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Knocking in Gasoline Engines

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Table of contents

1. Proposal of Knock Mitigation Method Through Enhancement of Local Heat Transfer
Katsuya Matsura, Yoshihisa Sato, Kazuo Yoshida, Hiroshi Sono

2. Approaches to Meeting Fluctuating Natural Gas Quality in Large Bore Engine Applications
Jan Zelenka, Claudio Hoff, Martin Kirsten, Andreas Wimmer

3. Investigating the Cause of Initial Pre-ignition - A New Approach
Ina Volz, Jürgen Pfeil, Thomas Koch, Frank Altenschmidt

4. Optical Diagnostic Tools for Detection and Evaluation of Glow Ignitions
Arndt Döhler, Peter Schaffner

5. Study of HSPI/LSPI from Spark Plugs on Turbocharged Gasoline Engines
Tomohiro Iwatsuka, Masaru Kano, Kiyoteru Mori, Waldemar Werner, Stefan Schulte

6. Fundamental Mechanism Analysis on the Underlying Processes of LSPI Using Experimental and Modeling Approaches
Masaharu Kassai, Taisuke Shiraishi, Toru Noda

7. Chemical Analysis of Potential Initiating Fluid for Low-Speed Pre-ignition
Terence F. Alger, Thomas E. Briggs

8. Simulation of the Effects of Spark Timing and External EGR on Gasoline Combustion Under Knock-Limited Operation at High Speed and Load
Michal Pasternak, Corinna Netzer, Fabian Mauss, Michael Fischer, Marc Sens, Michael Riess

9. Development of a Model for Predicting the Knock Boundary in Consideration of Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation at Full Load
Alexander Fandakov, Michael Grill, Michael Bargende, Max Mally, Marco Günther, Stefan Pischinger, Liming Cai, Heinz Pitsch, Karl Alexander Heufer, Ajoy Ramalingam, Heiko Minwegen, André Casal Kulzer

10. Visualization of Fuel Wall Wetting, Oil Dilution by Fuel, and Oil Transport Mechanisms in an Optically Accessible Engine by LIF Imaging
Stefan Wigger, Torben Müller, Hans-Jürgen Füßer, Sebastian Kaiser

11. Irregular Combustion Events in RDE Test Situations Diagnostics – Analysis – Improvements
Ernst Winklhofer, Alois Hirsch, Paul Kapus

12. Quantitative Optical Measurement Techniques for Mixture Formation and Combustion Process Analysis
Thomas Berg, Stefan Seefeldt, Olaf Thiele

13. Detection and Analysis Methods for Irregular Combustion in SI Engines
Ulrich Spicher

14. Impact of Detailed Fuel Chemistry on Knocking Behaviour in Engines
Roger F. Cracknell, Arjun Prakash, Kieran P. Somers, Chongming Wang

15. Model Based Knock Detection
Matthias Biehl, Michael Meister

16. Trustworthy Estimation and Control of Engine Knocking Level for Transient Operation
Maxime Jean, Thomas Leroy, Fabien Vidal-Naquet

17. Potential of Series-Compatible In-Cylinder Pressure Sensors for Gasoline Engines Using the Example of Ignition Angle Control
Benedikt Booven, Harry Schüle, Thorben Walder, Hermann Rottengruber

18. Water Injection for Gasoline Engines - Quo Vadis?
Ingo Hermann, Claus Glahn, Matthias Kluin, Martin Paroll, Werner Gumprich

19. Gasoline Water Direct Injection (GWDI) as a Key Feature for Future Gasoline Engines
Christoph Heinrich, Heinrich Dörksen, Andreas Esch, Kevin Krämer

20. Potential of Direct Water Injection to Reduce Knocking and Increase the Efficiency of Gasoline Engines
Matthias Hunger, Tobias Böcking, Ulrich Walther, Michael Günther, Normann Freisinger, Günter Karl

21. Suppressing Knocking by Using CleanEGR – Better Fuel Economy and Lower Raw Emissions Simultaneously
Michael Fischer, Michael Günther, Carsten Berger, Ralf Troeger, Michal Pasternak, Fabian Mauss

Keywords: Engineering, Automotive Engineering

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