Montagnini, Florencia

Integrating Landscapes: Agroforestry for Biodiversity Conservation and Food Sovereignty

Montagnini, Florencia - Integrating Landscapes: Agroforestry for Biodiversity Conservation and Food Sovereignty, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Agroforestry Challenges and Alternatives

1. Introduction: Challenges for Agroforestry in the New Millennium
Florencia Montagnini

2. The Contribution of Agroforestry to Sustainable Development Goal 2: End Hunger, Achieve Food Security and Improved Nutrition, and Promote Sustainable Agriculture
Florencia Montagnini, Ruth Metzel

3. Tropical Dry Forests in Multi-functional Landscapes: Agroforestry Systems for Conservation and Livelihoods
Irene Montes-Londoño

4. Agroforestry for the Northeastern United States: Research, Practice, and Possibilities
Eli Roberts

5. Resilience Management at the Landscape Level: An Approach to Tackling Social-Ecological Vulnerability of Agroforestry Systems
Dardo R. López, Laura Cavallero, Marcos H. Easdale, Carlos H. Carranza, Marcela Ledesma, Pablo L. Peri

Part II. From Subsistence to Market Oriented Systems

6. Energy Analysis of Coffee Production Systems: Implications for Environmental and Economic Sustainability
Carl F. Jordan

7. Indigenous Successional Agroforestry: Integrating the Old and New to Address Food Insecurity and Deforestation
Asha Bertsch

8. Mimicking Nature: A Review of Successional Agroforestry Systems as an Analogue to Natural Regeneration of Secondary Forest Stands
Katherine J. Young

9. Small-Scale Açaí in the Global Market: Adding Value to Ensure Sustained Income for Forest Farmers in the Amazon Estuary
Leonora Genya Pepper, Lívia Freitas Navegantes Alves

10. Ecological Indigenous (EIK) and Scientific (ESK) Knowledge Integration as a Tool for Sustainable Development in Indigenous Communities. Experience in Misiones, Argentina
Patricia Rocha, Fernando Niella, Héctor Keller, Florencia Montagnini, Ruth Metzel, Beatriz Eibl, Julieta Kornel, Fabián Romero, Lucas López, Jorge Araujo, Juan Barquinero

11. Organic Yerba Mate, Ilex paraguariensis, in Association with Native Species: A Sustainable Production Alternative
Beatriz I. Eibl, Florencia Montagnini, Miguel A. López, Lucas N. López, Roberto Montechiesi, Eduardo Esterche

12. Adapting Indigenous Agroforestry Systems for Integrative Landscape Management and Sustainable Supply Chain Development in Napo, Ecuador
Christopher Jarrett, Ian Cummins, Eliot Logan-Hines

13. Fuel Alternatives for Developing Countries
Kjell E. Berg

14. Specialty Crops in Temperate Agroforestry Systems: Sustainable Management, Marketing and Promotion for the Midwest Region of the U.S.A.
Gregory Ormsby Mori, Michael Gold, Shibu Jose

Part III. Environmental Services in Multifunctional Landscapes

15. Trees on Farms for Livelihoods, Conservation of Biodiversity and Carbon Storage: Evidence from Nicaragua on This “Invisible” Resource
Eduardo Somarriba, Geovana Carreño-Rocabado, Freddy Amores, Willan Caicedo, Samuel Oblitas Gillés de Pélichy, Rolando Cerda, Jenny C. Ordóñez

16. Intensive Silvopastoral Systems: Economics and Contribution to Climate Change Mitigation and Public Policies
Julián Chará, Julián Rivera, Rolando Barahona, Enrique Murgueitio R., Claus Deblitz, Ernesto Reyes, Rogerio Martins Mauricio, Juan José Molina, Martha Flores, Andrés Zuluaga

17. Enhancing Biodiversity in Neotropical Silvopastoral Systems: Use of Indigenous Trees and Palms
Zoraida Calle D., Adriana María Giraldo S., Adolfo Cardozo, Adolfo Galindo, Enrique Murgueitio R.

18. Perennial Staple Crops and Agroforestry for Climate Change Mitigation
Eric Toensmeier

19. Carbon Sequestration in Temperate Silvopastoral Systems, Argentina
Pablo L. Peri, Natalia Banegas, Ignacio Gasparri, Carlos H. Carranza, Belen Rossner, Guillermo Martínez Pastur, Laura Cavallero, Dardo R. López, Dante Loto, Pedro Fernández, Priscila Powel, Marcela Ledesma, Raúl Pedraza, Ada Albanesi, Héctor Bahamonde, Roxana Paola Eclesia, Gervasio Piñeiro

20. Conclusions: Lessons Learned and Pending Challenges
Florencia Montagnini

Keywords: Life Sciences, Agriculture, Forestry, Biodiversity, Ecosystems, Landscape Ecology

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Advances in Agroforestry
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19 pages
Natural Sciences
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