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Infrastructure and Technology Management

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Table of contents

Part I. Energy

1. Landscape Analysis: Regulations, Policies, and Innovation in Photovoltaic Industry
Dmitriy Moskovkin, Anna Mary Mathew, Qin Guo, Roli Eyetsemitan, Tugrul U. Daim

2. Landscape Analysis: Fracking Technology
Rafaa Khalifa, Chih-Jen Yu, Joao Ricardo Lavoie, Momtaj Khanam, Tugrul U. Daim

3. Landscape Analysis: Connected Lighting System
Nina Chaichi, Tugrul U. Daim

4. Technology Assessment: Developing Geothermal Energy Resources for Supporting Electrical System in Oregon
Ahmed Shehab Alshareef, Tugrul U. Daim, Ibrahim Iskin

5. Technology Assessment: Demand Response Technologies in the Pacific Northwest
Judith Estep, Tugrul U. Daim

Part II. Health Care

6. Landscape Analysis: What Are the Forefronts of Change in the US Hospitals?
Amir Shaygan

7. Technology Assessment: Patient-Centric Solutions for Transfer of Health Information
Paul Atkinson, Shabnam Jahromi, Paweena Kongsansatean, Leong Chan

8. Technology Assessment: Nosocomial Infection Solutions
Chris Imondi, Arundhati Shastri, Tom Shott, Jayanth Siddappa, Tugrul U. Daim

9. Technology Assessment: Study of User Preferences for Weight Loss Mobile Applications Both Globally and in the United States
Ahmed Bohliqa, Apisit Charoensupyanant, Daria Spatar, Jejung Ha, Selen Yilmaz, Tugrul U. Daim

Part III. Transportation

10. Landscape Analysis: The Electric Car (Is It a Viable Alternative?)
Henry Janzen, Deepak Yasaswi Kancherla, Sridhar Paneerselvam, Shiva Ram Reddy, Tugrul U. Daim

11. Technology Roadmap: A Roadmap for Tesla
Yasaswi Deepak Kancherla, Tugrul U. Daim

12. Technology Assessment: Emerging Automotive Technologies for the Future
Aurobindh Kalathil Puthanpura, Rafaa Khalifa, Leong Chan, Husam Barham

13. Technology Roadmap: Drone Delivery – Amazon Prime Air
Shiva Ram Reddy Singireddy, Tugrul U. Daim

Part IV. Infrastructure

14. Technology Roadmap: Google’s Eco-friendly Mobile Phones
Xuran Dai, Tugrul U. Daim

15. Technology Assessment: The Evaluation of Residential Pool Sanitation Options Using TOPSIS
Ori Wolman, Joseph C. Edmondson, Leong Chan

16. Technology Assessment: Cloud Service Adoption Decision
Greg Wease, Kwasi Boateng, Chih-Jen Yu, Leong Chan, Husam Barham

17. Project Delivery: Highway Construction
Rafaa Khalifa, Tugrul U. Daim, Robert Stewart

Keywords: Business and Management, Innovation/Technology Management, R & D/Technology Policy, Health Care Management, Transportation

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Innovation, Technology, and Knowledge Management
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