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Transition Towards 100% Renewable Energy

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Table of contents

1. To Import Coal or Invest in Renewables? A Real Options Approach to Energy Investments in the Philippines
Casper Agaton

2. Geothermal Energy Barriers, Policies and Economics in East Asia
Venkatachalam Anbumozhi

3. Experimental Study of Tubular Light Pipe System: Influence of Light Reflector on Its Performance
Abdus Salam Azad, Dibakar Rakshit

4. Techno-Economic and Environmental Implications of Electricity Generation from Solar Updraft Chimney Power Plant in Meekatharra in Western Australia
Brian Boswell, Wahidul K. Biswas

5. Do as I Say; Don’t Do as I Do, Let Alone Do as I’ve Done. A Study of Australian Universities’ Collective Response to Climate Science
Mike Burbridge

6. Using Superheated Steam Dryer for Cogeneration System Improvement and Water Recovery
Somchart Chantasiriwan, Sarocha Charoenvai

7. Relevance and Applicability of Standards in Wind Farm Collector Circuit Design Process and Balance of Plant Selection
A. P. Clifton, Amanullah M. T. Oo, Mohammad T. Arif

8. Scaling Up Miscibility Gap Alloy Thermal Storage Materials
Mark Copus, Samuel Reed, Erich Kisi, Heber Sugo, James Bradley

9. Validated CFD Simulations of EWH Energy Storage Based on Tank Orientation
Roshaan Jager, Wei Hua Ho, Yu-Chieh J. Yen

10. Why EVs? A Comparison of Alternative Fuels to Help Australia Regain Energy Security
Alan Dunn, Martina Calais, Gareth Lee, Trevor Pryor

11. The Impact of Energy Security and Environment Concerns on the Fuel Mix for Light Passenger Vehicles in Australia During the Near Future: Findings from a 2015 Murdoch University Survey
Alan Dunn, Martina Calais, Gareth Lee, Trevor Pryor

12. Classification of Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems
José Luis Duomarco

13. Temperature Difference with Respect to Exposure Time for Black Paint and Galena Powder-Black Paint Composite Selective Surfaces
Iessa Sabbe Moosa, Bashar Bassam Maqableh

14. On-Track, But Off-Target: New Zealand’s 90% Renewable Electricity Target and District Council Planning
Claudia Gonnelli, Hong-Key Yoon, Karen Fisher, Julie MacArthur

15. Exploring the Death Spiral: A System Dynamics Model of the Electricity Network in Western Australia
William Grace

16. Efficient Seasonal Time of Use Feed-in Tariff for Residential Rooftop Solar Panels in Australian Electricity Market
Muhammad Adnan Hayat, Farhad Shahnia, Ali Arefi

17. Synthesis of ZnO Hexagonal Prisms on Aluminum Substrates by the Spray Pyrolysis Technique
Shadia J. Ikhmayies, Mohamad B. Zbib

18. Performance Evaluation of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Using Real-Time Measuring Wind Data
Choon-Man Jang, Chul-Kyu Kim, Sang-Moon Lee, Sajid Ali

19. SIREN: SEN’s Interactive Renewable Energy Network Tool
Angus King

20. Characterization and Alkaline Pretreatment Lignocellulose of Cabomba caroliniana and Its Role to Secure Sustainable Biofuel Production
Eka Razak Kurniawan, Uju, Joko Santoso, Amarulla Octavian, Yanif Dwi Kuntjoro, Nugroho Adi Sasongko

21. Competitiveness of Utility-Scale Wind Farm Development with Feed-In Tariff in Indonesia
Bimo Adi Kusumo, Akhmad Hidayatno, Armand Omar Moeis

22. Biogas Production from Modified Starch at the Anaerobic Digester
Rudy Laksmono, Edy Mulyadi, Soemargono, Nugroho Adi Sasongko

23. Context and Community Renewable Energy Development in Western Australia: Towards Effective Policy and Practice
Emilia Lawonski, Nicole Hodgson, Jonathan Whale

24. Harvesting Sunshine with Smart Solar Panels and Cryptocurrencies
Colin T. Mallett

25. Development of Tools for Comparative Study of Solar Cookers with Heat Storage
Maxime Mussard, Marc Clausse

26. Development of Energy Service Company (ESCO) Market to Promote Energy Efficiency Programmes in Developing Countries
Nurcahyanto, Tania Urmee

