Lifelong Learning and Education in Healthy and Sustainable Cities

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Table of contents

Part I. Urban Planning to Address Inequality in Health and Urban Poverty

1. Coping with Climate Change Effects on Urban Infrastructure—Problem Structuring Based on Value-Focused Thinking Methodology
Luiz Priori, Marcelo Hazin Alencar, Adiel Teixeira Almeida

2. Participatory GIS for Urban Sustainability and Resilience: A Perspective of Social Learning and Ecology of Knowledge
Carolina Monteiro Carvalho, Leandro Luiz Giatti

3. The Regional Development Councils of Rio Grande do Sul as a Model of Participated Regional Management. Comparative Case Study
João Filipe Torres Soares, Leila Dal Moro, Ulisses Miranda Azeiteiro, Luciana Londero Brandli

4. Participation in Spatial Planning for Sustainable Cities: The Importance of a Learning-by-Doing Approach
Ann Crabbé, Anne Bergmans, Marc Craps

5. The Urban Planning Guided by Indicators and Best Practices: Three Case Studies in the South of Brazil
Vanessa T. Rocha, Luciana Londero Brandli, Rosa M. L. Kalil, Cristiane Tiepo

Part II. Healthy Cities and Healthy Environments

6. Nature, People and Place: Informing the Design of Urban Environments in Harmony with Nature Through the Space/Nature Syntax
Karen Munro, David Grierson

7. Public Policies to Live Well (Buen Vivir) in Harmony with Nature
Vanessa Hasson Oliveira

8. Health and the Urban: Multiple Threads Interconnecting Health in the City
Marco Akerman, Rosilda Mendes, Francisco Assis Comarú

9. Making Rural and Urban Connections by Integrating Nutrition and Agriculture: A Case Study of Food and Nutrition Security Instruments in Brazil
Veruska Prado Alexandre, Claudia Job Schmitt, Renato Sérgio Jamil Maluf

10. Health and Sustainability: Reinforcing Public and Private Engagement Through Tertiary Institutions
Artie W. Ng, Ben Y. F. Fong, Tiffany C. H. Leung

Part III. Governance for Sustainable Development

11. Using the IPBES Conceptual Framework to Study Governance, Institutional Arrangements and Drivers of Biodiversity Loss in Two Indian Cities
Sandhya Chandrasekharan

12. Healthy Cities, Healthy Settings and Education: How Do They Work Together to Promote Sustainable Development?
Maria Cristina Franceschini, Elisabete Agrela Andrade, Karina Cimmino

13. Education for Sustainability as a Tool to Promote Sustainable Development: An Experience in the South of Brazil
Cristiane Tiepo, Luciana Londero Brandli, Rosa M. L. Kalil, Vanessa T. Rocha

14. Right to the City and Public Policies: Current Perspectives of the Judicialization of Environmental Sanitation Policies in Brazil
Lorena Sales Araújo, Patrícia Borba Vilar Guimarães

15. Remote but Connected: Ownership-Inspired Behavior-Driven Development and What an E-Learning Governance System for Africa Could Look like
Judith Gottschalk, Nicolai Winther-Nielsen

Part IV. Social Determinants of Health Oriented to Sustainable Development Goals

16. How Can the Healthy Municipalities, Cities and Communities Strategy Advance the Sustainable Development Goals Agenda? Lessons from Agenda 21 and the MDGs in Brazil
Marcia Faria Westphal, Maria Cristina Franceschini, Andréia Faraoni Freitas Setti

17. Sustainable Development Goals as a Framework of Education for Healthy Cities and Healthy Environments
Marija Jevtic, Catherine Bouland

18. Healthy People Living on a Healthy Planet—The Role of Education of Consciousness for Integration as an Instrument of Health Promotion
Roberto Almeida, Patrícia Garcia Silva Carvalho

19. Achieving Sustainability in the City of Winona, Minnesota (USA): A Case Study
Bruno Borsari, Neal Mundahl, Anne Morse, Pat Mutter, John W. Howard

20. Education and Lifelong Learning Sustainability: Windows of Opportunities Found in Brazilian Experiences that Address Agenda 2030 and Advocacy for Health Equity
Dais Gonçalves Rocha, Maria Paula Zaitune

Part V. Education and Lifelong Learning for Sustainability

21. Nature-Based Education for Resilient Cities
Jean-Pierre Schweitzer, Susanna Gionfra

22. Co-creation for Sustainability as a Societal Learning Journey
Petra Kuenkel, Alina Gruen

23. Lifelong Education: Citizenship Lessons for Life in More Sustainable Communities?
Adriana Gelpi, Rosa Maria Locatelli Kalil, Wagner Mazetto Oliveira

24. Live-Long Learning as a Sustainability Strategy
Christopher A. Haines

25. Young People’s Role in Creating Sustainable Cities
Chris Willmore, James Longhurst, William Clayton, Hannah Tweddell, Amy Walsh

26. Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development in Urban Educational Landscapes and Learning Cities. Experiences Perspectives from Osnabrück
Gerhard Becker

27. Institutional Management and Professors’ Perception in the Strengthening of Education for Sustainability
Carolina Sampaio Marques, Nathália Rigui Trindade, Rodrigo Reis Favarin, Suelen Geíse Telocken, Marcelo Trevisan

Part VI. Sustainable Cities and Sustainable Buildings and Sustainable Infrastructure

28. Promoting Sustainability: The Role of Smart Cities
Madhavi Venkatesan

29. How Technologies Contribute to Urban Sustainability: The Case of Curitiba—Brazil
Paola P. Saraiva, Lauro A. Ribeiro, Inara P. Camara, Thaísa L. Silva

30. Communication as a Tool for Expanding Social Participation: The Case of the Rio Operations Center
Alexandre Hojda, Pedro Reis Martins

31. Sustainable Housing Through Sustainable Planning Practices: Challenges and Opportunities for Formal Housing Provision in Nairobi, Kenya
Collins Sasakah Makunda

32. Yueqing’s Healthy Future: A Case Study in Design Planning for Healthy Urbanization
Linda Powers Tomasso, Cristina Contreras Casado, Judith Rodriguez, Jie Yin, Julia Kane Africa

Part VII. Energy Security, Access and Efficiency

33. Greening of Greek Islands: Community Wind Approach at Skyros Island
Constantina Skanavis, Aristea Kounani

34. Prerequisites for Energy Sustainability in Municipalities in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Amanda Lange Salvia, Luciana Londero Brandli, Marcos Antonio Leite Frandoloso

35. Public Energy Policy in Cabo Verde
Luzia Mendes Oliveira

36. Erratum to: Participatory GIS for Urban Sustainability and Resilience: A Perspective of Social Learning and Ecology of Knowledge
Carolina Monteiro Carvalho, Leandro Luiz Giatti

Keywords: Environment, Sustainable Development, Environmental Management, Lifelong Learning/Adult Education, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Urban Geography / Urbanism (inc. megacities, cities, towns), Energy Security

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