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Advances in Applied Strategic Mine Planning

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Table of contents

Part I. Early Concerns and Innovative Responses

1. Beyond Naïve Optimisation
P. H. L. Monkhouse, G. A. Yeates

2. Optimal Mining Principles
Brett King

3. The Global Optimiser Works—What Next?
J. Whittle

4. Blasor—Blended Iron Ore Mine Planning Optimisation at Yandi, Western Australia
P. Stone, G. Froyland, M. Menabde, B. Law, R. Pasyar, P. H. L. Monkhouse

5. Roadblocks to the Evaluation of Ore Reserves—The Simulation Overpass and Putting More Geology into Numerical Models of Deposits
A. G. Journel

6. Quantification of Risk Using Simulation of the Chain of Mining—Case Study at Escondida Copper, Chile
S. Khosrowshahi, W. J. Shaw, G. A. Yeates

7. A Risk Analysis Based Framework for Strategic Mine Planning and Design—Method and Application
M. Godoy

8. Mining Schedule Optimisation for Conditionally Simulated Orebodies
M. Menabde, G. Froyland, P. Stone, G. A. Yeates

9. Stochastic Mine Planning—Methods, Examples and Value in an Uncertain World
R. Dimitrakopoulos

Part II. Increasing Value and Technical Risk Management

10. The Value of Additional Drilling to Open Pit Mining Projects
G. Froyland, M. Menabde, P. Stone, D. Hodson

11. Stochastic Optimisation of Long-Term Production Scheduling for Open Pit Mines with a New Integer Programming Formulation
S. Ramazan, R. Dimitrakopoulos

12. Stochastic Long-Term Production Scheduling of Iron Ore Deposits: Integrating Joint Multi-element Geological Uncertainty and Ore Quality Control
J. Benndorf, R. Dimitrakopoulos

13. Stochastic Mine Planning—Example and Value from Integrating Long- and Short-Term Mine Planning Through Simulated Grade Control, Sunrise Dam, Western Australia
A. Jewbali, R. Dimitrakopoulos

14. A New Methodology for Flexible Mine Design
B. Groeneveld, E. Topal, B. Leenders

15. Direct Net Present Value Open Pit Optimisation with Probabilistic Models
A. Richmond

Part III. Simultaneous Optimisation of Multiple Operations and Processes

16. Simultaneously Optimizing Open-Pit and Underground Mining Operations Under Geological Uncertainty
L. Montiel, R. Dimitrakopoulos, K. Kawahata

17. Combining Optimisation and Simulation to Model a Supply Chain from Pit to Port
P. Bodon, C. Fricke, T. Sandeman, C. Stanford

18. Network Linear Programming Optimisation of an Integrated Mining and Metallurgical Complex
E. K. Chanda

19. Open Pit Transition Depth Determination Through Global Analysis of Open Pit and Underground Mine Production Scheduling
K. Dagdelen, I. Traore

20. Consideration for Multi-objective Metaheuristic Optimisation of Large Iron Ore and Coal Supply Chains, from Resource to Market
J. Balzary, A. Mohais

Part IV. Stochastic Simulation for Strategic Mine Planning

21. Application of Conditional Simulations to Capital Decisions for Ni-Sulfide and Ni-Laterite Deposits
O. Tavchandjian, A. Proulx, M. Anderson

22. Simulation of Orebody Geology with Multiple-Point Geostatistics—Application at Yandi Channel Iron Ore Deposit, WA, and Implications for Resource Uncertainty
V. Osterholt, R. Dimitrakopoulos

23. New Efficient Methods for Conditional Simulations of Large Orebodies
J. Benndorf, R. Dimitrakopoulos

24. Transformation Methods for Multivariate Geostatistical Simulation—Minimum/Maximum Autocorrelation Factors and Alternating Columns Diagonal Centres
E. M. Bandarian, U. A. Mueller, J. Fereira, S. Richardson

25. Strategies for Mine Planning and Design
P. A. Dowd, C. Xu, S. Coward

Part V. Other Aspects of Open Pit Mine Planning

26. Planning, Designing and Optimising Production Using Geostatistical Simulation
P. A. Dowd, P. C. Dare-Bryan

27. Geometallurgical Modelling and Ore Tracking at Kittilä Mine
D. Rosa, L. Rajavuori, J. Korteniemi, M. Wortley

28. Predicting Mill Ore Feed Variability Using Integrated Geotechnical/Geometallurgical Models
J. Jackson, J. Gaunt, M. Astorga

29. Using Grade Uncertainty to Quantify Risk in the Ultimate Pit Design for the Sadiola Deep Sulfide Prefeasibility Project, Mali, West Africa
S. P. Robins

30. Applicability of Categorical Simulation Methods for Assessment of Mine Plan Risk
A. Jewbali, R. Perry, L. Allen, R. Inglis

Part VI. Optimisation of Underground Mine Planning

31. Cut-off Grade Based Sublevel Stope Mine Optimisation
M. T. Bootsma, C. Alford, J. Benndorf, M. W. N. Buxton

32. Classification of Mining Methods for Deep Orebodies
V. Oparin, A. Tapsiev, A. Freidin

33. Grade Uncertainty in Stope Design—Improving the Optimisation Process
N. Grieco, R. Dimitrakopoulos

34. Strategic Optimisation of a Vertical Hoisting Shaft in the Callie Underground Mine
M. G. Volz, M. Brazil, D. A. Thomas

35. Strategic Underground Mine Access Design to Maximise the Net Present Value
K. G. Sirinanda, M. Brazil, P. A. Grossman, J. H. Rubinstein, D. A. Thomas

Part VII. Advances and Applications in Mine Optimisation

36. Production Schedule Optimisation—Meeting Targets by Hedging Against Geological Risk While Addressing Environmental and Equipment Concerns
M. Spleit

37. A Stochastic Optimization Formulation for the Transition from Open-Pit to Underground Mining Within the Context of a Mining Complex
J. MacNeil, R. Dimitrakopoulos

38. An Open-Pit Multi-Stage Mine Production Scheduling Model for Drilling, Blasting and Excavating Operations
E. Kozan, S. Q. Liu

39. Optimising the Long Term Mine Landform Progression and Truck Hour Schedule in a Large Scale Open Pit Mine Using Mixed Integer Programming
Y. Li, E. Topal, S. Ramazan

40. Solving a Large SIP Model for Production Scheduling at a Gold Mine with Multiple Processing Streams and Uncertain Geology
M. Freitas Silva

Part VIII. Contributions to Strategic Innovation

41. Stochastic Optimisation of Mineral Value Chains—Developments and Applications for the Simultaneous Optimisation of Mining Complexes with Uncertainty
R. Goodfellow, R. Dimitrakopoulos

42. Sensor Based Real-Time Resource Model Reconciliation for Improved Mine Production Control—A Conceptual Framework
J. Benndorf, M. Buxton, M. S. Shishvan

43. On the Joint Multi Point Simulation of Discrete and Continuous Geometallurgical Parameters
K. G. Boogaart, R. Tolosana-Delgado, M. Lehmann, U. Mueller

44. Geologically Enhanced Simulation of Complex Mineral Deposits Through High-Order Spatial Cumulants
H. Mustapha, R. Dimitrakopoulos

45. Optimising a Mineral Supply Chain Under Uncertainty with Long-Term Sales Contracts
J. Zhang, R. Dimitrakopoulos

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Mineral Resources, Industrial and Production Engineering, Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes, Simulation and Modeling

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