zouheir Elouear, Jalel Bouzid

57. Study of Methylene Blue Adsorption in Aqueous Solution Using Alginate-Bentonite Beads
Asma Oussalah, Abdelhamid Boukeeroui

58. Easy and Cost Effective Preparation of Cellulose Beads from Almond Shell: Characterization and Application in Copper (II) Adsorption from Aqueous Solutions
Najeh Maaloul, Paula Oulego, Manuel Rendueles, Achraf Ghorbal, Mario Díaz

59. Carboxylic Magnetic Latex Particles Using Seeded Emulsion Polymerization for Wastewater Treatment
Zied Marzougui, Mohamed Damak, Ahmed Bitar, Geraldine Augsti, Quentin Lelong, Boubaker Elleuch, Abdelhamid Elaissari

60. Fixed Bed Adsorption Dynamics Experimental Study and Modeling of C3H6 Capture into Faujasite Type Zeolite
Olfa Ouled Ltaief, Nesrine Dammak, Mourad Benzina

61. Organic Acids Assisted Phytoextraction of Heavy Metals: A Review
Hafiz Muhammad Tauqeer, Muhammad Sagir

62. Adsorptive Removal of Cationic and Anionic Dyes from Aqueous Solution by Utilizing Reed Treated with Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate as a New Bioadsorbent
Sarra Karoui, Rim Ben Arfi, Karine Mougin, Achraf Ghorbal

63. Enhanced Removal of Eriochrome Black T from Water Using Phragmites Australis Functionalized with Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide (CTAB)
Rim Ben Arfi, Sarra Karoui, Karine Mougin, Achraf Ghorbal

64. Removal of Cadmium(II) Ions from Synthetic Aqueous Solutions Using Maize Leaves as an Eco-Friendly Sorbent Material in Batch Mode: A Preliminary Study
Houcine Benaïssa, Mohamed Meziani

65. Effect of Amphiphilic Copolymers on Armco Steel Corrosion
Narimene El Korso, Fatima Zohra Sebba, Seghier Ould Kada, Nihel Dib

66. Simplified Model for Adsorption Method on Activated Carbon in Fluidized Bed Reactor
Ghozlane Khaled, Kahina Abdelkrim, Fares Zouaoui, Saliha Bourouina-Bacha

67. Cupronickel Alloy Corrosion Inhibition in a Medium (0.5M Nacl)
Hamida Essom

68. Optimized Physico-Chemical Treatment of the Fuel Washing Water of an Industrial Gaz-Blok with Ferric Chloride and Polymer
Hajar Qachach, Mohamed Tahiri, Salah Souabi, Meriem Abouri, Imane Chanaa

69. Degradation of Pharmaceutical Contaminant in Water via Fountain Photoreactor
Djilali Tassalit, Nadia Chekir, Ouassila Benhabiles, Nachida Kasbadji Merzouk, Manel Bradai, Hakim Kissarli

70. Solar Photodegradation Using Zinc Oxide Catalyst for the Elimination of Phenol and Acetamiprid from Water
Djilali Tassalit, Ouassila Benhabiles, Nadia Chekir, Nachida Kasbadji Merzouk, Naima Sahraoui, Smail Nouissi, Mazigh Brahimi, Sara Mahidine

71. Comparative Study of Natural and Synthetic Clays Used as Supported Catalysts in Dyes Degradation by Advanced Oxidation Processes
Hafsa Rabah, Khadidja Khaldi, Abderrahim Choukchou-Braham, Djahida Lerari-Zinai, Khaldoun Bachari

72. Enhanced Efficiency of the Coagulation/Flocculation Treatment of Vegetable Oil Refinery Wastewater Using Response Surface Methodology
Ghofrane Louhichi, Imen Khouni, Ahmed Ghrabi

73. Static Studies on Cationic Dye Desorption Efficiencies from Chemically Modified Orange Tree Sawdust: Experimental Results and Mechanisms Investigations
Ahmed Amine Azzaz, Salah Jellali, Hanene Akrout, Latifa Bousselmi

74. Biosorption of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solution Using Seagrass: Batch Study
Riyad Mahfud, Nada Abd EL Latief, Omar Sultan

75. Adsoptive Removal of an Azo Dye (Methyle Orange) onto a Low Cost Adsorbent Using the Experimental Research Methodology
Imane Bencheikh, Imane Abourouh, Said Kitane, Abdelmalek Dahchour, Mohammadine El Mrabet, Souad El Hajjaji

76. Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation of Parahydroxybenzoic Acid by Catalysts Based on Zirconia
Itidel Belkadhi, Mohamed Achref Bouabdellah, Lassaad Ben Hammouda, Zouhaier Ksibi

77. Elaboration of a Lignocellulosic Material for a Comparative Study of Adsorption of Micropollutants in Aqueous Solution
Mustapha Rechache, Seghier Ould Kada

78. Study of the Effectiveness of Copper Retention on Three Different Hydrogels
Nour Elhouda Ben Ammar, Taieb Saied, Mohamed Barbouche, Ahmed Hichem Hamzaoui

79. Orange Methyl Adsorption from Aqueous Solutions by Layered Double Hydroxides
Miloud Aissat, Noureddine Bettahar

80. Biodegradion Studies and Thermomechanical Caracterisations of PDLA/TPS
Khadija Mbarki, Mariem Fersi, Adel Sayari, Boubaker Elleuch

Part III. Environmental Risk Assessment, Bioremediation, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety

81. Green for Brown (G4B): A Novel Tool for Evaluating Phytoextraction in Soils Polluted by Heavy Metals
Alejandro Gonzalez-Ollauri, Slobodan B. Mickovski

82. Optimization of Different Key Culture Conditions for Enhanced Biodegradation of a Refractory Emerging Pollutant by a Bacterial Isolate Through a Statistical Approach
Claudia Popa Ungureanu, Lidia Favier, Gabriela Bahrim

83. Assessing the Milk Production Impacts on the Aquatic Ecosystem in Algeria
Ferroudja Younsi, Krim Louhab

84. Behavior of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles in Terrestrial Systems—Evaluation Trough Batch and Leaching Column Tests
Eliana Tassi, Francesca Bretzel, Manuele Scatena, Roberto Pini

85. Organic Carbon in Urban Wetland Sediments and Implication for Potential Greenhouse Gas Emission
Shuai Shao, Xiuquan Tai, Feng Zhen, Jianbing Li, Yubao Li

86. Application of Bacteriophage and Essential Oil to Monitor Bacterial Biofilm Formation
Myriam Ben Said, Dhekra Trabelsi, Faouzi Achouri, Marwa Ben Saad, Latifa Bousselmi, Ahmed Ghrabi

87. Biostimulation of Microbial Community by Carob (Ceratonia siliqua) to Degrade Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) in Contaminated Soil
Latifa Hamoudi-Belarbi, L’Hadi Nouri, Leila Bendifallah, Safia Hamoudi, Khaled Belkacemi

88. Magnetically Separable Low Cost Adsorbent for Bioremediation of Th(IV) and Methylene Blue Dye from Water Sample
Sugam Chavan, Sandip Sabale, Vikas Jadhav, Prashant Chikode

89. Characterization of Bacteria Isolated from Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils and Producers of Biosurfactants
Farida Benzina-Tihar, Thanina Chaouche, Mohamed Khoja, Hakima Mohand-Kaci Oulebsir

