Calvache, Maria Luisa

Groundwater and Global Change in the Western Mediterranean Area

Calvache, Maria Luisa - Groundwater and Global Change in the Western Mediterranean Area, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Impacts of the Water Resources Variability on Cereal Yields in the Region of Souss-Massa Southern Morocco
H. Abahous, J. Ronchail, A. Sifeddine, L. Kenny, L. Bouchaou

2. Groundwater as an Useful Resource in the Adaptation to the Climate Change: The Case of the Sinclinal de Calasparra Aquifer (Murcia, SE Spain)
I. Alhama, G. García, T. Rodríguez

3. An Index-Based Method to Assess Impacts of Global Change on Seawater Intrusion Problems
L. Baena Ruiz, D. Pulido-Velazquez, A. Renau-Pruñonosa, I. Morell, C. Llopis-Albert, A. J. Collados-Lara, J. Senent-Aparicio

4. Assessing the Impacts of Climate Change on Groundwater Recharge for the Chiba Basin in Tunisia
S. Benabdallah, H. Mairech, F. M. Hummel

5. The Importance of the Groundwater Governance in the Global Change Context: A Proposal for a Mediterranean Aquifer (Llanos de la Puebla, Spain)
J. Berbel, A. Expósito, L. Mateos

6. Effects of Climate Variability on Groundwater Resources in Coastal Aquifers (Case of Mitidja Plain in the North Algeria)
A. Bouderbala

7. Development of a GIS Based Procedure (BIGBANG 1.0) for Evaluating Groundwater Balances at National Scale and Comparison with Groundwater Resources Evaluation at Local Scale
G. Braca, D. Ducci

8. Groundwater Salinity and Environmental Change Over the Last 20,000 Years: Isotopic Evidences in the Lower Sado Aquifer Recharge, Portugal
P. M. Carreira, J. M. Marques

9. Sowing Water in Monchique Mountain: A Multidisciplinary MAR Project for Climate Change Adaptation
R. C. Carvalho, T. Carvalho, F. R. Sousa, S. Gil

10. Concepts on Groundwater Resources
E. Custodio

11. Consequences of Seawater Intrusion in Mediterranean Spain. Project SASMIE
E. Custodio

12. Quantitative Impact of Climate Variations on Groundwater in Southern Italy
D. Ducci, M. Polemio

13. Assessing the Uncertainties of the Water Budget in the Torrevieja Aquifer (Southeast Spain)
C. Duque, J. M. Gómez-Fontalva, J. M. Murillo, M. L. Calvache

14. Paleohydrogeological Model of the Groundwater Salinity in the Motril-Salobreña Aquifer
C. Duque, J. T. Olsen, J. P. Sánchez-Úbeda, M. L. Calvache

15. Numerical Groundwater Modelling as an Effective Tool for Management of the Deep Aquifer at the Dakhla Bay (South of Morocco)
S. M. El Kanti, B. El Mansouri, Y. Arjdal, A. Larabi

16. Delineating the Aquifer Role in the Anthropogenic Fingerprint on the Groundwater-Dependent Ecosystem of the Biguglia Lagoon (Corsica, France)
M. Erostate, E. Garel, F. Huneau, V. Pasqualini

17. Change in the Hydrological Functioning of Sand Dune Ponds in Doñana National Park (Southern Andalusia, Spain)
A. Fernández-Ayuso, M. Rodríguez-Rodríguez, J. Benavente

18. Hydrogeochemical and Isotopic Investigations for Evaluation of the Impact of Climate Change on Groundwater Quality, a Case Study of the Plaine of Kasserine, Central Tunisia
I. Hassen, F. Hamzaoui-Azaza, R. Bouhlila

19. Groundwater Recharge Assessment Using WetSpass: Case Study of the Sidi Marzoug-Sbiba Aquifer (Tunisia)
F. Jarraya Horriche, N. Mgaidi, N. Ghouili, M. Zammouri

20. Application of GALDIT Index to Assess the Intrinsic Vulnerability of Coastal Aquifer to Seawater Intrusion Case of the Ghiss-Nekor Aquifer (North East of Morocco)
T. Kouz, H. Cherkaoui Dekkaki, S. Mansour, M. Hassani Zerrouk, T. Mourabit

