Abdelaziz, Moussa Nait

Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on New Trends in Fatigue and Fracture

Abdelaziz, Moussa Nait - Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on New Trends in Fatigue and Fracture, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of the Energy Dissipation at Fatigue Crack Tip Under Cyclic Loading with Constant Stress Intensity Factor
O. Plekhov, A. Vshivkov, A. Iziumova

2. A Study of Progressive Milling Technology on Surface Topography and Fatigue Properties of the High Strength Aluminum Alloy 7475-T7351
Miroslav Piska, Petra Ohnistova, Jana Hornikova, Charles Hervoches

3. Study and Design of a New Range of Composite Based Shock Absorbers for the Automotive Sector
J. Niez, M. Ben Amara, J. Capelle, V. Bouchart, P. Chevrier

4. A New High-Cycle Fatigue Criterion Based on a Self-consistent Scheme for Hard Metals Under Non-proportional Loading
Kékéli Amouzou, Eric Charkaluk

5. Characterization and Evaluation of a Railway Wheel Steel in the HCF and VHCF Regimes
Henrique Soares, Pedro Costa, Mário Vieira, Manuel Freitas, Luís Reis

6. High-Temperature Low Cycle Fatigue Resistance of Inconel 713LC Coated with Novel Thermal Barrier Coating
Ivo Šulák, Karel Obrtlík, Ladislav Čelko, David Jech, Pavel Gejdoš

7. The Effect of Pearlite Banding on the Mechanical Anisotropy of Low Carbon Steel
M. Beltrán, J. L. González, D. I. Rivas, Felipe Hernández, Héctor Dorantes

8. Analysis of Mechanical Behavior of the Underlying Soft Tissue to Ischial Tuberosities Using Finite Element Method
Diana Alicia Gayol-Mérida, Víctor Manuel Araujo-Monsalvo, José de Jesús Silva-Lomelí, Víctor Manuel Domínguez-Hernández, Marcos Martínez-Cruz, Elisa Martínez-Coría, Martín Luna-Méndez, Aylenid Alemán-Pérez

9. Study of the Endurance Limit of AA7075 Aluminum Produced by High-Pressure Vacuum Die Casting Analyzed by Classical Whöler Curve
David Levasseur, Jimmy Simard, Francis Breton, Lotfi Toubal

10. Life Prediction of a Mono Contact Aluminum/Steel at Constant and Variable Amplitudes Loading in Fretting Fatigue Configuration
A. Belloula, A. Amrouche, M. Nait-Abdelaziz

11. Influence of Microstructure on Fatigue Crack Formation and Growth in a Low-Carbon Steel
Donka Angelova, Rozina Yordanova, Svetla Yankova

12. Determination of the Region of Stabilization of Low-Cycle Fatigue HSLE Steel from Test Data
Bojana Aleksić, Vujadin Aleksić, Abubakr Hemer, Ljubica Milović, Aleksandar Grbović

13. Study of a Stud Bolt Wrench Failure Due to an Inadequate Heat Treatment
Sandra L. Rodriguez-Reyna, Francisco G. Perez-Gutierrez, J. Luis Hernández-Rivera, Jorge Zaragoza-Siqueiros, Christian J. Garcia-Lopez

14. Multiaxial Fatigue of Rubbers: Comparative Study Between Predictive Tools
G. Ayoub, M. Naït Abdelaziz, F. Zaïri

15. Laboratory Study of Fatigue in Water Conveying HDPE and PVC Pipes Subject to Extreme Hydraulic Transient Pressures
René Autrique Ruiz, Eduardo Antonio Rodal Canales

16. Probabilistic Assessment of Nuclear Piping Integrity by Considering Environmental Fatigue and Stress Corrosion Cracking
Seung Hyun Kim, Md Nasimul Goni, Yoon-Suk Chang

17. The Inspections, Standards and Repairing Methods for Pipeline with Composite: A Review and Case Study
M. Hadj Meliani, O. Bouledroua, Z. Azari, A. Sorour, N. Merah, G. Pluvinage

18. Effect of Microstructure on Tension, Charpy and DWTT Properties on Two API X70 Plates
Fernando Guzmán, Moisés Hinojosa, Eduardo Frias

19. Fatigue Analysis in a Bellow Expansion Joint Installed a Heat Exchanger
I. Villagómez, J. L. González, J. J. Trujillo, D. Rivas

