Aires, Luísa

Climate Literacy and Innovations in Climate Change Education

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Table of contents

1. Education for Sustainability: Integrating Climate Change and Energy into Lifelong Learning Initiatives for Small Island Developing States
Franziska Wolf, Franziska Curran, Ellen Pflaum, Hannah Ramic

2. Distance Learning Will Enable Climate Refugees to Avoid Falling into the Social Risk Trap
María-del-Pilar-Quicios-García, Ana-Huesca-González, María-Ángeles-Pascual-Sevillano

3. Leaving No-One Behind: Improving Climate Change and Entrepreneurship Education in Sub-Saharan Africa Through E-Learning and Innovative Governance Systems
Dumisani Chirambo

4. E-Learning as Tool to Feed the World
Aafke Schaap

5. Online Communities of Practice Empowering Members to Realize Climate-Smart Agriculture in Developing Countries
Maria Nuutinen, Walter Leal Filho

6. Tertiary Education Knowledge and Standards in Sustainable Development: A Crisis for the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Eva A. McNamara, Melaine Kermarc, Joseph Zambo Mandea, Glenn Bush

7. Food and Sustainability: An Emerging Subject in Sustainable Environmental Sciences Education Applying to the e-Learning Environment
Ana Pinto Moura, Luísa Aires

8. MOOCs—A Powerful Tool for Imparting Climate Literacy? Insights from Parleys with Students
Daniel Otto

9. E-collaborating for Environmentally Sustainable Health Curricula
Peter Musaeus, Caroline Wellbery, Sarah Walpole, Hanna-Andrea Rother, Aditya Vyas, Kathleen Leedham-Green

10. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on Climate Change and Health: Teaching a Global Audience
Sandra Barteit, Anneliese Depoux, Ali Sié, Maurice Yé, Rainer Sauerborn

11. Emerging Paradigms of Capacity Building in the Context of Climate Change
Umesh Chandra Pandey, Chhabi Kumar

12. A Coil-Enhanced Course on International Perspectives of Climate Change
Luis Velazquez, Krystal Perkins, Nora Munguia, David Zepeda

13. Climate Change and e-Learning: Interdisciplinarity and Interculturality Challenges
Fátima Alves, Ulisses Miranda Azeiteiro

14. Innovations in Climate Change and Sustainable Management in Higher Education. Training and Evaluation
Maria Julia Rubio Roldán, Glauco Gomes Menezes, João Carlos da Cunha

15. Towards Climate Change Awareness Through Distance Learning—Are Young Portuguese and Brazilian University Students Vigilant?
Fernando J. P. Caetano, Carla M. B. P. Oliveira, Magnólia F. F. Araújo, Maria C. F. D. Rêgo

16. Dealing with Climate Change as a Wicked Issue via Innovative Approaches
Dz. Iliško, O. Dedels

17. e-Learning Diversification in Higher Education: Conceptions of Participation
Paulo Dias, Luísa Aires, Darlinda Moreira

18. Training Teachers Committed to Climate Change Mitigation
Mercedes Varela-Losada, Azucena Arias-Correa, Pedro Vega-Marcote

19. Supporting Sustainable Policy and Practices for Online Learning Education
Diogo Casanova, Linda Price, Barry Avery

20. Sustainable Mobility in Higher Education Through Virtual Attendance
Esteban Vázquez-Cano, M.ª Luisa Sevillano García

21. E-learning in Higher Education: Academic Factors for Student Permanence
Filipa Seabra, Susana Henriques, Teresa Cardoso, Daniela Barros, Maria de Fátima Goulão

22. Climate Literacy and Collaborative On-Line Landscapes: Engaging the Climate Conversation Through Drama Facilitation in Distance and e-Learning Environments
Linda Hassall

Keywords: Education, Technology and Digital Education, Climate Change Management and Policy, Development Economics, Development and Sustainability, Sustainable Development

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Climate Change Management
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Upbringing, Education
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