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Table of contents

Part I. Production Engineering

1. Analysis of the Conditions for Effective Use of Numerically Controlled Machine Tools
Adam Hamrol, Slawomir Zerbst, Mariusz Bozek, Marta Grabowska, Markus Weber

2. A Simulative Study Approach for Improving the Efficiency of Production Process of Floorboard Middle Layer
Tomasz Bartkowiak, Olaf Ciszak, Piotr Jablonski, Adam Myszkowski, Marcin Wisniewski

3. A Methodology of Improvement of Manufacturing Productivity Through Increasing Operational Efficiency of the Production Process
Justyna Trojanowska, Adam Kolinski, Dariusz Galusik, Maria L. R. Varela, Jose Machado

4. The Impact of Buffer Allocation in Assembly-Line Manufacturing Systems on the Effectiveness of Production Processes
Slawomir Klos, Justyna Patalas-Maliszewska

5. Overall Equipment Effectiveness: Analysis of Different Ways of Calculations and Improvements
Dorota Stadnicka, Katarzyna Antosz

6. Verification of the Method for Assessing Productivity, Taking into Account Logistical Processes in Manufacturing Companies
Michaela Rostek, Ryszard Knosala

7. The Impact of Task Balancing and Sequencing on Production Efficiency
Krzysztof Zywicki, Paulina Rewers, Lukasz Sobkow, Dawid Antas

8. Formal Description of Integrated Process and Assembly System Planning
Jan Duda

9. The Operational Validation of a Planning Process Integration Model in a Manufacturing Company
Michal Adamczak, Piotr Cyplik, Marek Fertsch

10. Job Scheduling Problem in a Flow Shop System with Simulated Hardening Algorithm
Andrzej Jardzioch, Bartosz Skobiej

11. A Study of Priority Rules for a Levelled Production Plan
Paulina Rewers, Justyna Trojanowska, Jacek Diakun, Alvaro Rocha, Luis P. Reis

12. Production Process Analysis in Conditions ofShort-Term Raw Materials Expiration Dates and Long Setup Times Using SimulationMethod
Adrian Jakobczyk, Kamil Nogaj, Jacek Diakun, Reggie Davidrajuh

13. Development of an Intelligent and Automated System for Lean Industrial Production, AddingMaximum Productivity and Efficiency intheProduction Process
Adriana F. Araújo, Maria L. R. Varela, Marivan S. Gomes, Raissa C. C. Barreto, Justyna Trojanowska

14. The Use of Virtual Design to Accommodate aWorkplace for a Hearing-Impaired Worker
Karolina Szajkowska, Anna Karwasz

15. Intelligent Platform for Supervision and Production Activity Control in Real Time
Gaspar G. Vieira, Maria L.R. Varela, Goran D. Putnik, Jose Machado

16. Definition of Smart Retrofitting: First Steps for a Company to Deploy Aspects of Industry 4.0
Bruno V. Guerreiro, Romulo G. Lins, Jianing Sun, Robert Schmitt

17. Additive Manufacturing Technologies Cost Calculation as a Crucial Factor in Industry 4.0
Maria Rosienkiewicz, Joanna Gabka, Joanna Helman, Arkadiusz Kowalski, Slawomir Susz

18. Fulfilling Individual Requirements of Customers in Smart Factory Model
Krzysztof Zywicki, Przemyslaw Zawadzki

19. Model of Competency Management in the Network of Production Enterprises in Industry 4.0—Assumptions
Magdalena Graczyk-Kucharska, Maciej Szafranski, Marek Golinski, Malgorzata Spychala, Kamila Borsekova

20. The Benefits of Using Computer Simulation Models to Support Decision-Making
Elzbieta Malec

21. Cyclic Steady-State Approach to Modelling of Multimodal Processes Flow Levelling
Grzegorz Bocewicz, Pawel Pawlewski, Zbigniew Banaszak

