Chen, Ding-Geng

New Advances in Statistics and Data Science

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Table of contents

Part I. Review of Theoretical Framework in Data Science

1. Statistical Distances and Their Role in Robustness
Marianthi Markatou, Yang Chen, Georgios Afendras, Bruce G. Lindsay

2. The Out-of-Source Error in Multi-Source Cross Validation-Type Procedures
Georgios Afendras, Marianthi Markatou

3. Meta-Analysis for Rare Events As Binary Outcomes
Gaohong Dong

4. New Challenges and Strategies in Robust Optimal Design for Multicategory Logit Modelling
Timothy E. O’Brien, Changwon Lim

5. Testing of Multivariate Spline Growth Model
Tapio Nummi, Jyrki Möttönen, Martti T. Tuomisto

Part II. Complex and Big Data Analysis

6. Uncertainty Quantification Using the Nearest Neighbor Gaussian Process
Hongxiang Shi, Emily L. Kang, Bledar A. Konomi, Kumar Vemaganti, Sandeep Madireddy

7. Tuning Parameter Selection in the LASSO with Unspecified Propensity
Jiwei Zhao, Yang Yang

8. Adaptive Filtering Increases Power to Detect Differentially Expressed Genes
Zixin Nie, Kun Liang

9. Estimating Parameters in Complex Systems with Functional Outputs: A Wavelet-Based Approximate Bayesian Computation Approach
Hongxiao Zhu, Ruijin Lu, Chen Ming, Anupam K. Gupta, Rolf Müller

10. A Maximum Likelihood Approach for Non-invasive Cancer Diagnosis Using Methylation Profiling of Cell-Free DNA from Blood
Carol K. Sun, Wenyuan Li

Part III. Clinical Trials, Statistical Shape Analysis and Applications

11. A Simple and Efficient Statistical Approach for Designing an Early Phase II Clinical Trial: Ordinal Linear Contrast Test
Yaohua Zhang, Qiqi Deng, Susan Wang, Naitee Ting

12. Landmark-Constrained Statistical Shape Analysis of Elastic Curves and Surfaces
Justin Strait, Sebastian Kurtek

13. Phylogeny-Based Kernels with Application to Microbiome Association Studies
Jian Xiao, Jun Chen

14. Accounting for Differential Error in Time-to-Event Analyses Using Imperfect Electronic Health Record-Derived Endpoints
Rebecca A. Hubbard, Joanna Harton, Weiwei Zhu, Le Wang, Jessica Chubak

Part IV. Statistical Modeling and Data Analysis

15. Modeling Inter-Trade Durations in the Limit Order Market
Jianzhao Yang, Zhicheng Li, Xinyun Chen, Haipeng Xing

16. Assessment of Drug Interactions with Repeated Measurements
Shouhao Zhou, Chan Shen, J. Jack Lee

17. Statistical Indices for Risk Tracking in Longitudinal Studies
Xin Tian, Colin O. Wu

18. Statistical Analysis of Labor Market Integration: A Mixture Regression Approach
Tapio Nummi, Janne Salonen, Timothy E. O’Brien

19. Bias Correction in Age-Period-Cohort Models Using Eigen Analysis
Martina Fu

Keywords: Statistics, Statistical Theory and Methods, Big Data/Analytics, Statistics for Life Sciences, Medicine, Health Sciences, Biostatistics

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ICSA Book Series in Statistics
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23 pages
Natural Sciences
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