Angelov, Plamen

Advances in Information and Communication Technologies for Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change

Angelov, Plamen - Advances in Information and Communication Technologies for Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Knowledge Inference from a Small Water Quality Dataset with Multivariate Statistics and Data-Mining
Jose Simmonds, Juan A. Gómez, Agapito Ledezma

2. A Multiscale Based Rainfall Amount Prediction Using Multiple Classifier System
Cristian Valencia-Payan, Juan Carlos Corrales

3. Characterization in the Visible and Infrared Spectrum of Agricultural Crops from a Multirotor Air Vehicle
Julian Andrés Bolaños, Liseth Campo, Juan Carlos Corrales

4. Cover Missions Planning for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Jhon Fredy Trujillo, Yesica Villamil, Liseth Campo, Juan Carlos Corrales

5. Impact of Climate Change on Soil Organic Carbon Content on Agricultural Soils of Mexico
Jesús D. Gómez-Díaz, Alejandro I. Monterroso-Rivas, Lizeth M. Lechuga-Gayosso, Antonio R. Arce-Romero, Patricia Ruiz-Gracia

6. Fertilization Strategies in Sugar Cane Crops in the Cauca Valley: A Review
Álvaro Pachón, Gonzalo Llano, Luis Munera, Camilo Barrios, Claudia Lubo, Julián Borrero, Gonzalo Calderon

7. Coffee Rust Detection Based on a Graph Similarity Approach
Gersain Lozada, Geraldin Valencia, Emmanuel Lasso, Juan Carlos Corrales

8. A Guideline for Building Large Coffee Rust Samples Applying Machine Learning Methods
Jhonn Pablo Rodríguez, Edwar Javier Girón, David Camilo Corrales, Juan Carlos Corrales

9. Towards an Alert System for Coffee Diseases and Pests in a Smart Farming Approach Based on Semi-supervised Learning and Graph Similarity
Emmanuel Lasso, Juan Carlos Corrales

10. Deploying Timely Alerts Through Converged Services: An Application for Colombian Agriculture
Julián Eduardo Plazas, Juan Carlos Corrales

11. Improving Early Warning Systems for Agriculture Based on Web Service Adaptation
Oscar Ricardo Valencia, Emmanuel Lasso, Juan Carlos Corrales

12. Crop Monitoring in High Andean Ecosystems of the Upper Basin of the Palacé River Using Planet Images
Julián Muñoz, Leonairo Pencue, Apolinar Figueroa, Carlos Guzmán

13. WSN Prototype for African Oil Palm Bud Rot Monitoring
Miguel Piamonte, Monica Huerta, Roger Clotet, John Padilla, Tito Vargas, David Rivas

14. A Cloud-Based Platform for Decision Making Support in Colombian Agriculture: A Study Case in Coffee Rust
Emmanuel Lasso, Oscar Valencia, David Camilo Corrales, Iván Darío López, Apolinar Figueroa, Juan Carlos Corrales

15. Potential Yields of Maize and Barley with Climate Change Scenarios and Adaptive Actions in Two Sites in Mexico
Antonio R. Arce-Romero, Alejandro I. Monterroso-Rivas, Jesús D. Gómez-Díaz, Miguel A. Palacios-Mendoza

16. Multitemporal Land Cover Change Analysis in the Upper Cauca Basin in Colombia
Cristian Valencia-Payan, Edgar Leonairo Pencue-Fierro, Apolinar Figueroa-Casas, Juan Carlos Corrales

17. A Smart Farming Approach in Automatic Detection of Favorable Conditions for Planting and Crop Production in the Upper Basin of Cauca River
Iván Darío López, Juan Carlos Corrales

18. An Online Learning Method for Embedded Decision Support in Agriculture Irrigation
Harold Murcia-Moreno, Brigete González-Quintero, Jeison López-Gaona

19. Interinstitutional Relational Capital of Support for Climate Change and Food Security, an Analysis from the Social Networks in Cauca, Colombia
José Raúl Canay Pazos, Wilfred Rivera Martínez, Carolina Quiñonez Zúñiga

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Agriculture, Climate Change/Climate Change Impacts, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Communications Engineering, Networks

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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