Liu, Jianhong

Crime and Justice in Contemporary Japan

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Table of contents

1. Asian Criminology and Crime and Justice in Japan: An Introduction
Jianhong Liu, Setsuo Miyazawa

Part I. Changing Crimes in Japan

2. Changes in Crime and Reactions to Crime in Japan Becoming Stagnant with Aging
Minoru Yokoyama

3. Kin, Crime, and Criminal Justice in Contemporary Japan
Mari Kita

4. Incidents of Homicides or Murder–Suicides by Family Caregivers in Japan and Challenges for Prevention
Etsuko Yuhara

5. The Effect of Disaster Damage on the Occurrence of Crime: A Survey of Residents of Four Prefectures Affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake
Hideo Okamoto, Takemi Mori, Tsuneyuki Abe, Toyoji Saito

6. Revisiting Japan’s Postwar Homicide Trend: 1951–2014
Aki Roberts

Part II. Testing and Developing Theories of Crime and Delinquency

7. Potential Risk Factors for Serious Delinquency: Findings from Osaka Male Youths
Laura Bui, David P. Farrington, Mitsuaki Ueda

8. Laying the Groundwork for Testing Routine Activity Theory at the Microlevel Using Japanese Satellite Positioning Technology
Yutaka Harada

9. Analysis of Current Criminals in Japan Based on Typology of Relationships with Others
Kyoko Fujino

Part III. Challenges and Trends in Criminal Justice Reform

10. Considering Japanese Criminal Justice from an Original Position
Mark A. Levin

11. Sentencing and Punishment in Japan and England: A Comparative Discussion
Julius Weitzdörfer, Yuji Shiroshita, Nicola Padfield

12. Fire, Coerced Confession, and Wrongful Conviction: A Tale of Two Countries
Michael H. Fox

13. From Measuring Support for the Death Penalty to Justifying Its Retention: Japanese Public Opinion Surveys on Crime and Punishment, 1956–2014
Mai Sato

14. Crime Victims’ Protection Under the Free Speech Law in Japan
Yuichiro Tsuji

Part IV. Lay Judges’ System

15. The Impact of Previous Sentencing Trends on Lay Judges’ Sentencing Decisions
Masahiko Saeki, Eiichiro Watamura

16. To Be Suspended or Not to Be?: The Effects of Emotions and Personality Variables on Lay People’s Judgment of Suspension of Punishment
Masahiro Fujita

17. A Future Prospect of Criminal Justice Policy for Sex Crimes in Japan- the Roles of the Lay Judge System There
Mari Hirayama

Part V. Juvenile Justice and Support System in Japan

18. The Juvenile Justice System of Japan: An Overview
Marika Dawkins, Camille Gibson

19. Empirical Research on Sociocultural Transition in Children in a Children’s Self-Reliance Support Facility and the Effect of Support
Takaharu Ohara

Keywords: Criminology and Criminal Justice, Asian Criminology, Comparative Politics, Geriatrics/Gerontology

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