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Labour Standards in International Economic Law

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Table of contents

1. Labour Standards in International Economic Law: An Introduction
Henner Gött

Part I. Setting the Scene

2. International Economic and Social Dimensions: Divided or Connected?
Peter-Tobias Stoll

3. The ILO’s Mandate and Capacity: Creating, Proliferating and Supervising Labour Standards for a Globalized Economy
Claire Hovary

4. Why the Shift from International to Transnational Law Is Important for Labour Standards
Anne Trebilcock

Part II. Labour Regulation of Trade, Investment and Finance

5. The Implications of EC – Seal Products for the Protection of Core Labour Standards in WTO Law
Thomas Cottier

6. The WTO and Child Labour: Implications for the Debate on International Constitutionalism
Franziska Humbert

7. Labour Standards and Trade: Need We Choose Between ‘Human Rights’ and ‘Sustainable Development’?
Tonia Novitz

8. Civil Society Meetings in EU Free Trade Agreements: The Purposes Unravelled
Jan Orbie, Lore Putte, Deborah Martens

9. Comparative Conclusions on Arbitral Dispute Settlement in Trade-Labour Matters Under US FTAs
Patrick Abel

10. An Individual Labour Complaint Procedure for Workers, Trade Unions, Employers and NGOs in Future Free Trade Agreements
Henner Gött

11. Implications of CETA and TTIP on Social Standards
Reingard Zimmer

12. Mainstreaming Investment-Labour Linkage Through ‘Mega-Regional’ Trade Agreements
Henner Gött, Till Patrik Holterhus

13. Labour Standards and the World Bank. Analysing the Potential of Safeguard Policies for Protecting Workers
Franz Christian Ebert

Part III. Business Conduct and Labour Standards

14. Soft Standards and Hard Consequences: Why Transnational Companies Commit to Respect International Labour and Social Standards, and How This Relates to Business and Regulation
Katja Gehne

15. The Promotion of Labour Standards Through International Framework Agreements
Rüdiger Krause

16. Transnational Labour Litigation: The Ups and Downs Under the Alien Tort Statute
Anja Seibert-Fohr

17. Promoting Labour Standards in Global Supply Chains Through Consumers’ Choice: Is Social Labelling Effective?
Nazli Aghazadeh

Part IV. Labour Standards in International Economic Law: A Proposal for Practice

18. A Model Labour Chapter for Future EU Trade Agreements
Peter-Tobias Stoll, Henner Gött, Patrick Abel

Keywords: Law, International Economic Law, Trade Law, Emerging Markets/Globalization, Human Rights

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