90. Response of Solanum lycopersicum to the Exposure to the Most Used Pesticides in Tunisia
Ikram Jaabiri Kamoun, Rim Baccar Yangui, Jalel Bouzid, Radhia Gargouri Bouzid

91. Clay Soil: A Good Conditioner for Amended Alfalfa with Different Organic Amendments Under Saline Irrigation Production
Sonia Mbarki, Artemi Cerdà, Chaima Jabri, Marian Brestic, Chedly Abdelly, Jose Antonio Pascual

92. Environmental Impact Evaluation of Cropping Systems Using Life Cycle Assessment: Case Study of Central Tunisia
Meriem Jouini, Yannick Biard, Nadhira Benaissa, Julien Burte, Hajer Amara, Carole Sinfort

93. Metal Induced Cytopathologies in the Copepod Tigriopus brevicornis

Sabria Barka, Corrine Cuoc

94. Use of Response Surface Methodology for the Biodegradation of Textile Industrial Effluents by Coniophora puteana IEBL-1
Raja Tahir Mahmood, Muhammad Javaid Asad, Muhammad Asgher

95. Phosphogypsum Effect on Soil and Rain Water Incubated and Soil Respiration
Kaouther Ardhaoui, Mohamed Moussa

96. Short Term Treated Wastewater Reuse Impact on Soil Microbial Biomass, Bacterial Functional Diversity and Enzymatic Activities in the Presence of Earthworms Eisenia andrei

Marouane Mkhinini, Iteb Boughattas, Hamadi Boussetta, Vanessa Alphonse, Alexandre Livet, Stéphanie Gıusti-Miller, Mohamed Banni, Noureddine Bousserrhine

97. Development of Electrochemical Immunosensors for Endocrine Disrupting Detection
Najet Belkhamssa, Teresa Rocha-Santos, Mohamed Ksibi

98. The Effects of 15-Year Treated Municipal Wastewater Irrigation on Biological Parameters of Olive Cultivated Soil (Zaouit Sousse Perimeter, Oriental Tunisia)
Yassine Hidri, Olfa Boussadia, Naceur Jedidi, Abdennaceur Hassen

99. Impact of a Neonicotinoid Insecticide Thiamethoxam on Metric Indexes and Enzymatic Activity of Glutathione S-Transferase in Adult Females of a Mosquitofish Gambusia affinis

Salima Chouahda, Yasmine Cheghib, Noureddine Soltani

Pseudomonas putida mt2; A Potential Candidate for Cadmium Bioremediation
Saba Shamim

101. Filtration and Viability Rate Study of Alexandrium catenella After Contact with Clams Ruditapes decussates

Morsi Gdoura, Hanen Sellami, Radhouane Gdoura

102. Biological Control of Meloidogyne javanica Associated with Cultivated Peach in Tunisia
Noura Chihani-Hammas, Hajer Regaeig, Lobna Hajji-Hadfi, Najet Horrigue-Raouani

103. Fluctuating Asymmetry in Acanthodactylus boskianus Living in a Contaminated Area Close to Gabès City (Southern Tunisia)
Intissar Nasri, Slaheddine Selmi

104. Organic Compounds and Heavy Metals Simultaneous Removal from a Tunisian Landfill Leachate Using Dairy Rejects
Yasmin Cherni, Mariam Kasmi, Lobna Elleuch, Ismail Trabelsi

105. Evaluation of the Potential Side-Effects of Novaluron an Insect Growth Disruptor on the Shrimp Palaemon adspersus: Cuticle Secretion and Chitin Contents
Hinda Berghiche, Hamida Benradia, Noureddine Soltani

106. Antioxidant Responses and Gene Level Expressions of Sulla coronaria Inoculated by Heavy Metals Resistant Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria Under Cadmium Stress
Salwa Harzalli Jebara, Manel Chiboub, Moez Jebara

107. Growth and Responses of Biomarkers in the Snail Helix aspersa (Mollusca, Gastropoda) Used as Bioindicator of Soil Pollution in Northeast of Algeria
Yousra Bairi, Karima Sifi, Noureddine Soltani

108. Chemical Composition and Some Trace Element Levels in the Surface Waters of Three Coastal Marine Areas Under Contrasted Pollution Influences in the Gulf of Gabes, Tunisia
Zaher Drira, Samia Gharsallah, Houda Sahnoun, Marc Tedetti, Marc Pagano, Habib Ayadi

109. Antifungal Activity of Isolated Lactic Acid Bacteria Strain from Wheat Against Some Fusarium graminearum Strains
Souad Makhloufi, Serra Djaboub, Abdallah Moussaoui, Sliman Benouis

110. Thiamethoxam (Neonicotinoïd) and Spinosad (Bioinsecticide) Affect Hypopharyngeal Glands and Survival of Apis mellifera intermissa (Hymenoptera: Apidae)
Hichem Ahmed Menail, Wided Fella Bouchema-Boutefnouchet, Guy Smagghe, Wahida Ayad-Loucif

111. Bioremediation of Crude Oil Contaminated Sea Water in Lab Microcosms
Zohra Chekroud, Mona Khameess Gouda, Moussa Houhamdi

112. Heavy Metals Assessment and Their Effects on the Hepatopancreas in Orchestia montagui (Amphipoda, Talitridae)
Raja Jelassi, Chedliya Ghemari, Hajer Khemaissia, Maryline Raimond, Catherine Souty-Grosset, Karima Nasri-Ammar

113. Life Cycle Assessment of Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) Fertilizer Production in Tunisia
Soumaya Aribi, Mohamed Razak Jday, Noureddine Hajjaji

114. Growth and Yield of Triticale Plants Amended with Sewage Sludge Under Sub-humid Mediterranean Conditions
Rajia Kchaou, Rim Baccar, Yassine Hidri, Kalthoum Harbaoui, Jalel Bouzid, Saloua Rejeb

115. Assessment of Trace Metals in Marine Magnoliophyta in Port El Kantaoui (Sousse, Tunisia)
Rym Zakhama-Sraieb, Yassine Ramzi Sghaier, Ahmed Ben Hmida, Faouzia Charfi

116. Exogenous Proline Improves Olive Plant Performance Against Cadmium Stress
Mohamed Zouari, Nada Elloumi, Salma Mseddi, Pascal Labrousse, Bechir Ben Rouina, Ferjani Abdallah, Chedlyia Ben Ahmed

117. DDT-Induced Hypothyroidism Mechanisms in Rats
Olfa Tebourbi, Neila Marouani, Dorsaf Hallègue, Mohamed Tahar Yacoubi, Mohsen Sakly, Khémais Ben Rhouma

118. Rotifers of Foum El Ghis Dam
Nassima Doukhandji, Somia Hamil, Abdeslem Arab

119. Sources and Distributions of Dissolved and Particulate Hydrocarbons in Surface Coastal Waters from the Gulf of Gabès (Tunisia, Southern Mediterranean Sea)
Rania Fourati, Marc Tedetti, Catherine Guigue, Madeleine Goutx, Hatem Zaghden, Sami Sayadi, Boubaker Elleuch

120. Biodegradation of Liquid Sludges Hydrocarbons Issued from Oil Refining by a Soil Bacterial Consortium
Nadia Khelifi, Ichrak Ben Hriz, Intidhar Jbali, Ayed Halleb, Issam Smaali, Moktar Hamdi

