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Sport and Physical Activity in the Heat

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Table of contents

Part I. Foundational Concepts

1. Comparative Physiology of Thermoregulation
Luke N. Belval, Lawrence E. Armstrong

2. Human Heat Physiology
Jonathan E. Wingo, Craig G. Crandall, Glen P. Kenny

Part II. Enhancing Exercise Heat Tolerance

3. Heat Acclimation
J. Luke Pryor, Christopher T. Minson, Michael S. Ferrara

4. Body Cooling
William M. Adams, Brendon P. McDermott, Cyril Schmit, Glen P. Kenny

5. Hydration
Matthew S. Ganio, Lawrence E. Armstrong, Stavros A. Kavouras

6. Work-to-Rest Ratio
Riana R. Pryor, David Hostler, Earl R. Cooper, Andrew J. Grundstein

7. Sleep
Gabrielle E. W. Giersch, William M. Adams, Rob Duffield

8. Altitude
Lesley W. Vandermark, Santiago Lorenzo, Robert F. Chapman

Part III. Tools Available to Assist

9. Environmental Condition and Monitoring
Yuri Hosokawa, Andrew J. Grundstein, Jennifer K. Vanos, Earl R. Cooper

10. Technology
Robert A. Huggins, William M. Adams, Mark J. Buller, David P. Looney

11. Biomarkers
Elaine Choung-Hee Lee, Lisa R. Leon, W. Bruce Adams, Shawn M. Arent, Carl M. Maresh, Neil P. Walsh

12. Heat Tolerance Testing
Rebecca L. Stearns, Patricia A. Deuster, Josh Ben Kazman, Yuval Heled, Francis G. O’Connor

Part IV. Populations

13. Individual Sports
Ryan M. Curtis, Evan Johnson, Mark Kovacs

14. Team Sports
Julie K. Nolan, Courteney Benjamin, J. T. W. Ng, Yuri Hosokawa

15. Occupational Settings: Considerations for the Laborer
Samantha E. Scarneo, Yuri Hosokawa, Luke N. Belval, Denise Smith, David Hostler

16. Military Settings: Considerations for the Warfighter
Patrick J. Depenbrock, Shawn F. Kane, Francis G. O’Connor

Part V. Individual Issues

17. Exertional Heat Illnesses
Rebecca M. Lopez, John F. Jardine

18. Other Medical Conditions of Concern During Hot Weather Exercise
Nathaniel Nye, Rebecca L. Stearns, Francis Tran

19. Drugs and Supplements
Rachel K. Katch, Michael S. Smith, Michele LaBotz, Luke N. Belval, Yuri Hosokawa

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Sports Medicine, Sport Science

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