Azeiteiro, Ulisses M.

Handbook of Climate Change Communication: Vol. 2

Azeiteiro, Ulisses M. - Handbook of Climate Change Communication: Vol. 2, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Weather Forecasting Using Local Traditional Knowledge (LTK) in the Midst of Climate Change in Domboshawa, Zimbabwe
Vincent Itai Tanyanyiwa

2. Climate Change Communication in Nepal
Anup K. C.

3. Short Stories and Climate Change: An Application of Kolb’s Experiential Learning Model
Evangelos Manolas

4. Role of the Media in Climate Change Communication in the Northwest Region of Cameroon
Suiven John Paul Tume, Mbilam Samson Jumbam, Ndze Albert Nsoseka, Ngoran Divine Nyarka, Lawong Judith Yenla, Njodzeka Gilbert Njodzeka

5. Rural Indonesian Insight on Mass Media Role in Reducing Climate Change Risk
Syarifah Aini Dalimunthe

6. Mapping Issues, Stakeholders and Actions on Youth Climate Change Communication in Indonesia for the Period 2008–2015
Emilia Bassar, Impron, Paramitha Yanindraputri

7. The Klimablog www.cambioclimatico-bolivia.org: Personal Reflections After 5 Years of Blogging on Climate Change from, for and About Bolivia
Dirk Hoffmann

8. Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in the Agriculture Sector of Sri Lanka: What We Learnt and Way Forward
Rasu Eeswaran

9. What’s the Worst Thing that Can Happen?—A Simple Exercise to Communicating and Reasoning About Climate Change
Markus Will, Joost Platje

10. The Challenges of Climate Change Communication for Lagos Coastal Communities
Peter Elias

11. Seven Strategies of Climate Change Science Communication for Policy Change: Combining Academic Theory with Practical Evidence from Science–Policy Partnerships in Canada
Garrett Ward Richards, Rebecca Carruthers Den Hoed

12. Climate Change Communication: Community Knowledge and Preparedness
Sri Hartini Rachmad

13. University Student’s Perceptions About Climate Change: The Case of Interior Design and Architecture Students of a Brazilian University
Fátima Alves, Leonor Bacelar Nicolau, Dula Lima, Ulisses M. Azeiteiro, Paula Bacelar Nicolau

14. The Grounding for a Fossil Fuel Free World: Integrating Climate Change Education into Secondary Schools
Gina Lovett, Claire Lambert, Eric Chu, Joyeeta Gupta

15. Climate Change and Renewable Energy: Opinions and Emotions of Elementary School Pupils in the Prefecture of Evros
Sideri Lefkeli, Georgios Tsantopoulos, Evangelos Manolas

16. Incorporation of Local Ecological Knowledge (LEK) into Biodiversity Management and Climate Change Variability Scenarios for Threatened Fish Species and Fishing Communities—Communication Patterns Among BioResources Users as a Prerequisite for Co-management: A Case Study of Berlenga MNR, Portugal and Resex-Mar of Arraial do Cabo, RJ, Brazil
Heitor de Oliveira Braga, Miguel Ângelo Pardal, Ulisses M. Azeiteiro

17. Delivering Solutions: Engaging Farmers and Land Holders in the Climate Change Debate
Becky Willson, Stephen Roderick

18. The Role of Risk Perceptions in Climate Change Communication: A Media Analysis on the UK Winter Floods 2015/2016
Viktoria Cologna, Rosalind H. Bark, Jouni Paavola

19. The Feeling of Red and Blue—A Constructive Critique of Color Mapping in Visual Climate Change Communication
Birgit Schneider, Thomas Nocke

20. Using Heritage to Engage Antarctic Tourists with Climate Change
Camilla Nichol

21. Calm Before the Storm: Assessing Climate Change and Sustainability in Saudi Arabian Universities
Naif Alghamdi

22. ‘Committees’, a Promising Institution in Climate Change Communication and Adaptation?
Sabine Tröger

23. The SHAPE of Effective Climate Change Communication: Taking a RoundView
Joanne Tippett, Fraser How

24. Communication Strategies for Building Climate-Smart Farming Communities
Jemima M. Mandapati

25. Engagement in Action: Communicating Climate Change Research to Non-specialist Audiences
Julie Biddlecombe-Brown, Adam Holden, Melissa Swartz

26. Communicating Climate Change in the Greater Manchester Region: A Whole Systems Approach to Change
Judith Emanuel, Carolyn Kagan

27. Erratum to: Climate Change Communication in Nepal
Anup K. C.

Keywords: Environment, Climate Change, Climate Change Management and Policy, Communication Studies, Environmental Economics

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Climate Change Management
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Natural Sciences
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