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Physical and Mathematical Aspects of Symmetries

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Table of contents

Part I. Laudatios: Wigner Medal and Weyl Prize

1. Laudatio of Bertram Kostant
Michèle Vergne, Anthony Joseph, Shrawan Kumar

2. Reflecting on mathematics and mathematical physics
Bertram Kostant

3. Laudatio of Vasily Pestun
Luc Vinet

Part II. Plenary invited articles

4. Phenomenology of neutrinos and macroscopic bodies in non-commutative spacetime
Giovanni Amelino-Camelia

5. The dynamical evolution in quantum physics and its semi-group
Arno Bohm

6. Algebraic structures on the moduli spaces in gauge theories
Vasily Pestun

7. Statistical mechanics for complex systems: On the structure of q-triplets
Constantino Tsallis

8. Unconventional supersymmetry: Local SUSY without SUGRA
Jorge Zanelli

Part III. Articles

9. Analysis of the production of exotic bottomonium-like resonances via heavy-meson effective theory
L. M. Abreu

10. An alternative construction for the Type-II defect matrix for the sshG
A. R. Aguirre, J. F. Gomes, A. L. Retore, N. I. Spano, A. H. Zimerman

11. Generalized supersymmetry and the Lévy-Leblond equation
N. Aizawa, Z. Kuznetsova, H. Tanaka, F. Toppan

12. Investigating the effect of cognitive stress on cardiorespiratory synchronization
Maia Angelova, Philip Holloway, Laurie Rauch

13. Generalization of conserved charges for Toda models
Rita C. Anjos

14. On supersymmetric eigenvectors of the 5D discrete Fourier transform
M. K. Atakishiyeva, N. M. Atakishiyev

15. Remarks on Berezin quantization on the Siegel-Jacobi ball
Stefan Berceanu

16. The good, the bad and the ugly coherent states through polynomial Heisenberg algebras
Miguel Castillo-Celeita, David J. Fernández C.

17. Generation and dynamics of crystallised-type states of light within the Tavis-Cummings model
O. Casta˜ños, S. Cordero, E. Nahmad-Achar, R. López-Pe˜ña

18. Immanants of unitary matrices and their submatrices
Dylan Spivak, Hubert Guise

19. Group theoretical aspects of L2(R+), L2(R2) and associated Laguerre polynomials
Enrico Celeghini, Mariano A. Olmo

20. Galilean complex Sine-Gordon equation: symmetries, soliton solutions and gauge coupling
Genilson Melo, Marc Montigny, James Pinfold, Jack Tuszynski

21. On completeness of coherent states in noncommutative spaces with the generalised uncertainty principle
Sanjib Dey

22. Majorana neutrinos in an effective field theory approach
Lucía Duarte, Oscar A. Sampayo

23. Feynman-Dyson propagators for neutral particles (local or non-local?)
Valeriy V. Dvoeglazov

24. Generalized equations and their solutions in the (S,0)×(0,S) representations of the Lorentz group
Valeriy V. Dvoeglazov

25. Quantum cosmology with k-Essence theory
C. R. Almeida, J. C. Fabris, F. Sbisá, Y. Tavakoli

26. Troubles with the radiation reaction in electrodynamics
Sofiane Faci, José A. Helayel-Neto, V. H. Satheeshkumar

27. Gravitational “seesaw” and light bending in higher-derivative gravity
Antonio Accioly, Breno L. Giacchini, Ilya L. Shapiro

28. History of particles in the early universe from contracting the Standard Model
N. A. Gromov

29. Ternary Z6-graded algebras
Richard Kerner

30. The zeta function approach applied to Casimir effects in a stack of conductive planes
Nail Khusnutdinov, Rashid Kashapov, Lilia M. Woods

31. Rephasing invariant monomials of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix
Piotr Kielanowski, S. Rebeca Juárez W.

