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Educational Technology and Narrative

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Table of contents

1. The Spirit of Storytelling
Stephen Peters

2. The Narrative Imperative: Creating a Storytelling Culture in the Classroom
Glenda A. Gunter, Robert F. Kenny, Samantha Junkin

3. Stories as Decision Scaffolds: Understanding Nonlinear Storytelling Using Case-Based Reasoning and Educational Design Research
Andrew A. Tawfik, Matthew M. Schmidt, Fortunata Msilu

4. Using Trust Telling and Amicable Inquiry for Open Educational Resources to Strengthen a University Network in Thailand
Jaitip Nasongkhla, J. Ana Donaldson

5. Narrative Qualities of Design Argumentation
Colin M. Gray

6. Scenario-Based Workplace Training as Storytelling
Hedy Lim

7. It Is a Two-Way Street: Using Storytelling and Narration as a Formalized Method to Promote Partnership Between the Instructors and ID Team in Higher Education Context
Yi Jin, Nadia Jaramillo Cherrez, Autumn N. Cartagena, Wei Wang

8. Personal Tales of Instructional Design from the Facilitator’s Perspective
Karen Kaminski, Paula Johnson, Shelly Otis, Dwayne Perry, Tracy Schmidt, Mindy Whetsel, Haley Williams

9. Storytelling as Transdisciplinarity: An Experiment in First-Year Composition and Communication
Michael T. Smith, Jeffrey J. Evans

10. Advancing Social Narrative Intervention Tools for Students with Autism: The Role of Educational Technology
V. Paige Hale, Matthew Schmidt

11. Designing for Adult Learners’ Metacognitive Development and Narrative Identity
Kathryn M. Wozniak

12. Using the Design Thinking Cycle to Tell the Story of Innovative Learning Spaces
Heather Tillberg-Webb, Ned Collier

13. Show and Tell: The Steps to Keeping the End in Mind
Cynthia S. Cash

14. Empowered Guinea Pigs: Stories of Cross-Disciplinary Projects in an Experimental Educational Software Design Course
Marisa Exter, Ali Alshammari, Todd Fernandez, Anthony Randolph, Katherine Chartier, Yu-Tung Kuo, Steven Lancette, Blake Nemelka

15. Use of a Content-Based Science Narrative to Develop Situational Interest Within a Digital Game
Ora D. Tanner, Yiping Lou

16. Indiana University Plagiarism Tutorials and Tests: 14 Years of Worldwide Learning Online
Theodore Frick, Cesur Dagli, Kyungbin Kwon, Kei Tomita

17. Using Activity Theory in Designing Science Inquiry Games
Yiping Lou, Lucille Moon-Michel

18. An Instructional Designer’s Story of Designing Gender and Sexuality Courses
Amy M. Grincewicz

19. Minding the Stories We Tell: Acknowledging and Addressing Implicit Narratives in IDT
Amy C. Bradshaw

20. Designing for Narrative-Like Learning Experiences
Michael T. Matthews

21. Use of Precedent as a Narrative Practice in Design Learning
Elizabeth Boling, Colin M. Gray

22. Promoting Creativity and Critical Thinking Through Digital Storytelling: Perceptions of Undergraduate Students
Albert S. Akyeampong

23. Changing the Narrative of School: Toward a Neuro-cognitive Redefinition of Learning
Phillip Harris, Donovan R. Walling

Keywords: Education, Educational Technology, Learning & Instruction, Assessment, Testing and Evaluation

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