Zipes, Jack

Fairy Tales and Fables from Weimar Days

Zipes, Jack - Fairy Tales and Fables from Weimar Days, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Recovering the Utopian Spirit of Fairy Tales and Fables from the Weimar Republic
Jack Zipes

Part II. Learning from Mistakes

2. Happiness (1925)
Kurt Schwitters

3. A Fairy Tale About God and Kings (1921)
Carl Ewald

4. The Giant and His Suit of Armour (1920)
Edwin Hoernle

5. The Boy Who Wanted to Fight with a Dragon (1921)
Berta Lask

6. Kuttel Daddeldu Tells His Children the Fairy Tale About Little Red Cap (1923)
Joachim Ringelnatz

7. The Little King and the Sun (1920)
Edwin Hoernle

8. The Honest Seaman (1908)
Joachim Ringelnatz

9. Learn to Grasp the World from Others (1931)
Joachim Ringelnatz

10. The Fence (1924)
Hermynia zur Mühlen

11. The Servant (1923)
Hermynia zur Mühlen

12. The Victor (1922)
Béla Balázs

13. The Patched Trousers (1928)
Bruno Schönlank

14. The Fairy Tale about the Wise Man (1923)
Eugen Lewin-Dorsch

Part III. Kings, Tyrants, Misers and Other Fools

15. The Holy Wetness (1924)
Maria Szucsich

16. The Enchanted King (1922)
Robert Grötzsch

17. Burufu the Magician (1922)
Robert Grötzsch

18. Baberlababb (1927)
Oskar Maria Graf

19. The Fairy Tale about the King (1927)
Oskar Maria Graf

20. The Castle with the Three Windows (1924)
Heinrich Schulz

21. The Giant Spider (1928)
Anna Mosegaard

Part IV. Animal Wisdom

22. Felix the Fish (c.1922)
Robert Grötzsch

23. The Poodle and the Schnauzer (1920)
Edwin Hoernle

24. The Chameleon (1920)
Edwin Hoernle

25. The Triumph of the Wolves (c.1925)
Felix Fechenbach

26. The Chameleon (c.1925)
Felix Fechenbach

27. The Revolution in the Zoo (c.1920)
Felix Fechenbach

28. The Fairy Tale about the Bear, the Wolf and the Sly Fox (1925)
Béla Illés

Part V. Freedom Through Solidarity

29. The Glasses (1923)
Hermynia zur Mühlen

30. Once Upon a Time There Was a Tiny Mouse (c.1943)
Kurt Schwitters

31. The Silent Engine Room (1924)
Heinrich Schulz

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