121. Excess Fluoride Ion Removal from Saharan Groundwater Using Local Clay Adsorbent: Adsorption Conditions Optimization
Nouria Nabbou, Meriem Belhachemi, Mustapha Boumelik, Yahia Harek, Touhami Merzougui, Ikram Mokadam

122. Environmental Fate of the Insecticide Chlorpyrifos in Soil Microcosms and Its Impact on Soil Microbial Communities
Asma Ben Salem, Nadine Rouard, Marion Devers, Jérémie Béguet, Fabrice Martin-Laurent, Pierluigi Caboni, Hanene Chaabane, Sami Fattouch

123. Impact of Carbon Nanotubes on the Germination of the Phaseolus Vulgaris Seeds
Messaouda Boulmaali, Amel Zafour Hadj-Ziane

124. Isolation and Characterization of Lecanicillium sp. for Antagonistic Activity Against Meloidogyne Javanica

Lobna Hajji-Hedfi, Asma Larayedh, Laura Tormo, Hajer Regaieg, Najet Horrigue-Raouani

125. Fumigant Toxicity and Repellent Effect of Azadirachtin Against the Lesser Grain Beetle, Rhyzopertha dominica (F.) (Col.: Bostrichidae)
Samir Tine, Ahlem Halaimia, Jihene Chechoui, Fouzia Tine-Djebbar

126. Physical Factors Influence on Phytomediation Processes
Natalia Politaeva, Lubov Olshanskaya, Ulia Smyatskaya, Ulia Bazarnova

127. Deriviation of Terrestrial Predicted No-Effect Concentration (PNEC) for Cobalt Oxide Nanomaterial
Sirine Bouguerra, Ana Gavina, Maria Graça Rasteiro, Teresa Rocha-Santos, Mohamed Ksibi, Ruth Pereira

128. Effects of UV-C Radiation on Viability, Outer Membrane Proteins and Lipopolysaccharides of Shigella

Kalthoum Chourabi, Susana Campoy, Jesus Rodriguez, Ahmed Landoulsi, Abdelwaheb Chatti

129. Titanium Dioxide Nanomaterial and Copper Binary Mixture Phytotoxicity in Maize Plants (Zea mays. L)
Sirine Bouguerra, Yosra Frikha, Ruth Pereira, Mohamed Ksibi, Olfa Hentati

130. Biochemical and Enzymatic Characterization of a Gram-negative Fish Pathogen Isolated in Morocco from Rainbow Trout and Comparison with Isolates of Other Countries and Sources
Assia Kritihi, Khadija Ouaissa, Abdel Aziz Maychal, Youness Oumessaoud, Mustapha Barakate, Mustapha Hasnaoui

131. Effects of Boron Distribution on Sugar Beet Crop Yield in Two Soils of Dour Ismail Irrigated Perimeter (Béja-Goubellat, Northwest Tunisia)
Ahlem Tlili, Imene Dridi, Salma Fatnassi, Hédi Hamrouni, Moncef Gueddari

132. Hydrocarbon Pollution of Kuwait Bay: Differentiation of Petrogenic, Anthropogenic and Biogenic Hydrocarbons
Talat Saeed, Hassan AlShimmari, Nisar Ahmad, Ahmad Al-Mutairi, Hameeda Abdullah

133. Effects of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers and the Benzo[a]Pyrene on Survival and Settlement of Moon Jellyfish (Aurelia solida) Planulae
Cherif Ensibi, Fatma Bouzidi, Mohamed Nejib Daly Yahia

134. Phytoremediation of Metal Industry Wastewaters: A Review
Sukru Dursun, Zeynep Cansu Ayturan

135. Assessment of Heavy Metal Concentrations in the Muscles of Ten Commercially Important Fish Species from Lagos Lagoon, Nigeria
Iyabode O. Taiwo, Mabel O. Ipinmoroti, Olaniyi A. Olopade, Bashir T. Adeniyi, Nathanael A. Bamidele

136. Field and Laboratory Study of Nitrogen Mineralization Dynamics in Four Tunisian Soils
Imene Dridi

137. Mercury Bioaccumulation via Genus Baetis (Ephemeroptera, Macroinvertebrates)
Djaouida Bouchelouche, Imane Saal, Mouna Hafiane, Abdeslem Arab

138. Soils Characterization Around Erstwhile Oyem Electrical Station and Sediments and Water of Neighboring Lake in Northern Region of Gabon
Jean Bernard Mombo, Mesmin Edou, Jean Aurelien Moukana Libongui

139. Pesticides Used in Tunisian Vineyards: What’s the Risk for the Environment and the Human Health?
Ala Bouagga, Hanene Chaabane, Wiém Chtioui, Amira Mougou Hamdane, Bouzid Nasraoui

140. Using an Eco-System for Frightening Fish-Eating Birds
Mohamed A. Al-Rajhi

141. Estrogenic Potency Assessments in a Context of Treated Wastewater Reuse for Artificial Groundwater Recharge
Selma Etteieb, Atsuchi Kawachi, Jamila Tarhouni, Hiroko Isoda

142. Bioecology of Culicidae (Diptera; Nematocera) of the Tizi-Ouzou Wetlands (Algeria)
Zohra Lounaci, Salaheddine Doumandji, Bahia B. Doumandji-Mitiche

143. Occurrence, Sources and Environmental Health Risk Assesement of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Domestic Effluents Discharges in Wadi El Bey (Tunisia)
Imen Gdara, Ines Zrafi, Catia Balducci, Angelo Cecinato, Ahmed Ghrabi

144. Effect of 17α-Ethinylestradiol Exposure on Phycocyanin Metabolite Production and Antioxydant System of Phormidium Versicolor NCC466
Dalel Belhaj, Donyez Frikha, Bouthaina Jerbi, Khaled Athmouni, Moneem Kallel, Sami Maalej, John Zhou, Habib Ayadi

145. Determination of Trace and Oligo-Elements in the Constantine Region Soils
Samira Naili, Assia Nait Merzoug, George Dénès, Hocine Merazig, Abdelhak Lakehal

146. Former Extractive Activities in Tunisia: Environmental Risk Assessement and Heavy Metals Immobilization
Jihène Nouairi, Walid Hajjaji, Joao A. Labrincha, Fernando Rocha, Carla Patinha, Eduardo Ferreira Silva, Mounir Medhioub

147. Urban Sediment Contamination with Heavy Metals in Southern China
Jinmeng Xia, Lihui Chen, Feng Zhen, Yubao Li

148. Life Cycle Assessment of Sulfuric Acid Production System in Tunisia
Marwa Mami, Mohamed-Razak Jeday, Noureddine Hajjaji

149. Eco (Geno) Toxic Assessment of Urban Sewage Sludge from Sfax Wastewater Treatment Plant
Bouthaina Jerbi, Dalel Belhaj, Houda Ayadi, Donyez Frikha, Sami Maalej, Habib Ayadi, Monem Kallel

150. Cellular Compartmentalization and Chemical Forms of Cell Accumulation of Nickel in the Halophyte of Sesuvium Portulacastrum

Emna Fourati, Katarina Vogel-Mikuš, Mitija Kelemen, Primož Vavpetič, Primož Pelicon, Chedly Abdelly, Tahar Ghnaya