32. The SchrÖdinger equation in rotating frames by using the stochastic variational method
Tomoi Koide, Kazuo Tsushima, Takeshi Kodama

33. Perturbation of the Malliavin Calculus of Bismut type for a large order on a Lie group
Rémi Léandre

34. Shift operators and recurrence relations for individual Lamé polynomials
Eugenio Ley-Koo, Ricardo Méndez-Fragoso

35. Shift operators and recurrence relations for Legendre polynomials with noninteger associativity and definite parity
Eugenio Ley-Koo, Salvador A. Cruz

36. On completeness of Bethe Ansatz solutions for sl(2) Richardson–Gaudin systems
Jon Links

37. Nonadiabatic bounce in quantum cosmology
Przemysław Małkiewicz

38. Two-dimensional massless light-front fields and conformal field theory
L’ubomí Martinovič

39. Pattern recognition of amino acids via a Poisson statistical approach
R. P. Mondaini, S. C. Albuquerque Neto

40. Real pseudo-orthogonal groups and the canonical commutation relations
Patrick Moylan

41. Quantum isometry groups and Born reciprocity in 3d gravity
Prince K. Osei

42. A new procedure for constructing basis vectors of irreducible representations of SU(3) under the

$$ SU(3) supset SO(3) basis
Feng Pan, K. D. Launey, J. P. Draayer

43. Massive Dirac field in 3D and induced equations for higher spin fields
L. Bonora, M. Cvitan, P. Dominis Prester, S. Giaccari, B. Lima Souza, T Štemberga

44. Current algebra for a generalized two-sites Bose-Hubbard model
Gilberto N. Santos Filho

45. The role of “escort fields” in the relation between massless and massive vector (tensor) mesons
Bert Schroer

46. String-localized infinite spin fields and inert matter
Bert Schroer

47. Toeplitz quantization of the quantum group SU
Stephen Bruce Sontz

48. The sinh-Gordon defect matrix generalized for n defects
N. I. Spano, A. L. Retore, J. F. Gomes, A. R. Aguirre, A. H. Zimerman

49. Higher-genus amplitudes and resurgence in SUSY double-well matrix model for 2D IIA superstrings
Fumihiko Sugino

50. 3D Higher spin gravity and the fractional quantum Hall effect
Mauricio Valenzuela

51. The “odd” Gelfand-Zetlin basis for representations of general linear Lie superalgebras
J. Jeugt, N. I. Stoilova

52. Bannai–Ito algebras and the osp(1;2) superalgebra
Hendrik Bie, Vincent X. Genest, Wouter Vijver, Luc Vinet

53. Exact state revival in a spin chain with next-to-nearest neighbour interactions
Matthias Christandl, Luc Vinet, Alexei Zhedanov

54. A triality between weak mutually unbiased bases, zeros of their analytic representations, and finite geometries
T. Olupitan, C. Lei, A. Vourdas

55. The U(2) Fourier group for rectangular pixellated images
Alejandro R. Urzúa, Kurt Bernardo Wolf

Part IV. Short Articles

56. Finding a dictionary between tensor models and crystallization theory
Grace Itunuoluwa Akinwande

57. Quantum cosmology of scalar-tensor theories and self-adjointness
Carla R. Almeida

58. Luminosity of ultrahigh energy cosmic rays as a probe of black strings
Rita C. Anjos, Carlos H. Coimbra-Araújo

59. About nonlinear coherent states in graphene
Erik Díaz-Bautista, David J. Fernández C.

60. Painlevé IV solutions from systems with a harmonic oscillator gapped spectrum
Mario Ivan Estrada-Delgado, David J. Fernández C.

61. Interior solution for a translating cylinder of matter
Pedro Henrique Meert Ferreira, Maria de Fátima Alves da Silva

62. A classical calculation of the W-boson magnetic moment
Alexandre Hefren Vasconcelos Júnior

63. Quantum angle from E(2) coherent states quantization of motion on the circle
Diego Noguera

64. Free-energy formalism for inhomogeneous nonlinear Fokker-Planck equations
Peter Rapčan, Gabriele Sicuro, Constantino Tsallis

65. Relativistic deformation of Helmholtz wavefields
Cristina Salto-Alegre, Amalia Torre, Kurt Bernardo Wolf

Part V. Memorials: S. T. Ali and L. Boyle

66. Syad Twareque Ali
Jean-Pierre Antoine, Jean-Pierre Gazeau

67. Laurence Boyle - In Memoriam
Maia Angelova

Keywords: Mathematics, Mathematical Physics, Group Theory and Generalizations, Quantum Physics

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