Alvestad, Karl C.

Premodern Rulers and Postmodern Viewers

Alvestad, Karl C. - Premodern Rulers and Postmodern Viewers, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction—Getting Modern: Depicting Premodern Power and Sexuality in Popular Media
Janice North, Elena Woodacre, Karl C. Alvestad

Part I. Reappraising Female Rulers in the Light of Modern Feminism(s)

2. Early Modern Queens on Screen: Victors, Victims, Villains, Virgins, and Viragoes
Elena Woodacre

3. Silencing Queens: The Dominated Discourse of Historical Queens in Film
April Harper

4. Feminism, Fiction, and the Empress Matilda
Katherine Weikert

5. ‘She Is My Eleanor’: The Character of Isabella of Angoulême on Film—A Medieval Queen in Modern Media
Carey Fleiner

6. Women’s Weapons in The White Queen

Misty Urban

7. ‘Men Go to Battle, Women Wage War’: Gender Politics in The White Queen and Its Fandom
Kavita Mudan Finn

Part II. Questions of Adaptation: Bringing Premodern Queens to the Page and Screen

8. Religious Medievalisms in RTVE’s Isabel

Emily S. Beck

9. ‘The Queen of Time’: Isabel I in The Ministry of Time (2015) and The Queen of Spain (2016)
Emily C. Francomano

10. From Mad Love to Mad Lust: The Dangers of Female Desire in Twenty-First Century Representations of Juana I of Castile in Film and Television
Janice North

11. The Filmic Legacy of ‘Queen Christina’: Mika Kaurismäki’s Girl King (2015) and Bernard Tavernier’s Cinematic ‘Amazons’ in D’Artagnan’s Daughter (1994) and The Princess of Monpensier (2010)
Séverine Genieys-Kirk

12. Thomas Imbach’s Marian Biopic: Postmodern Period Drama or Old-Fashioned Psychogram?
Armel Dubois-Nayt

Part III. Undermining Authority: Rulers with Conflicted Gender and Sexual Identities

13. Queering Isabella: The ‘She-Wolf of France’ in Film and Television
Michael R. Evans

14. Seeing Him for What He Was: Reimagining King Olaf II Haraldsson in Post-War Popular Culture
Karl C. Alvestad

15. Televising Boabdil, Last Muslim King of Granada
Elizabeth Drayson

16. A Man? A Woman? A Lesbian? A Whore?: Queen Elizabeth I and the Cinematic Subversion of Gender
Aidan Norrie

Keywords: History, History of Early Modern Europe, History of Medieval Europe, Gender and Sexuality, Cultural History, Film History

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