22. Symbolic Representation of Production Knowledge in the Development of Knowledge Management Systems
Alfred Paszek

23. Methodology of KBE System Development for Automated Design of Multivariant Products
Przemyslaw Zawadzki

24. Interacting Manufacturing Features in CAPP Systems
Janusz Pobozniak

25. Case Studies of the Process-Oriented Approach to Technology Management
Wieslaw Urban, Elzbieta Krawczyk-Dembicka

26. Technical Product-Service Systems—A Business Opportunity for Machine Industry
Mariusz Salwin, Bartlomiej Gladysz, Krzysztof Santarek

27. Development of a Speech System Using BCI Based on ERD/ERS for Patients Suffering from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Arkadiusz Kubacki, Dominik Rybarczyk

28. GPenSIM for Performance Evaluation of Event Graphs
Reggie Davidrajuh, Bozena Skolud, Damian Krenczyk

29. Analysis of the Environmental Costs in Manufacturing Companies in the SME Sector in Poland
Lukasz Grudzien, Filip Osinski, Sabahudin Jasarevic

30. Product Variants Recycling Cost Estimation with the Use of Multi-agent Support System
Ewa Dostatni, Jacek Diakun, Radoslaw Wichniarek, Anna Karwasz, Damian Grajewski

31. The Use of Machine Learning Method in Concurrent Ecodesign of Products and Technological Processes
Ewa Dostatni, Izabela Rojek, Adam Hamrol

Part II. Design, Building and Research of Machines and Devices

32. Intelligent Materials Application in Mechatronic Devices
Andrzej Milecki

33. Development of Force Feedback Controller Forthe Loader Crane
Dominik Rybarczyk, Piotr Owczarek, Adam Myszkowski

34. Analysing and Optimizing 2.5D Circular Pocket Machining Strategies
Adam Jacso, Tibor Szalay

35. Study on Mechanical Characteristics in Electromechanical Disengaging Damper
Grzegorz Pittner, Bartosz Minorowicz, Roman Regulski

36. Modeling and 3D Simulation of an Electro-hydraulic Manipulator Controlled by Vision System with Kalman Filter
Piotr Owczarek, Jaroslaw Goslinski, Dominik Rybarczyk, Arkadiusz Kubacki, Arkadiusz Jakubowski, Lukasz Sawicki

37. Trends in the Development of Rotary Tables with Different Types of Gears
Kamil Wojtko, Piotr Frackowiak

38. Survey on Design and Development of Hexapod Walking Robot, Automated Guided Vehicle and Drone
Bartosz Minorowicz, Mariusz Palubicki, Natan Stec, Jakub Bartoszek, Lukasz Antczak, Jakub Matyszczak

39. Development of Conical Face Gear Technology Cooperation with Conical Worm in Spiroid Gear Drive
Piotr Frackowiak, Kamil Wojtko

40. Unilateral Hydraulic Telemanipulation System for Operation in Machining Work Area
Mateusz Sakow, Arkadiusz Parus, Miroslaw Pajor, Karol Miadlicki

41. Effect of Different Electrolytes on Material Removal Rate, Diameter of Hole, and Spark in Electrochemical Discharge Machining
Mukund L. Harugade, Sachin D. Waigaonkar

42. ExoArm 7-DOF (Interactive 7-DOF Motion Controller of the Operator Arm) Master Device for Control of Loading Crane
Pawel Herbin, Miroslaw Pajor

43. Influence of Selected Factors on Static Friction for Combination of Expanded Graphite-Steel
Aleksandra Rewolinska, Karolina Perz

44. Development of Experimental Design for Hydraulic Active Heave Compensation Systems
Arkadiusz Jakubowski, Arkadiusz Kubacki, Piotr Owczarek

45. Loader Crane Working Area Monitoring System Based on LIDAR Scanner
Karol Miadlicki, Miroslaw Pajor, Mateusz Sakow

46. Optimization of the Movement Trajectory of Mobile Crane Working Elements
Wojciech Kacalak, Zbigniew Budniak, Maciej Majewski