151. Study of the Toxicity of Cadmium Selenide (CdSe) Nanoparticles on a Terrestrial Ecosystem Model Helix Aspersa

Salmi Aya, Toualbia Nadjiba, Rouabhi Rachid

152. Investigation of Nanoparticles and Ultra Fine Particles in the Workplace
Med Salah Benlatreche, Ouafa Boukhmis, Kahina Slimane

153. New Environmental Culture in Algeria: Eco Design
Sihem Tireche, Abdelaziz Tairi

154. Chemical Composition and Insecticide Properties of the Essential Oils from Mentha Pulegium Against Aedes Caspius (Diptera: Culicidae)
Fouzia Tine-Djebbar, Raja Guenez, Noureddine Soltani

155. Comparison of Three Techniques for the Detection and Quantification of Enteric Parasites in Wastewater Samples in Tunisia
Layla Ben Ayed, Sonia Sabbahi, Panagiotis Karanis

156. Morphological and Biochemical Effect of Iron Stress on Date Palm V.Deglet Nour Seeds
Wiem Mnafki, Zayneb Chaâbene, Kais Mnafgui, Amine Elleuch

157. Copper Effect on Phosphate Nitrogen and Fungicide Removal from Water Using an Aquatic Plant Lemna Gibba

Smain Megateli, Michel Couderchet

158. Mitochondrial Dysfunction of Rat Wistar Nervous System After an Exposure to Abamectin (Oxidative Stress Status, Caspase-3, Stromal Enzymes and Mitochondrial Respiration and Swelling)
Rachid Rouabhi, Salim Gasmi

159. Assessment of Lead Contamination in Pepper and Agricultural Soils in Hammam Boughrara, Northwest Algeria
Abderrazzak Baba Ahmed, Tahar Kebir

160. Determination of Heavy Metals in Sediments and Gardon (Rutilus rutilus) of the Sikkak Dam, Northwest Algeria
Zineb Derrag, Nacéra Dali Youcef

161. Towards a Thermoregulation Filter Facing the Urban Heat Stress: Algiers Case Study
Assia Fernini-Haffif, Ewa Berezowska-Azzag

162. Impact of the Neonicotinoid Insecticide, Actara®, on the Shrimp Palaemon adspersus: Biomarkers Measurement
Hinda Berghiche, Khaoula Touati, Salima Chouahda, Noureddine Soltani

163. Occurrence and Enhanced Removal of Heavy Metals in Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant Using Coagulation-Flocculation Process
Zied Marzougui, Mohamed Damak, Boubaker Elleuch, Abdelhamid Elaissari

164. Impact of Wind on the Temporal Distribution of Rotifers in the Foum El Gherza Dam
Nassima Doukhandji, Somia Hamil, Abdeslem Arab

165. Effect of Copper on the Physiological Parameters of Broad Bean (Vicia faba L.)
Benouis Slimane, Houcine Abdelhakim Reguieg Yssaad, El Haj Bouziani, Djoudi Abdelhak, Imane Cherief, Amrane Fatiha

166. Field Assessment of Sewage Sludge as Sustainable Agriculture Practice
Rim Baccar, Rajia Kchaou, Yassine Hidri, Saloua Rejeb, Jalel Bouzid

167. Contamination by Selected Trace Elements in Groundwater of Azzaba District in Northeast of Algeria
Moussa Benhamza, Abdelaziz Laraba, David Landry

168. Assessment of the Bioaccumulation Capacity of Heavy Metals of the Species: Quercus Ilex L Tree Plant Garden of El Hamma-Algeria for Use in Phytoremediation
Nadjib Benosmane, Keltoum Namani, Manal Saichi

169. Effect of Salinity and Compost of Aleppo Pine Pinus halepensis L on the Proline and Chlorophyll Content of the Bean Vicia faba L Minor
Tayeb Nouri, Houcine Abdelhakim Reguieg Yssaad, Hadj Bouyahia, Keira Nouar, Nabil Ghenami, Ahmed Latigu

170. Impact of Soil Properties on Groundwater Contamination Risks by Nickel and Lead
Mohamed Abdelwaheb, Sonia Dridi-Dhaouadi

171. Evaluation of Hepatotoxicity: Nickel on an Indicator Model of Pollution (Oryctolagus cuniculus)
Toualbia Nadjiba, Salmi Aya, Rouabhi Rachid

172. Effect of Coal Fly Ash on Vegetative Growth, Photosynthetic Pigmens and Heavy Metal Content of Helianthus annuus L.
Nilakantha Dash, Gayatri Nahak, Rajani Kanta Sahu

173. Isolation and Characterization of Some Chlorpyriphos-Degrading Bacteria from Pertaining to Different Ecological Niches of the “Ouargla” Province
Nabiha Aloui, Samia Bissati, Houria Ouled-Haddar

174. Effects of Gold Nanoparticles on the Mediterranean Clams Ruditapes decussatus: Chemical and Biochemical Investigations
Badreddine Sellami, Imen Bouzidi, Wiem Saidani, Amine Mezni, David Sheehan, Hamouda Beyrem

Fusarium Brachygibbosum and Fusarium Chlamydosporum Causing Wilt and Die-back of Olive in Tunisia
Rahma Trabelsi, Radhouene Gdoura, Mohamed Ali Triki

176. Paper Industry Effluent Short and Long Effect on Soil Heavy Metals Accumulation and Phytoremediation
Abdelkader Ltifi, Neila Saidi, Mokded Rabhi, James Downer, Abderrazak Smaoui, Chedly Abdellly, Amor Hafiane

177. Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment Arising from Consumption of Salad Crops Irrigated with Contaminated Water by Human Sewage in the Infulene Valley
Mario Tauzene Afonso Matangue, Honissimo Tisai David Saize, Lateiro Salvador Sousa

178. A Naïve Bayesian Network Approach to Determine the Potential Drivers of the Toxic Dinoflagellate Coolia monotis in the Gulf of Gabès, Tunisia
Wafa Feki-Sahnoun, Hasna Njah, Moufida Abdennadher, Asma Hamza, Nouha Barraj, Mabrouka Mahfoudi, Ahmed Rebai, Malika Bel Hassen

179. Contaminant-Driven Habitat Fragmentation: Should Ecological Risk Assessments Include Avoidance and Recolonisation Testing?
Rui Ribeiro, Matilde Moreira-Santos, José Paulo Sousa, Cristiano V. M. Araújo

180. Biodegradation of the Antibiotics Oxytetracycline and Enrofloxacin by Microbial Communities from Douro Estuary (Portugal) Sediments
Harrabi Malek, Diogo A. M. Alexandrino, Marisa R. Almeida, Ana P. Mucha, Fatma Aloulou, Elluech Boubaker, Maria F. Carvalho

Part IV. Water Resources Assessment, Planning, Protection and Management

181. Gabes Jeffara Aquifers Management in Relation with Oasien Ecosystems
Jean-Francois Vernoux, Faten Horriche, Rhida Ghoudi, Slah Abdedaiem, Mekki Hamza

182. Management of the Laayoune-Dakhla Deep Aquifer System (South Sahara, Morocco)
Sidi Mokhtar El Kanti, Bouabid El Mansouri, Youssef Arjdal

183. Assessment of the Impact of Climatic Variability and Human Activities on Groundwater Quality: Case of Mitidja Plain, North of Algeria
Abdelkader Bouderbala