21. Impacts of Global Changes on Groundwater Resources in North-East Tunisia: The Case of the Grombalia Phreatic Aquifer
F. Lachaal, S. Chargui, R. B. Messaoud, A. Chekirbane, M. Tsujimura, A. Mlayah, S. Massuel, C. Leduc

22. Groundwater Resources Scarcity in Souss-Massa Region and Alternative Solutions for Sustainable Agricultural Development
I. Mansir, L. Bouchaou, R. Choukr-allah, B. Chebli, M. El Otmani

23. Hydrogeological Model of Mijas Mountain Aquifers Under Different Climate Conditions (Malaga, Spain)
J. Martín-Arias, P. Martínez-Santos, B. Andreo

24. Global Change and Groundwater in Catalonia: Contributions from the Three “Climate Change Reports” (CADS-IEC 2005, 2010, 2016)
J. Mas-Pla

25. Qualitative Evaluation of Climate Change Effects on Nitrate Occurrence at Several Aquifers in the Catalonia Inner Basin
J. Mas-Pla, A. Menció, L. Portell

26. Investigating the Impact of Climate Change on Groundwater Recharge Using a High Precision Meteo Lysimeter in a Dune Belt of the Doñana National Park
L. Molano-Leno, C. Kohfahl, D. J. Martínez Suárez, F. Ruiz Bermudo, A. N. Martínez Sánchez Nieta, S. Engelhardt, K. Vanderlinden, J. V. Giráldez

27. Chemical Tracers and Stable Isotopes Mixing Models for Groundwater Quality and Recharge Study in the Moroccan High Atlas Mountains
B. N’da, L. Bouchaou, B. Reichert, L. Hanich, S. Danni, Y. Ait Brahim, A. Chehbouni, E. Beraaouz, J. L. Michelot

28. Preliminary Study of the Impact of Guadalhorce River Mouth Channeling (Málaga, Spain) on Groundwater and Related Wetlands
J. M. Nieto-López, B. Andreo, J. A. Barberá-Fornell, J. M. Ramírez-González, M. Rendón-Martos

29. Groundwater Responses to Climate Change in a Coastal Semi-arid Area from Morocco; Case of Essaouira Basin
S. Ouhamdouch, M. Bahir, P. M. Carreira, K. Zouari

30. Isotopic and Chemical Tracers for the Sustainable Management of Water Resources in Semi-arid Area: Case of Massa Catchment, Morocco
S. Oumarou Danni, L. Bouchaou, A. Elmouden, B. N’da, Y. Ait Brahim, M. Malki

31. Future Effects of Climate Change on the Dynamics of the Sierra Nevada Snowpack: Conclusions from Cellular Automata Models
E. Pardo-Igúzquiza, A. J. Collados-Lara, D. Pulido-Velazquez

32. Numerical Modeling of Groundwater Age Distribution in Motril-Salobreña Coastal Aquifer (SE Spain)
J. P. Sánchez-Úbeda, M. L. Calvache, P. Engesgaard, C. Duque, M. López-Chicano, R. Purtschert

33. Groundwater Age Dating in Motril-Salobreña Coastal Aquifer with Environmental Tracers (δ18O/δ2H, 3H/3He, 4He, 85Kr, and 39Ar)
J. P. Sánchez-Úbeda, M. López-Chicano, M. L. Calvache, R. Purtschert, P. Engesgaard, C. Martín-Montañés, J. Sültenfuβ, C. Duque

34. Multi-tracers Strategy to Define a Conceptual Model for the Coastal Aquifers of Mediterranean Islands, Case Study of the Bonifacio Aquifer (Corsica, France)
S. Santoni, E. Garel, F. Huneau

35. Assessment of Artificial Recharge Efficiency Against Groundwater Stress in the El Khairat Aquifer
M. Zammouri, N. Brini, F. Jarraya Horriche

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Hydrogeology, Water Policy/Water Governance/Water Management, Water Quality/Water Pollution, Climate Change Management and Policy

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Environmental Earth Sciences
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23 pages
Natural Sciences
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