27. The Development of a Performance Indicator for PV Power Generators
Saad Odeh

28. Performance of Solar-Thermal Organic Rankine Cycle (STORC) Power Plant with a Parabolic Trough System
O. Y. Odufuwa, K. Kusakana, B. P. Numbi

29. Solar Short-Term Forecasts for Predictive Control of Battery Storage Capacities in Remote PV Diesel Networks
Dorothee Peters, Thilo Kilper, Martina Calais, Taskin Jamal, Karsten Maydell

30. Criteria for Sustainable Operation of Off-Grid Renewable Energy Services
Bharat Poudel, Kevin Parton

31. Energy and Material Constraints in India’s Economic Growth
Ravi Prakash

32. Magnetic Monitoring of the Dieng Geothermal Area
Dewi Maria Rahayu, Imam Supriyadi, Hilmi Hafidz Fatahillah, Nugroho Adi Sasongko, Amarulla Octavian, Yanif Dwi Kuntjoro

33. Sustainability Analysis of Net Zero Emission Smart Renewable Hybrid System Solution in Bangladesh Rural Context
Md. Nafeez Rahman, Md. Rayhan Sharif, Md. Hafezur Rahman Chowdhury, Khondakar Sami Ahamad, Md. Asaduzzaman Shoeb

34. New Highly Thermally Conductive Thermal Storage Media
Samuel Reed, Heber Sugo, Erich Kisi

35. Electricity Demand and Implications of Electric Vehicle and Battery Storage Adoption
Paul Ryan

36. Development of Green Concrete from Agricultural and Construction Waste
Abdul Aziz Abdul Samad, Josef Hadipramana, Noridah Mohamad, Ahmad Zurisman Mohd Ali, Noorwirdawati Ali, Goh Wan Inn, Kong Fah Tee

37. Study on an Economic Feasibility of Wind-Diesel Hybrid System
Khisa Sirengo, Ryohei Ebihara, Hannington Gochi, Tsutomu Dei

38. Prospects of Renewable Energy Development Within Remote or Rural Areas in Indonesia
Sumarsono, Koesmawan, Harry Santoso, Iskandar Andi Nuhung

39. Present Status and Target of Japanese Wind Power Generation
Izumi Ushiyama

40. Levelized Cost of Solar Thermal System for Process Heating Applications in the Tropics
Arifeen Wahed, Monika Bieri, Tse K. Kui, Thomas Reindl

41. Selection of Adsorbents for Double-Effect Adsorption Refrigeration Cycle Combined Compressor
Fumi Watanabe, Atsushi Akisawa

42. Optimal Organizational Forms for Local Renewable Energy Projects
Yoshihiro Yamamoto

43. Sustainable Supply Chain: Feedstock Logistics Issues of Palm Oil Biomass Industry in Malaysia
Puan Yatim, Sue Lin Ngan, Hon Loong Lam

44. Volume Segmentation in a Stratified Vertical EWH Tank Using Steady-State Element Cycles for Energy Balance
Yu-Chieh J. Yen, Ken J. Nixon, Willie A. Cronje

45. Modular Pico-hydropower System for Remote Himalayan Villages
Alex Zahnd, Mark Stambaugh, Derek Jackson, Thomas Gross, Christoph Hugi, Rick Sturdivant, James Yeh, Subodh Sharma

46. Impacts of Distributed Generators on the Protection System of Distribution Networks
Abdullah Zia, Mohammad T. Arif, Amanullah M. T. Oo

47. Rapid Decarbonisation of Australian Housing in Warm Temperate Climatic Regions for 2050
John J. Shiel, Behdad Moghtaderi, Richard Aynsley, Adrian Page, John M. Clarke

48. Miscibility Gap Alloys: A New Thermal Energy Storage Solution
Erich Kisi, Heber Sugo, Dylan Cuskelly, Thomas Fiedler, Anthony Rawson, Alex Post, James Bradley, Mark Copus, Samuel Reed

Keywords: Energy, Renewable and Green Energy, Sustainable Development, Energy Policy, Economics and Management

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Innovative Renewable Energy
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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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