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Stardust Final Conference

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Table of contents

Part I. Mission to Asteroids

1. Optimization of Asteroid Capture Missions Using Earth Resonant Encounters
Rita Neves, Joan Pau Sánchez

2. Evaluating Proximity Operations Through High-Fidelity Asteroid Deflection Evaluation Software (Hades)
Massimo Vetrisano, Juan L. Cano, Simone Centuori

3. Prediction of Orbital Parameters for Undiscovered Potentially Hazardous Asteroids Using Machine Learning
Vadym Pasko

Part II. Orbit and Uncertainty Propagation

4. Exploring Sensitivity of Orbital Dynamics with Respect to Model Truncation: The Frozen Orbits Approach
Martin Lara

5. A Parametric Study of the Orbital Lifetime of Super GTO and SSTO Orbits Based on Semi-analytical Integration
Denis Hautesserres, Juan F. San-Juan, Martin Lara

6. On the Use of Positive Polynomials for the Estimation of Upper and Lower Expectations in Orbital Dynamics
Massimiliano Vasile, Chiara Tardioli

Part III. Space Debris Monitoring, Mitigation, and Removal

7. Trajectory Generation Method for Robotic Free-Floating Capture of a Non-cooperative, Tumbling Target
Marko Jankovic, Frank Kirchner

8. Taxonomy of LEO Space Debris Population for ADR Capture Methods Selection
Marko Jankovic, Frank Kirchner

9. Remote Sensing for Planar Electrostatic Characterization Using the Multi-Sphere Method
Heiko J. A. Engwerda, Joseph Hughes, Hanspeter Schaub

10. Active Debris Removal and Space Debris Mitigation using Hybrid Propulsion Solutions
Stefania Tonetti, Stefania Cornara, Martina Faenza, Onno Verberne, Tobias Langener, Gonzalo Vicario de Miguel

11. The Puzzling Case of the Deep-Space Debris WT1190F: A Test Bed for Advanced SSA Techniques
Alberto Buzzoni, Siwei Fan, Carolin Frueh, Giuseppe Altavilla, Italo Foppiani, Marco Micheli, Jaime Nomen, Noelia Sánchez-Ortíz

12. Development of a Debris Index
Francesca Letizia, Camilla Colombo, Hugh G. Lewis, Holger Krag

Part IV. Re-entry Analysis and Design for Demise

13. A Multi-disciplinary Approach of Demisable Tanks’ Re-entry
C. Bertorello, C. Finzi, P. Perrot-Minnot, G. Pinaud, J. M. Bouilly, L. Chevalier

14. Design-for-Demise Analysis using the SAM Destructive Re-Entry Model
James C. Beck, Ian E. Holbrough, James A. Merrifield, Nicolas Leveque

15. Low-Fidelity Modelling for Aerodynamic Characteristics of Re-Entry Objects
Gianluca Benedetti, Nicole Viola, Edmondo Minisci, Alessandro Falchi, Massimiliano Vasile

16. Re-entry Predictions of Potentially Dangerous Uncontrolled Satellites: Challenges and Civil Protection Applications
Carmen Pardini, Luciano Anselmo

17. Uncertainty Quantification for Destructive Re-Entry Risk Analysis: JAXA Perspective
Keiichiro Fujimoto, Hiroumi Tani, Hideyo Negishi, Yasuhiro Saito, Nobuyuki Iizuka, Koichi Okita, Akira Kato

18. HDMR-Based Sensitivity Analysis and Uncertainty Quantification of GOCE Aerodynamics Using DSMC
Alessandro Falchi, Edmondo Minisci, Martin Kubicek, Massimiliano Vasile, Stijn Lemmens

Keywords: Physics, Space Sciences (including Extraterrestrial Physics, Space Exploration and Astronautics), Astrophysics and Astroparticles, Control, Robotics, Mechatronics, Planetology

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Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings
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