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Optimization Methods and Applications

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Table of contents

1. Assessment of Exporting Economies Influence on the Global Food Network
Fuad Aleskerov, Zlata Sergeeva, Sergey Shvydun

2. Symmetry in DNA: Methods of Pattern Recognition Based on Hidden Markov Models
Borys O. Biletskyy, Anatoliy M. Gupal

3. Local and Variable Neighborhood Searches for Solving the Capacitated Clustering Problem
Jack Brimberg, Nenad Mladenović, Raca Todosijević, Dragan Urošević

4. On Solving an Optimization Problem with Interval Coefficients
Andrii Bryla

5. Lexicographic Search of Optimal Solutions of Boolean Programming Problems
Sergey V. Chupov

6. A Model for Optimal Reinforcement of Error- and Attack-Resilient Clusters in Networks Under Uncertainty
Hossein Dashti, Pavlo A. Krokhmal

7. Operations Research Techniques in Wildfire Fuel Management
Colin P. Gillen, Dmytro Matsypura, Oleg A. Prokopyev

8. Evolutionary Multimodal Optimization
Mykola M. Glybovets, Nataliya M. Gulayeva

9. Linear Assignment Problems in Combinatorial Optimization
Boris Goldengorin, Dmitry Krushinsky

10. The Maximum Edge Weight Clique Problem: Formulations and Solution Approaches
Seyedmohammadhossein Hosseinian, Dalila B. M. M. Fontes, Sergiy Butenko, Marco Buongiorno Nardelli, Marco Fornari, Stefano Curtarolo

11. Formalization and Classification of Combinatorial Optimization Problems
Leonid Hulianytskyi, Iryna Riasna

12. Very Large-Scale Neighborhood Search for the Multidimensional Assignment Problem
Alla R. Kammerdiner, Charles F. Vaughan

13. Large Deviations for the Method of Empirical Means in Stochastic Optimization Problems with Continuous Time Observations
Pavel S. Knopov, Evgenija J. Kasitskaya

14. Fast Simulation of Highly Reliable Networks with Varying Random External Load
Nickolay Kuznetsov, Olga Khomyak

15. Evaluation of Steady-State Probabilities of Queueing System with Infinitely Many Servers for Different Input Flow Models
Igor Kuznetsov, Alla Shumska

16. The Complexity of Approximation Reoptimization Algorithms for Discrete Optimization
Victor A. Mikhailyuk

17. B&B Solution Technique for Multicriteria Stochastic Optimization Problems
Vladimir I. Norkin

18. Electricity Market Structure and Pricing Analyses
Panos M. Pardalos, Anil Singh, Wenche Wang

19. Fuzzy Models in the Tasks of Pattern Recognition
Oleksandr I. Provotar

20. Parallel Multi-Start Non-dominated Sorting Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithms for the Minimization of the Route-Based Fuel Consumption of Multiobjective Vehicle Routing Problems
Iraklis-Dimitrios Psychas, Magdalene Marinaki, Yannis Marinakis, Athanasios Migdalas

21. Conditions of Pareto Optimization Problems Solvability: Stable and Unstable Solvability
Tatyana I. Sergienko

22. Data Transfer Optimization in the Information Efficient Sensory, Local-Regional and Microsatellite Wireless Networks
Bohdan M. Shevchuk, Valeriy K. Zadiraka, Sergey V. Fraier

23. Algorithm Portfolios and Teams in Parallel Optimization
Volodymyr P. Shylo, Oleg V. Shylo

24. Shor’s r-Algorithms: Theory and Practice
Petro I. Stetsyuk

25. Placement Problems for Irregular Objects: Mathematical Modeling, Optimization and Applications
Yuriy Stoyan, Alexandr Pankratov, Tatiana Romanova

26. On Non-integer Submodular Set Cover Problem
Weili Wu, Guangmo Tong, Ding-Zhu Du

27. Convex Extensions in Combinatorial Optimization and Their Applications
Sergey Yakovlev

28. Method of Artificial Control and the 3D Navier-Stokes System
Michael Z. Zgurovsky, Pavlo O. Kasyanov

29. A New Approach to the Optimization of Composition and Processing Parameters for Alloy Development
Greg Zrazhevsky, Alex Golodnikov, Stan Uryasev, Alex Zrazhevsky

Keywords: Mathematics, Optimization, Mathematical Modeling and Industrial Mathematics, Applications of Mathematics

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Springer Optimization and Its Applications
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