20. Failure Analysis of Stress Corrosion Cracking of a Ball Valve in Service
I. Mortera, J. L. González, A. Casarrubias, D. Rivas

21. Assessment of Danger Due to Cracks in Structural Elements of Different Shapes and Geometry
Orest Bilyy

22. Formation of Preferential Paths in Cracked Hele-Shaw Cells by Water Injection—An Experimental Study
S. Santiago, I. V. Lijanova, C. O. Olivares-Xometl, N. V. Likhanova

23. Smith Watson and Topper Model in the Determination of the Fatigue Life of an Automotive Steel
F. F. Curiel, R. R. Ambriz, M. A. García, M. C. Ramírez, S. García

24. Influence of Weld Parameters and Filler-Wire on Fatigue Behavior of MIG-Welded Al-5083 Alloy
Vidit Gaur, Manabu Enoki, Toshiya Okada, Syohei Yomogida

25. Mechanical Evaluation of IN718-AL6XN Dissimilar Weldment
R. Cortés, R. R. Ambriz, V. H. López, E. R. Barragán, A. Ruiz, D. Jaramillo

26. Fatigue Life of Resistance Spot Welding on Dual-Phase Steels
J. H. Ordoñez Lara, R. R. Ambriz, C. García, G. Plascencia, D. Jaramillo

27. Failure Analysis by Hot Cracking Root HAZ in Welding SMAW Type
M. Arzola, J. L. González, S. J. García, D. I. Rivas, E. Sandoval

28. Effect of Electromagnetic Field on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of the Dissimilar 2205/316L Welded Joint
S.L. Hernández-Trujillo, V. H. López-Morelos, R. García-Hernández, M. A. García-Rentería, A. Ruiz-Marines, J. A. Verduzco-Martínez

29. Heat Input Effect on the Mechanical Properties of Inconel 718 Gas Tungsten Arc Welds
N. K. Rodríguez, E. R. Barragán, I. V. Lijanova, R. Cortés, R. R. Ambriz, C. Méndez, D. Jaramillo

30. A Case Study of Corrosion Fatigue in Aluminium Casing Bolt Holes
Siew Fong Choy

31. Study of the Modal Effect of 1045 Steel Pre-stressed Beams Subjected to Residual Stress
Erasto Vergara Hernández, Brenda Carolina Pérez Millán, Juan Manuel Sandoval Pineda, Luis Armando Flores Herrera

32. Experimental Analysis of Fatigue Cracks Emanating from Corner Notches in the Presence of Variable Residual Stress Fields
J. L. Cuevas, C. Garcia, A. Amrouche, R. R. Ambriz, D. Jaramillo

33. Fatigue Crack Initiation and Growth on Welded Joints of 2205 Duplex Alloy: The Effect of Electromagnetic Interaction During Welding
J. Rosado-Carrasco, J. González-Sánchez, V. H. López-Morelos, G. R. Domínguez

34. Nondestructive Monitoring of Rail Surface Damage Via Barkhausen Noise Technique
M. Neslušan, K. Zgútová, I. Maňková, P. Kejzlar, J. Čapek

35. Failure Analysis of Stress Corrosion Cracking of Two Tees in a Pressurized Drainage System
D. Rivas, J. L. González, A. Casarrubias, M. Beltran

36. Fatigue Life Extension of 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel by Laser Shock Processing: Simulation and Experimentation
V. Granados-Alejo, C. A. Vázquez-Jiménez, C. Rubio-González, G. Gómez-Rosas

37. Fracture Toughness of Fiber Metal Laminates Through the Concepts of Stiffness and Strain-Intensity-Factor
Jesús Gerardo Martínez Figueroa, Perla Itzel Alcántara Llanas

38. Uncertainty Quantification of Fatigue Life Prediction in Welded Structures Using Microstructure-Based Simulations
Takayuki Shiraiwa, Fabien Briffod, Manabu Enoki

39. Prediction of Fatigue Life Induced by Defects Considering Crack Initiation
Ryota Sakaguchi, Takayuki Shiraiwa, Manabu Enoki

40. Peridynamic Modeling of Cracking in Ceramic Matrix Composites
Yile Hu, Erdogan Madenci, Nam Phan

41. Evaluation of Stress Intensity Factors (SIFs) Using Extended Finite Element Method (XFEM)
Bojana Aleksić, Aleksandar Grbović, Abubakr Hemer, Ljubica Milović, Vujadin Aleksić

Keywords: Materials Science, Structural Materials, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials

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