184. Groundwater Economics in Arid Regions: Abu Dhabi Emirate Case Study
Mohamed A. Dawoud

185. A New Model (DRASTIC-LU) for Evaluating Groundwater Vulnerability in Alluvial Aquifer of Upper Cheliff (Algeria)
Djelloul Zafane, Benyoucef Gharbi, Abdelkader Douaoui

186. Geochemical Characteristics of Groundwater and Its Suitability for Irrigation in the Lower Cheliff Plain, Algeria
Abdelhamid Bradaï, Abdelkader Douaoui, Ibrahim Yahiaoui

187. Groundwater Depletion in Tunisian Arid Regions: Causes, Consequences and Possible New Policy Instruments
Hacib El Amami, Taoufik Hermassi

188. Efficiency of Aquifer Artificial Recharge from Hill Dam by Analytical Method
Zouheira Ibn Ali, Moncef Zairi

189. Integrated Multi-criteria Evaluation and Weighted Overlay Analysis in Assessment of Groundwater Potentiality in Segui Region, Southern Tunisia
Mohamed Haythem Msaddek, Dhekra Souissi, Yahya Moumni, Ismail Chenini, Mahmoud Dlala

190. Optimal Groundwater Sampling Design for Nitrate Monitoring by Geostatistical Analysis and Vulnerability Mapping
Ibtissem Triki, Nadia Trabelsi, Imen Hentati, Moncef Zairi

191. Hydrochemical Analysis and Evaluation of Groundwater Quality of an Alluvial Aquifer. Algeria
Tarek Drias, Chemseddine Fehdi, Moufida Bellouala

192. Building Constrained (3D) Geostatistical Models Case of the Triassic Sandstone Aquifer System (SE Tunisia)
Mohamed Amin Hammami, Hayet Chihi, Ghislain Marsily

193. Exploitation of the Main Aquifer Units in the Biskra Region: Analysis of the Current Situation and Prospects for Rationalization of Their Use in Agriculture
Nasser-Eddine Soualili, Gabriela Mihaela Afrasinei, Yacine Louadj, Nouara Degui, Salah Belghemmaz

194. Ground Water Quality Characterization in the South of Algeria (Tindouf Region)—In Excess Fluorine
Nouria Nabbou, Meriem Belhachemi, Touhami Merzougui, Yahia Harek, Bahous Nasri, Ikram Mokadam

195. Assessment of Different Irrigational Practices on Managing the Nitrogen Loss into the Groundwater Using HYDRUS-1D Numerical Software Gaza Strip as a Case Study—Palestine
Abukmeil Reem, Guizani Mokhtar, Ito Ryusei, Funamizu Naoyuki

196. Assessment of Groundwater Quality for Irrigation in Chelghoum Laid Area (Eastern Algeria)
Abdelhamid Khedidja, Abderrahmane Boudoukha, Samir Djenba

197. Statistical Characterization of Groundwater Quality in Jijel Plain Area (Northeastern Algeria)
Abdelmadjid Boufekane, Omar Saighi

198. Nitrate Impact on the Groundwater Quality Degradation in Arid Areas (Timiaouine Region South of Algeria)
Bahous Nasri, Ali Benatiallah, Sliman Kaloum, Sara Soulimani

199. Water Geochemistry for a Sand Aquifer of the Complex Terminal in the Northern Algerian Sahara (Case of the Lower Oued Rhir Valley)
Idir Menad Houari, Imed Eddine Nezli

200. Application of the GALDIT Method to the Study of Groundwater Vulnerability of the East Mitidja Alluvial Waters
Dahbia Djoudar/Hallal, Sadek Zahouani, Abdelkrim Khaldi

201. Evaluation of Hydrogeochemical Quality Parameters of Groundwater Under Urban Activities. Case of Beni Mellal City (Morocco)
Mohamed El Baghdadi, Amal Jouider, Ahmed Barakat, Radouane Medah

202. Application of Inverse Geochemical Modelling to Understand Geochemical Evolution of Groundwater in Berrechid Aquifer, Morocco
Tibari El Ghali, Hamid Marah, Mohamed Qurtobi, Bouâbid El Mansouri

203. Hydrochemical Evolution of Groundwater in the Tamlouka Plain, Influence of Lithology, Geomorphology and Anthropogenic Actions
Samir Djorfi, Saadane Djorfi, Laroussi Beloulou, Mohamed Djidel, Salima Guechi

204. Water Supply and Waterborne Diseases in the Population of Za-Kpota Commune (Benin, West Africa)
Léocadie Odoulami, Brice S. Dansou, Nadège Kpoha

205. Estimation of Aquifer Parameters from Pumping Test Data Using the Only Corresponding Competitor Method (OCC): Case Oude of Korendijk (South of Rotterdam)
Noureddine Oulad Naoui, El Amine Cherif, Abdelkader Djehiche

206. Dohuk Syncline as an Artificial Recharge Aquifer, Northern Iraq
Nabeel K. Al-Azzawi, Myasar S. Al-Saraj

207. Assessment of Seawater Intrusion in the Maritime Djeffara Coastal Aquifer (Southeastern Tunisia)
Bachaer Ayed, Ikram Jmal, Samir Sahal, Salwa Saidi, Salem Bouri

208. Geochemical and Isotopic Study of a Coastal Phreatic Aquifer from the NE of Tunisia: Guenniche Basin
Safouan Ben Ammar, Jean-Denis Taupin, Mohsen Ben Alaya, Kamel Zouari, Mohamed Khouatmia

209. Naturel Tracer and Isotopic Approach to Describe Groundwater Behaviour: An Example of the Mateur Plain (North-Eastern Tunisia)
Mohsen Ben Alaya, Safouan Ben Ammar, Jean-Denis Taupin, Mohamed Khouatmia, Raouf Jbeali, Fetheddine Melki

210. Inhibition of Scaling of Potable Water by a Food Product Phosphate Based
Said Ben-Aazza, Abdallah Hadfi, M’Bark Belattar, Ali Driouiche

211. Lessons Learned from a Partnership Between the University of Liège and Water Agencies for the Management of Surface Water Quality
Jean-François Deliege, Etienne Everbecq, Pol Magermans, Aline Grard

212. Physical, Chemical and Bacteriological Characterization of Wastewater Discharged into Wadi Tleta (NW, Algeria)
Fatiha Hadji, Mohammed Benabdelkader

213. Brine Outfall Discharges Modelling and Design: Case of a Desalination Plant in Algeria
M’hamed Belkacem Filali, Mohamed Bessenasse

214. Qualitative Study of Irrigation and Drinking Water in Tindla Area
Omar Ben Mya, Chaima Ben Dallali, Abd Elhalim Bouzidi

215. Providing Clean Water to Rural Villages
Tullia Valeria Di Giacomo, F. Paolo Di Giacomo

216. Assessment of Two Conceptual Models IHBV and HBV-Light in Estimation of Increase Water Harvesting to Help Cloud Seeding Technology (Case Study: Catchment Taft-Dehshir, Iran)
Mohammad Mehdi Javadianzade, Samaneh Poormohammadi

217. A 3-Parameter Empirical Model to Predict Extreme Rainfall Rates in the Extreme North-East of Algeria
Laroussi Beloulou, Salima Guechi, Saadane Djorfi, Hadjer Benzine, Halima Maalem, Wassila Saaidia

