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Narrow and Smart Textiles

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Table of contents

Part I. Narrow Weaving and Knitting

1. Connected Ribbons-Design as a Key to Service’s Materiality
Florence Bost

2. Modelling of Light Emission in Tapes Woven with Polymer Optical Fibres
Lisa Mol, Harm Wisselink, Niels Gardenier, Edwin Lamers

3. Interesting Mechanical Properties of 3D Warp Interlock Fabrics
F. Boussu, S. Picard, D. Soulat

4. Fibers and Textiles for Fully Bio-Based Fiber Reinforced Materials
Thomas Grethe, Boris Mahltig, Haoqian Miao, Thomas Kick, Hajo Haase, Mark Kopietz, Sergiy Grishchuk

Part I. Narrow Weaving and Knitting

5. Investigation of the Elastic Properties of Weft-Knitted Metal-Reinforced Narrow Composites
J. Kaufmann, Y. Kyosev, H. Rabe, K. Gustke, H. Cebulla

6. Investigation About the Properties of HMHT Fibre Ropes and New Machine for Continuous Production of Ropes with Connection Between Core and Mantle
Andreas Kretschmer, Christoph Müller

7. Interlacement Variations in the Alternative Covering Technology D-3F
Daniel Denninger, Maik Berger, Yordan Kyosev

8. Development of Machine Configuration for T- and I-Profiles and Their Topological Modelling
Yordan Kyosev, Katalin Küster

9. Modeling of Braided Structures Based on Secondary Helix
Fanggang Ning, Nick O Hear, Rong Zhou, Chuan Shi, Xin Ning

10. Investigation of PET-Braided Vascular Stents Potential Compared with Commercial Metallic Stents
Hiba Jaziri, Sofiene Mokhtar, Khawla Aguir, Saber Ben Abdessalem

11. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Triaxial Braid Reinforcements
Boris Duchamp, Yordan Kyosev, Xavier Legrand, Damien Soulat

12. Fibre-Rope-Driven Parallel Handling Device
Christoph Müller, Markus Helbig, David Holschemacher

13. Pattern Design with the Variation Braider VF of Company HerzogGmbH
Peter Gleßner, Yordan Kyosev

14. Ultrasonic Dip Coating of Fibre Ropes with Large Diameters
David Häser, Klaus Nendel, Christoph Müller, Markus Helbig

15. Overlay Finishes and Coatings for Improving Abrasion Resistance in Braided Polyarylate Fiber Ropes
Loet Hoppe, Koen van Goethem, Hans-Gunter Kluczik, Forrest Sloan, Jens Mammitzsch, Markus Michael

Part III. Smart Textiles

16. Metal-Textile Hybrid Carrier Modules with Integrated Functions Based on Textile Sensors
Enrico Putzke, Andreas Müller, André Riedel

17. 4D Textiles: Hybrid Textile Structures that Can Change Structural Form with Time by 3D Printing
David Schmelzeisen, Hannah Koch, Chris Pastore, Thomas Gries

18. Functional Nanofiber Mats for Medical and Biotechnological Applications
Robin Böttjer, Timo Grothe, Andrea Ehrmann

19. Sensorized Woven Tapes and Their Testing
W. Scheibner, A. Neudeck, K. Ullrich, A. Krahmer, H. Oschatz, M. Weiser, U. Möhring

20. Integration of Solar Cells and Other Electronic Components into Clothes
Susanna Fafenrot, Paul Silbermann, Nils Grimmelsmann, Johannes Assig, Andrea Ehrmann

21. Washing and Abrasion Resistance of Conductive Coatings for Vital Sensors
Patricia Schäl, Irén Juhász Junger, Nils Grimmelsmann, Hubert Meissner, Andrea Ehrmann

22. Resource-Efficient Production of a Smart Textile UV Sensor Using Photochromic Dyes: Characterization and Optimization
Sina Seipel, Junchun Yu, Aravin P. Periyasamy, Martina Viková, Michal Vik, Vincent A. Nierstrasz

23. Direct Printing of Light-Emitting Devices on Textile Substrates
Inge Verboven, Wim Deferme

Keywords: Chemistry, Textile Engineering, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Industrial and Production Engineering

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