Basei, Miguel A. S.

Geology of Southwest Gondwana

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Table of contents

Part I. Paleomagnetism, Geophysics and Adamastor

1. The Assembly of Western Gondwana: Reconstruction Based on Paleomagnetic Data
Augusto E. Rapalini

2. An Integrated Geophysical and Geological Interpretation of the Southern African Lithosphere
Branko Corner, Raymond J. Durrheim

3. The Tectonic History of the Southern Adamastor Ocean Based on a Correlation of the Kaoko and Dom Feliciano Belts
Miguel Angelo Stipp Basei, Hartwig Ernest Frimmel, Mario da Costa Campos Neto, Carlos Eduardo Ganade Araujo, Neivaldo Araujo Castro, Claudia Regina Passarelli

Part II. Old Continental Landmasses

4. The Río de la Plata Craton of Argentina and Uruguay
Pedro Oyhantçabal, Carlos A. Cingolani, Klaus Wemmer, Siegfried Siegesmund

5. A Geological and Isotopic Framework of Precambrian Terrains in Western Central Africa: An Introduction
Denis Thiéblemont, Yannick Callec, Max Fernandez-Alonso, Frédéric Chène

6. The Kalahari Craton, Southern Africa: From Archean Crustal Evolution to Gondwana Amalgamation
Sebastián Oriolo, Thomas Becker

7. The Nico Pérez Terrane of Uruguay and Southeastern Brazil
Pedro Oyhantçabal, Sebastián Oriolo, Ruy Paulo Philipp, Klaus Wemmer, Siegfried Siegesmund

8. The Luis Alves and Curitiba Terranes: Continental Fragments in the Adamastor Ocean
Claudia Regina Passarelli, Miguel Angelo Stipp Basei, Oswaldo Siga, Ossama Mohamed Milah Harara

9. The Geology and Evolution of the Angolan Shield, Congo Craton
Hielke A. Jelsma, Steve McCourt, Samantha H. Perritt, Richard A. Armstrong

Part III. Neoproterozoic Fold Belts related to Western Gondwana Formation

10. The Tectonic Evolution of the São Gabriel Terrane, Dom Feliciano Belt, Southern Brazil: The Closure of the Charrua Ocean
Ruy Paulo Philipp, Marcio Martins Pimentel, Miguel Angelo Stipp Basei

11. The Dom Feliciano Belt in Southern Brazil and Uruguay
Mathias Hueck, Pedro Oyhantçabal, Ruy Paulo Philipp, Miguel Angelo Stipp Basei, Siegfried Siegesmund

12. The Evolution of the Damara Orogenic System: A Record of West Gondwana Assembly and Crustal Response
Ben Goscombe, David A. Foster, David Gray, Ben Wade

13. The Gariep Belt
Hartwig Ernest Frimmel

14. The Stratigraphy and Structure of the Western Saldania Belt, South Africa and Geodynamic Implications
Alexander Kisters, Richard Belcher

15. Suturing Gondwana in the Cambrian: The Orogenic Events of the Final Amalgamation
Renata da Silva Schmitt, Rafael de Araújo Fragoso, Alan Stephen Collins

16. Untangling the Neoproterozoic-Early Paleozoic Tectonic Evolution of the Eastern Sierras Pampeanas Hidden in the Isotopical Record
Mónica G. López de Luchi, Carmen I. Martínez Dopico, Klaus Wemmer, Siegfried Siegesmund

Part IV. Special Topics

17. The Iron Formations of Southern Africa
Albertus J. B. Smith

18. The Iron Formations of the South American Platform
Carlos Alberto Rosière, Adriana Heimann, Pedro Oyhantçabal, João Orestes Schneider Santos

19. The Glaciations in South America
Daniel G. Poiré, Lucía E. Gómez Peral, María J. Arrouy

20. The Ediacaran-Early Cambrian Fossil Record in Southwest Gondwana
Claudio Gaucher

21. The Provenance of Selected Neoproterozoic to Lower Paleozoic Basin Successions of Southwest Gondwana: A Review and Proposal for Further Research
Udo Zimmermann

22. Shear Zones in Brasiliano-Pan-African Belts and Their Role in the Amalgamation and Break-Up of Southwest Gondwana
Sebastián Oriolo, Mathias Hueck, Pedro Oyhantçabal, Ben Goscombe, Klaus Wemmer, Siegfried Siegesmund

23. The African Metallotects of Southwest Gondwana
Gregor Borg, Christoph Gauert

24. The Impact Record of Southwest Gondwana
Wolf Uwe Reimold, Natalia Hauser, Alvaro P. Crósta

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Structural Geology, Geochemistry, Geophysics/Geodesy, Historical Geology

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Regional Geology Reviews
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