218. Impact of Spring Water Qualitative Assessment on the Environmental Management System in the West Bank
Marwan Ghanem

219. Scheduling Deficit Subsurface Drip Irrigation of Apple Trees to Optimize Water Use Efficiency
Azzeddine Chenafi, Philippe Monney, Maria Isabel Ferreira, Houria Chennafi, Christoph Carlen

220. Multivariate Statistics of Physico-Chemical Parameters to Develop the Baseline Level of Water Quality Around the Proposed Jaitapur Nuclear Power Plant, India
Ramesh Shinde, Prashant Chikode, Sugam Chavan, Sandip Sabale

221. Impact of Climate Variability on Hydrology of the Western Mitidja Watershed, Algeria
Faiza Hallouz, Hafsa Karahacane, Mohamed Meddi, Gil Mahe, Fadhila Sadi, Hanane Benchikh, Faiza Kemmerchou

222. Assessment of Citizens’ Virtual Water Footprint
Mahdi Kolahi, Saeideh Heydari, Mina Ansari, Farzaneh Nouraei

223. Water Management and Related Environmental Issues in Large Mediterranean Basins: Case Studies from the Ebro and the Po Catchments
Francesca Salmaso, Paolo Espa, Ramon J. Batalla, Giuseppe Crosa, Gaetano Gentili, Livia M. L. Servanzi, Silvia Quadroni

224. Spatial Evolution of Physical-Chemical Parameters Characterizing the Quality of the Surface Waters After the Developpement of the Marchica Lagoon (North-East Morocco)
Asmae Aknaf, Mustapha Akodad, Mostapha Ayachi, Faid El Madani, Abdessamad Jaddar, Abdelhakim Mesfioui, Mourad Baghour

225. Comparison of Three Different Biochemical Compositions of Foods in the Rainbow Trout (Onchorynchys mykiss) and Their Effect on Oum Er-Rbia River Water Quality (Morocco)
Khadija Ouaissa, Assia Kritihi, Youness Oumessoud, Abdelaziz Maychal, Mustapha Hasnaoui

226. Modeling Integrated Water Resources Management by WEAP, Case of Watersheds Mabtouh (North-Western Algeria)
Laidia Zerkaoui, Mohamed Benslimane, Abderrahmane Hamimed

227. Water and Energy Nexus in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries
Mohamed A. Dawoud

228. Wheat Yield and Water Use Efficiency in the North of Tunisia Under Supplemental Irrigation
Amel Belhaj Mguidiche, Boutheina Douh, Hiba Gazouani, Kalthoum Harbaoui, Ferjoui Sahbi

229. Prediction of Dams Silting in Semi-arid Region Using Erosion Map Under GIS Environment, Case of Ksob Watershed in Hodna Region (Algeria)
Mahmoud Hasbaia, Sara Zeroual, Mostefa Dougha, André Paquier, Christine Poulard

230. Identification of Emerging Contaminants in Drinking Waters
Sana Mokrane, Djamila Harik, Hubert Cabana

231. The Stormwater Network Behavior Simulation by SWMM
Fares Laouacheria, Moncef Chabi, Said Kechida

232. Characterisation of Mean Monthly Rainfall Variability Over Mellegue Catchment—Tunisia
Haifa Feki, Taoufik Hermassi, Nessrine Soualhia

233. Monitoring and Modeling Digestate Fate and Transport in Infiltrating Afforested Areas Versus Maize/Ray-Grass Rotation Plots
Micòl Mastrocicco, Nicolò Colombani, Bruno Boz, Bruna Gumiero

234. Fertilizing Value of Treated Wastewater Under Short Term Irrigation of Olive Tree (Olea europaea L.)
Ameni Ben Hassena, Mohamed Zouari, Nada Elloumi, Wahid Khabou, Nacim Zouari

235. A Multivariate Analysis of Water Quality in Lake Ghrib, Algeria
Somia Hamil, Mounia Baha, Sihem Arab, Nassima Doukhandji, Abdeslem Arab

236. Phytoplankton Community Diversity and Seasonal Variation in the Boukourdane Lake, Northern Algeria
Siham Arab, Somia Hamil, Adeslem Arab

237. Trophic Status Assesement of Lacustrine Ecosystem, Boukourdane Lake, Algeria
Siham Arab, Hamil somia, Arab adeslem

238. Correlation Between the Extreme Climate Indices and the AMO Index in Northern Algeria
Hafsa Karahacane, Mohamed Meddi, Xuebin Zhang, Hamoudi Abdelamir Saaed, Faiza Hallouz

239. Impact of DEM Data Resolution on SWAT Model in Runoff Simulation
Jalel Aouissi, Ramzi Ennajeh, Sihem Benabdallah

240. Analysis of Stream Flow Trends in Sub-basins of the Upper Blue Nile Basin
Abeer Samy, Mona G. Ibrahim, Wael Elham Mahmod

241. Modeling and Forcasting of Surface Runoff in the Beni Bahdel Dam: Using ARDL Model (Autoregressive Distributed Lag)
Abdelwahab Rahmouni, Mohamed Meddi, Hafsa Karahaçane

242. Desalinated Water for Human Consumption and Public Health Risks in West Algeria: The Case of Souk Tleta Water Plant
Naïma Badid, Chahrazed Aggab, Aboubaker Hachemaoui, Fatiha Hadji

243. Integrating Hydrological and Hydraulic Modelling for Flood Risk Management in a High Resolution Urbanized Area: Case Study Taibah University Campus, KSA
Mohamed Abdulrazzak, Anis Al-Shabani, Kashif Noor, Amro Elfeki, Ahmed Kamis

244. A Double Effect Desalination Unit Parametric Study
Hafdhi Fathia, Khir Tahar, Ben Yahia Ali, Ben Brahim Ammar

245. Modelling Catchment Scale Agricultural Pollution in North Tunisia Using the PEGASE Model
Amira Boukari, Etienne Everbecq, Sihem Ben Abdallah, Pol Magermans, Aline Grard, Hamadi Habaieb, Jean-François Deliège

246. State of Organic Pollution in Waters of the Seybouse Wadi, Region of Guelma (Northeast of Algeria)
Marwa Aissaoui, Moussa Benhamza

247. Water Governance and Collective Action Performance in Tunisian Irrigated Area
Jamel Ben Nasr, Mohamed Salah Bachta

248. Phytoremediation Potential of Terrestrial Herbaceous Species for Nitrate in Contaminated Water
Ikram Mokeddeme, Meryem Belhachemi, Touhami Merzougui, Nouria Nabbou

249. Understanding the Evolution of Water Deficit in the North African Region
Annamaria Mazzoni, Essam Heggy, Giovanni Scabbia

250. ANN-Based Approach to Predict Changes in Ground Water Levels as a Result of Constructing New Naga-Hammadi Barrage, Egypt
Ahmed S. Noureldeen, Shenouda Ghaly, Kamal Ali, Gamal Abozaid

251. Depuration of Wastewater from Table Olive Industries
Jesús Cisneros-Aguirre, Mario Manzanera, Emilio Bursón

252. Evolution of Water and Soil Conservation Interventions in the Merguellil Catchment: Impact on the Agricultural Land Protection and the Income of the Local Population
Taoufik Hermassi, Hacib Amami

253. Hydrological Modeling of Stream Flow in Trans boundary Catchment and the Climate Change Impact: Case Study of Mellegue Catchment, Northwest Tunisia
Taoufik Hermassi, Haifa Feki, Soualhia Chabbi

