Giannoudis, Peter V.

Fracture Reduction and Fixation Techniques

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Table of contents

Part I. General Considerations

1. Fracture Healing: Back to Basics and Latest Advances
Ippokratis Pountos, Peter V. Giannoudis

2. Instruments Used in Fracture Reduction
Ippokratis Pountos, K. Newman, Peter V. Giannoudis

3. Direct and Indirect Reduction: Definitions, Indications, and Tips and Tricks
Stuart Aitken, Richard Buckley

Part II. Innovations in Fracture Reduction

4. Innovations in Fracture Reduction Computer-Assisted Surgery
Rami Mosheiff, Amal Khoury

5. Inflatable Bone Tamp (Osteoplasty) for Reduction of Intra-articular Fractures
Peter V. Giannoudis, Theodoros Tosounidis

6. Innovations in Fracture Reduction: Poller Screws
Theodoros H. Tosounidis, Peter V. Giannoudis

7. Assessment of Reduction
David J. Hak

8. General Principles of Preoperative Planning
Charalampos G. Zalavras

Part III. An Anatomical Based Approach: Upper Extremity

9. Acromioclavicular Joint Dislocation
Paul Cowling

10. Sternoclavicular Joint Dislocations
Harish Kapoor, Osman Riaz, Adeel Aqil

11. Clavicle Fracture
Makoto Kobayashi, Takashi Matsushita

12. Scapula Fractures
David Limb

13. Humeral Head Avulsion of Greater Tuberosity
Mark Philipson

14. Fractures of Proximal Humerus Open Reduction and Internal Fixation
Harish Kapoor, Adeel Aqil, Osman Riaz

15. Humeral Shaft Fractures (Transverse, Oblique, Butterfly, Bifocal)
Anthony Howard, Theodoros Tosounidis, Peter V. Giannoudis

16. Distal Humerus Fracture
Stefaan Nijs

17. Olecranon Fractures
Odysseas Paxinos, Theodoros H. Tosounidis, Peter V. Giannoudis

18. Coronoid Fractures
Mark Philipson

19. Radial Head and Neck Fracture
Austin Hill, David Ring

20. Monteggia Fracture and Monteggia-Like Lesion – Treatment Strategies and Intraoperative Reduction Techniques
Dorothee Gühring, Ulrich Stöckle

21. Forearm Fractures
Katharina Sommer, Ingo Marzi

22. Galeazzi Fracture
Theodoros H. Tosounidis, Paul J. Harwood

23. Distal Radius Fracture
Georg Gradl

24. Distal Ulna Fractures
Tristan E. McMillan, Alan J. Johnstone

25. Scaphoid Fracture
Anica Herlyn, Alice Wichelhaus

26. Perilunate Dislocation
Laurent Obert, Francois Loisel, Daniel Lepage

27. Metacarpal Fractures
Sam Vollans

28. Bennett Fracture and Fracture of Trapeziometacarpal Joint of the Thumb
Laurent Obert, Gauthier Menu, Daniel Lepage, Francois Loisel

29. Hand-Phalanx Fracture-Dislocation (PIP Joint)
Laurent Obert, Margaux Delord, Gauthier Menu, Damien Feuvrier, Isabelle Pluvy, Francois Loisel

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