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Progress in Hybrid RANS-LES Modelling

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Table of contents

Part I. Invited Keynotes Papers

1. Attached and Detached Eddy Simulation
Philippe R. Spalart, Mikhail K. Strelets

2. Progress in Hybrid Temporal LES
Rémi Manceau

3. Stress-Blended Eddy Simulation (SBES)—A New Paradigm in Hybrid RANS-LES Modeling
F. Menter

4. Consistent Strain/Stress Lag Eddy-Viscosity Model for Hybrid RANS/LES
Sylvain Lardeau

5. Improved Delayed Detached-Eddy Simulations of Actively Controlled Flow
Liang Wang, Ruyun Hu, Liying Li, Song Fu

Part II. LES/SGS and Embedded LES

6. Effect of Upstream Turbulence on Single and Dual-Stream Jets. Assessment of Zonal Detached Eddy Simulation (ZDES)
F. Gand, J. Verrière, S. Deck

7. Implementation and Assessment of the Synthetic-Eddy Method in an Unstructured Compressible Flow Solver
Axel Probst

8. Hybrid RANS/LES Simulation Strategy for High-Lift Applications with Disturbed Inflow
Silvia Probst

9. Grey-Area Mitigation Using Commutation Terms at the Interfaces in Hybrid RANS-LES Modeling
Sebastian Arvidson, Lars Davidson, Shia-Hui Peng

10. Scale-Resolving Simulations Based on a Lattice-Boltzmann Method
Benjamin Duda, Ehab Fares, Benedikt König

11. Gas-Kinetic Scheme for Multiscale Turbulence Simulation
Shuang Tan, Qibing Li, Song Fu

Part III. Advances in HRLM (and Numerics Session)

12. Effects of Convection Schemes on Hybrid RANS-LES Calculations
B. Basara, Z. Pavlovic, S. Krajnovic

13. Application of a Stochastic Backscatter Model for Grey-Area Mitigation in Detached Eddy Simulations
Johan C. Kok

14. On Scale-Resolving Simulation of Turbulent Flows Using Higher-Accuracy Quasi-1D Schemes on Unstructured Meshes
Alexey Duben, Tatiana Kozubskaya

15. On the von Karman Length Scale as a Triggering Parameter in Eddy-Resolving Simulations of Turbulent Flows
R. Maduta, S. Jakirlic

16. Recent Results with Grey-Area Improved DDES for a Wide Range of Flows
M. Fuchs, C. Mockett, J. Sesterhenn, F. Thiele

17. Hybrid Simulation of High-Reynolds Number Flows Relying on a Variational Multiscale Model
Emmanuelle Itam, Stephen Wornom, Bruno Koobus, Alain Dervieux

Part IV. Aerodynamics (with Turbines, Automotive, Highspeed Flow, Airfoil/BL, Wind Turbines)

18. Assessment of Scale-Resolving Simulations for Turbomachinery Applications
M. Franke, C. Morsbach

19. Comparison of Hybrid RANS/LES Methods for Supersonic Combustion in a Model Scramjet Combustor
Junsu Shin, Hong-Gye Sung

20. Computational Investigation of a Swirled Premixed Burner Using Hybrid RANS-LES Method
Z. Mansouri, T. Boushaki, M. Aouissi, I. Gökalp

21. Assessment of Turbulence Models for Flow Around Three-Dimensional Geometries
E. Guilmineau, G. B. Deng, P. Queutey, M. Visonneau, J. Wackers

22. Comparison of Three Hybrid Turbulence Models for the Flow Around a




Ahmed Body
F. Delassaux, V. Herbert, I. Mortazavi, C. Ribes

23. Numerical Simulation of a 3-D Laminar Wing in Transonic Regime
D. Szubert, I. Asproulias, N. Simiriotis, Y. Hoarau, M. Braza

24. Hybrid RANS-LES Study of Transonic Flow in the Wake of a Generic Space Launch Vehicle
Tim Horchler, Kai Oßwald, Volker Hannemann, Klaus Hannemann

25. Detached Eddy Simulation of an SD7003 Airfoil
Eike Tangermann, Markus Klein

26. Vortex Breakdown Flows Around a Double-Delta Wing During Pitching Motion Based on DDES
Jian Liu, Haisheng Sun, Zhixiang Xiao

27. On the Convection Velocity of Wall-Bounded Turbulence Resolved by ZDES Mode III at






Nicolas Renard, S. Deck

28. Hybrid RANS/LES Simulation of a Supersonic Coaxial He/Air Jet Experiment at Various Turbulent Lewis Numbers
Lorris Charrier, Grégoire Pont, Simon Marié, Pierre Brenner, Francesco Grasso

29. Hybrid RANS/LES Simulation of a Space Launcher Using a High Order Finite Volume Scheme and Grid Intersections Technique
Grégoire Pont, David Puech, Pierre Brenner

30. Detached-Eddy Simulation of a Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine
Amin Rasam, Zeinab Pouransari, Karl Bolin, Ciarán J. O’Reilly

31. Hybrid RANS/LES Capabilities of the Flow Solver FLOWer—Application to Flow Around Wind Turbines
Pascal Weihing, Johannes Letzgus, Galih Bangga, Thorsten Lutz, Ewald Krämer

32. Multi-disciplinary Analysis of Flow in Weapon Bays
Gaëtan J. M. Loupy, George N. Barakos

33. Parametric Study of Cavity Leading-Edge Rod Spoilers by Advanced Hybrid RANS-LES Methods
Kunyu Luo, Zhixiang Xiao, Zhe Weng, Ning Zong, Lidong Deng

34. Hybrid RANS-LES Turbulence Modelling in Aeroelastic Problems, Test Case 3 from the Second AIAA Aeroelastic Prediction Workshop
M. Righi

35. Improvement of CFD-Wind Tunnel Correlation Near Buffet Onset by Using Scale Resolving Simulations
M. G. Cojocaru, M. Zhong, M. L. Niculescu, G. L. Wang, S. Zheng, C. Nae

Part V. Applications (Remaining Sessions)

36. Numerical Simulations of the Flow Dynamics Past an Oscillating Rod-Airfoil Configuration
Wenqing Zhu, Kunyu Luo, Zhixiang Xiao, Song Fu

37. Modelled and Resolved Turbulent Stresses Around a Circular Cylinder Using DES
Naveed Durrani

38. Numerical Study of 3D Turbulent Cavitating Flows
E. Goncalves, J. Decaix, B. Charriere

39. Hybrid LES/RANS Predictions of Flows and Acoustics from an Ultra-High-Bypass-Ratio Serrated Nozzle
Zhong-Nan Wang, James Tyacke, Paul Tucker

40. Cross Flow Induced Vibration in a Single Tube of Square Array Using LES
Vilas Shinde, Elisabeth Longatte, Franck Baj, Y. Hoarau, M. Braza

41. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of a Heated Impinging Jet for a Small Nozzle-to-Plate Distance and High Reynolds Number
F. Gand, P. Grenson, I. Mary, H. Deniau, P. Reulet, B. Aupoix

42. An Algebraic Hybrid RANS-LES Model with Application to Turbulent Heat Transfer
Ilyas Yilmaz

43. Comparison of Hybrid RANS-LES Simulations of Turbulent Flow and Heat Transfer in a Ribbed Duct
Sung Kim, Aidan O’Sullivan

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Numerical and Computational Physics, Simulation, Fluid- and Aerodynamics

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