254. Drought Stress Effects on Growth and Yield of Three Soybean Genotypes in Second Cropping of Moghan Plain of Iran
Manoochehr Farboodi, Masoomeh Rostamzadeh, Kaveh Khaksar

255. Analysis of Dam Deformation Using Artificial Neural Networks Methods and Singular Spectrum Analysis
Bachir Gourine, Sofiane Khelifa

256. BOD and COD Estimation in Wastewater Outflow via Artificial Neural Network
Maryam Bayat-Varkeshi, Kourosh Mohammadi, Reza Najib

257. Wetting Patterns Estimation Under Subsurface Drip Irrigation Systems for Different Discharge Rates and Soil Types
Boutheina Douh, Olfa Didouni, Amel Mguidiche, Hiba Ghazouani, Sami Khila, Abdelhamid Belaid, Abdelhamid Boujelben

258. Flood Risk Mapping in the Region of Ouled Ben Abdelkader in the Wilaya of Chlef, Northern Algeria
Youssouf ZaÏri

259. How Does the Rainwater Harvesting Protect the Urban Areas Against Flooding?
Abdelkarim Guebail, Lotfi Zeghadnia, Yacine Djebbar

260. Sanitation Scheme Development of the Urban Community of Harhoura Contribution to Sectoral Liquid Sanitation Survey of Skhirat-Témara Province
Hanane Ait Hmeid, Nadia El Khamli, Mustapha Akodad, Mohamed EL Gattafi, Aziza EL Ouati, Aknaf Asmae

261. Assessment of the Quality of Liquid Waste of Traditional Hammams in the Periurbain of Casablanca, Morocco (Case of Dar Bouazza Community)
Nihad Chakri, Btissam EL Amrani, Faouzi Berrada, Halima Jounaid, Fouad Amraoui

262. Changes in Species Composition of Brachionidae (Rotifera) Community in Ghrib Lake (North West Algeria)
Somia Hamil, Mounia Baha, Sihem Arab, Nassima Doukhandji, Abdeslem Arab

263. Trivariate Copulas for Characterisation of Past and Future Droughts Over North-West Algeria
Ayoub Zeroual, Senna Bouabdelli, Mohamed Meddi, Ramdane Alkama, Ali A. Assani

264. Energy Dissipation by Hydraulic Jump in a Half Circular Channel with Bench Seat
Mohammed Khattaoui, Sonia Ziani, Omar Boudlal, Bachir Achour

265. Physical and Chemical Quality of Surface Waters of the Wilaya de Bouira (Northern Algeria)
Hakim Djafer Khodja, Amine Cherif, Saad Dahmani, Ahmed Ferhati

266. Measuring Crop Evapotranspiration Over Hilly Areas
Nissaf Boudhina, Masmoudi Mohamed Masmoudi, Frédéric Jacob, Laurent Prévot, Rim Zitouna-Chebbi, Insaf Mekki, Netij Ben Mechlia

267. Estimation of Specific Degradation by Application of a Regional Model for the North of Algeria
Rachid Chellali, Rabah Ladjal

268. Effects of Treated Wastewater Irrigation of Sfax, Agareb and Mahres Stations on Olive Plants
Zaineb Bakari, Nesrine Boujelben, Frah Bouhamed, Monem Kallel, Boubaker Elleuch

269. Modeling Watershed Operation: Case Study of the Chaffia Dam (Algerian Extreme North East)
Mehdi Nafa, Keblouti Nafa, Abir Achache

270. To What Extent Can Groundwater Uses Affect Long Term Sustainable Exploitation Schemes? Case Study of the Bouhefna-Haffouz Aquifer System (Central Tunisia)
Hamza Jerbi, Sylvain Massuel, Christian Leduc, Jeanne Riaux, Jamila Tarhouni

Part V. Environmental Engineering and Management

271. Morphological, Chemical and Electrochemical Carbon Based and Nobel Metal Electrode Characterization for Use in Water Electrochemical Disinfection
Mokhtar Guizani, Kento Yajima, Toshikazu Kawaguchi, Ryusei Ito, Naoyuki Funamizu

272. Development of Eco-Engineering Sector Specific Routines and Curricula for the Mediterranean Region
Slobodan B. Mickovski, Guillermo Tardio Cerrillo, Paola Sangalli, Jerome Perez, Craig S. Thomson, Caroline Gallagher

273. Codigestion: Toward a Simple Model to Predict Methane Production
Mokhles Kouas, Philippe Sousbie, Michel Torrijos, Jérôme Harmand, Sami Sayadi

274. Refuse Derived Fuel Gasification Possibilities in Small Scale Units
Maris Klavins, Dmitry Porsnov, Valdis Bisters, Juris Kalviss, Raivo Damkevics

275. Removal of Methylene Blue Dye by Fenton-like Process Using Laterites
Gloria M. R. Kpinsoton, Hela Karoui, Yohan Richardson, Hamma Yacouba

276. Effects of Recycled Materials Added to the Substrate on Nursery Trees
Francesca Bretzel, Eliana Tassi, Francesca Vannucchi, Manuele Scatena, Fabrizio Cinelli

277. Effect of Acclimatization on Earthworm’s (Eisenia Andrei) Potential on Olive Mill Wastewaters Detoxification
Barhoum Kharbouch, Hicham Lakhtar, Sandrine Amat, Sevastianos Roussos, Nathalie Dupuy, Abdelhamid El Mousadik

278. Production and Characterization of Activated Carbon from Orange Peels by Chemical Activation with Sulfuric Acid
Sami Guiza, Salwa Hajyahia, Franck Launay, Mohamed Bagane

279. Cheap and High Quality Housing with Emphasis on Modular Building
Shaham Asadi, Hassan Mohammad Jafari Sadeghi, Ataollah Beigzade

280. Methylene Blue Removal from Aqueous Solution by Using Smectite Clay and Silty Soil: Batch and Fixed Bed Column Studies
Sana Dardouri, Asma Jedidi, Jalila Sghaier

281. A Theoretical Study on Municipal Solid Waste Characterization in Jordan and Its Economic Feasibility
Khalid Bani-Melhem, Mahmoud Alshorman

282. Optimization of Cost and Pollutant Emissions from MSW Collection Using GIS. The Case Study of Mostaganem, Western Algeria
Islam Safia Abdelli, Fatiha Abdelmalek, Ahmed Addou

283. Optimal Locations Determination for an Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in the City of Tunis, Tunisia
Seifeddine Bouguerra, Safa Bhar Layeb

284. Preparation of Graphite Ultrafiltration Membrane Over Macroporous Graphite Support for Oily Waste Water Separation by Air Gap Membrane Distillation
Imen Derbel, Raje Ben Amar

285. Diagnostic and Treatment of Leachate from Municipal Solid Waste in Morocco Using Experimental Design Methodology
Meriem Abouri, Imane Chanaa, Salah Souabi, Hajar Qachach, Amane Jada

286. Combined Process for Olive Oil Mill Wastewater Treatment Based on Flocculation and Heterogeneous Photocatalysis
Gassan Hodaifa, Jose Antonio Páez Fernández, Cristina Agabo Garcia

287. Analyses of Complex Rainfall Change Using Non Parametric Trend Tests in Semi Arid Zone-Case Study: Center of Tunisia
Manel Snoussi, Mohamed Hamdi, Jamila Tarhouni

288. Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation of Phenol Using W-La/CexZr1−XO2 Catalysts
Mohamed Achraf Bouabdellah, Lassaad Ben Hammouda, Gwendoline Lafaye, Jacques Barbier, Zouhaier Ksibi

289. Comparative Study of Pressure Reduction Valve Controllers in Water Distribution Systems
Mouna Doghri, Sophie Duchesne, Annie Poulin, Maxim Ouellet

290. Salt Solar Wastelands: To New “Saltscapes” Resilient in the Mediterranean
Jean-Louis Pacitto, Odile Jacquemin

291. Radioactive Waste Management in South Africa
Thabo Matyaba, Priscilla Keche, Roman Tandlich

292. Numerical Simulation of Dye Adsorption/Desorption in Three Layered Soil and Models Comparison
Sana Dardouri, Asma Jedidi, Jalila Sghaier

293. Nitrogen Oxide Removal from Nitric Acid Production Process by Absorption into Hydrogen Peroxide Solution
Ons Ghriss, Hédi Ben Amour, Mohamed-Razak Jeday, Hassen Chekir

294. Effect of Preparation Manufacturing Process on the Quality of Cotton Recycled DENIM Yarn
Mohamed Ben Hassen, Béchir Wanassi, Béchir Azouz

295. Methylene Blue Removal from Brackish Water by Natural Algerian Clay
Ammar Fadel, Nacef Saci

296. On the Use of Brouers-Sotolongo Kinetics Equation and Isotherm for the Removal Fluorine from Aqueous Solutions by Clay
Francois Brouers, Sami Guiza

297. Numerical Study of Soil Water Content to Estimate the Hydraulic Properties of Soil in Tunisia
Asma Jedidi, Sana Dardouri, Jalila Sghaier

298. An Alternative Method for Predicting Bed Load Transport Rate in River—Application to the Medjerda River, Tunisia
Mohamed Gharbi, Amel Soualmia, Denis Dartus

299. Adsorption of Model Dyes Onto Porous Materials: Effect of pH and Temperature on the Parameters of Brouers-Sotolongo Kinetic Fractal and Generalized Isotherm
Taher Selmi, Mongi Seffen, François Brouers, Vanessa Fierro, Habib Sammouda

300. Evaluation of Diallyl Phthalate Biodegradation Mechanisms in the Treatment of Synthetic Wastewater
Ehsan Ahmadi, Mitra Gholami, Mahdi Farzadkia, Ramin Nabizadeh

301. Abnormal Behavior of Chott Ain Beida Brines, Ouargla Basin, Algerian Sahara
Merzouk Zatout, Messaoud Hacini, Ahmed Hichem Hamzaoui, Adel M’nif

302. Dimunition of Pollution by Improving the Properties of Polymers Against Climatic Aleas
Noureddine Hassini

303. Prediction of Solid Transport in the Wandering Section of the Maritime Reach of the Congo River, Accounting for the Limits of the Ashmore’s Method
Edouard Konzi Panise Siamo, Yohanan Dzama-Likwanda

304. The Communication Process for a Sustainable Urbanism in Algeria
Lyazid Hadj-Smaha

305. Simplification of Soil Description for the Modeling of Nitrogen Leaching with STICS Model
Rahma Ines Zoghlami, Virginie Parnaudeau, Christian Walter

306. Design and Achievement of a New Hybrid Filter System Used in Cement Works
Abbes Ouari, Ahmed Alibida, Farid Miloua, Amar Tilmatine

307. Kinetic Study of Removal of Pollutants from Aqueous Solutions
Sarra Hamouda, Salima Bouteraa, Abdellah Bahmani, Nourredine Bettahar, Djahida Lerari

308. Spatial Distribution of Methane Emissions at Bizerte Active Landfill (Northern Tunisia)
Sana Abid, Moncef Zairi

309. Control of Particles Flow in Pneumatic Conveying Lines by Capacitive Measurement
Rafik Sayah, Miloua Farid, Ouari Abbes

310. Seawater: Affordable, Reliable and Sustainable Energy for All
Mohammed K. Al Mesfer

311. Study of Nusselt Number Evolution in PCM Shell-and-Tube Configuration
Mohammed Bechiri, Kacem Mansouri

312. Analysis of Numerical Simulation of the Hydrodynamics in Swimming Pools, in Terms of Water Quality
Mostefa Dougha, Mahmoud Hasbaia, André Girou

313. Flow Behaviour Analysis Through a Venturi
Wahiba Mokrane, Ahmed Kettab

314. Investigating the Impacts of Soil and Water Conservation Measures on Hydrology and Soil Loss in Humid Ethiopian Highlands of Upper Blue Nile Basin
Addisu Dagnew, Habtam Mekonnen, Seifu Tilahun, Nigussie Haregeweyn, Enyew Adgo

315. Experimental Analysis of the Morphological Evolution of a Sand Bed Channel
Mohamed Gharbi, Amel Soualmia, Denis Dartus

316. Magnetic Treatment Effects on Salt Water and Tomato Plants Growth
Nesrine Fakhri, Hsan Youssef Mehdaoui, Nada Elloumi, Monem Kallel

317. CO2 Adsorption on Activated Carbon Based Olive Stone: A Comparison of Langmuir and Freundlich Models
Meriem Moussa, Najoua Bader, Nausika Querejeta, Inès Duràn, Covadonga Pevida, Abdelmottaleb Ouederni

318. Study of Oxidized Stainless Steel Thin Films Obtained by Reactive Thermal Evaporation
Noureddine Merakeb

319. LCA and Cherry Tomato Production in the South of Tunisia
Meriem Maaoui, Rachid Boukchina, Noureddine Hajjaji

320. Offshore Drilling: Drilling Fluids and Additives
Samira Baba Hamed

321. Response Surface Methodology Optimization of Heterogeneous Catalyst Fe2O3-Zeolite Synthesis for the Discoloration of Indigo Carmine Dye by Photo-Fenton Process
Chamirane Moumni, Nadim Fakhfakh, Haithem Bel Hadjltaief, Mourad Benzina

322. Green Collaborative Vehicle Routing Problem with Environmental Concerns
Akram Rekik, Amel Jaoua, Safa Bhar Layeb, Jouhaina Chaouachi

323. Effect of Temperature, Humidity and Gas Flow on PEM Fuel Cell Performances for Environmental Applications
Mohamed Barbouche, Zakarya Ahmed, Khaled Charradi, Radhouane Chtourou, Gaetano Squadrito

324. Thermal Stability Evaluation Through the Comparison of Potassium Chloride to Potassium/Sodium Formate Fluids
Afshin Davarpanah, M. Mehdi Nassabeh

325. Optical Annealing Effect on Zinc Oxide Thin Films Synthesized via Sol Gel Method as Used in Water Treatment Field
Soumia Haya, Ouarda Brahmia, Ouahiba Halimi, Miloud Sebais, Boubaker Boudine

326. Combined Process for Olive Oil Mill Wastewater Treatment Based in Flocculation,

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Environmental Science and Engineering, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Management, Atmospheric Protection/Air Quality Control/Air Pollution, Waste Water Technology / Water Pollution Control / Water Management / Aquatic Pollution

Publication year
Advances in Science, Technology & Innovation
Page amount
59 pages
Natural Sciences
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