47. Design, Manufacture, and Application of Chamber for the Magnetohydrodynamic Deposition Made of PP
Jeremiasz K. Koper

48. Testing of Tight Crimped Joint Made on aPrototype Stand
Nikodem Wrobel, Michal Rejek, Grzegorz Krolczyk, Sergej Hloch

Part III. Cutting Machining & Technological and Assembly Processes

49. Computer Simulation of the Process of Regenerating the Adsorbent Using Microwave Radiation in Compressed Air Dryers
Sergey S. Dobrotvorskiy, Ludmila G. Dobrovolska, Borys A. Aleksenko

50. Spatial Adjusting of the Industrial Robot Program with Matrix Codes
Jakub Wojciechowski, Olaf Ciszak

51. Topology Optimisation Aimed at Additive—SLM Manufacturing of Metal Parts of ExoArm 7-DOF
Pawel Herbin, Dariusz Grzesiak, Marcin A. Krolikowski

52. Applications of Optomechatronic Technologies in Innovative Industry
Tomasz Giesko, Adam Mazurkiewicz

53. Case Study of Thermal Stress Distribution Within Coating Applied on Aluminum Plain Clutch Plate by Thermal Spray Coating Technique
Piotr Jablonski, Piotr Czajka, Adam Patalas, Rafal Talar, Michal Regus

54. Augmented Reality in Training of Fused Deposition Modelling Process
Filip Gorski, Radoslaw Wichniarek, Wieslaw Kuczko, Pawel Bun, John A. Erkoyuncu

55. Complex Control Method of Degreasing Process
Michal Zoubek, Jan Kudlacek, Petr Chabera, Andrey Abramov

56. Hybrid Processing by Turning and Burnishing of Machine Components
Wlodzimierz Przybylski, Stefan Dzionk

57. Virtual Reality and CAD Systems Integration for Quick Product Variant Design
Przemyslaw Zawadzki, Filip Gorski, Pawel Bun, Radoslaw Wichniarek, Karina Szalanska

58. An Approach to Modeling and Simulation of a Complex Conveyor System Using Delmia Quest—A Case Study
Waldemar Malopolski, Adam Wiercioch

59. Prediction of HPDC Casting Properties Made of AlSi9Cu3 Alloy
Jakub Hajkowski, Pawel Popielarski, Robert Sika

60. Internal Stresses Analysis in the Shrink-Fitted Joints of the Assembled Crankshafts
Zbigniew Siemiatkowski, Miroslaw Rucki, Jan Kudlacek

61. The Influence of Composition Chemical of Nanofluids on Hardness and Wear Resistance of Laser-Treated C20 Steel
Wojciech Gestwa

62. Application of Correlation Function for Analysis of Surface Structure Shaping by Hybrid Manufacturing Technology
Sara Dudzinska, Michal Szydlowski, Daniel Grochala, Emilia Bachtiak-Radka

63. Investigation of Heat Distribution in Coated Indexable Tool Inserts
Marta Bogdan-Chudy, Piotr Nieslony, Grzegorz Krolczyk

64. Assessment of the Accuracy of High-Speed Machining of Thin-Walled EN AW-2024 Aluminium Alloy Elements Using Carbide Milling Cutter and with PCD Blades
Jozef Kuczmaszewski, Waldemar Login, Pawel Piesko, Magdalena Zawada-Michalowska

65. Effect of Heat Treatment on Mechanical Properties of Inconel 625/Steel P355NH Bimetal Clad Plate Manufactured by Explosive Welding
Robert Kosturek, Michal Najwer, Piotr Nieslony, Marcin Wachowski

66. Alternative Methods of Chemical Pre-Treatment on Hot-Dip Galvanization Surface for Adhesion Organic Coatings
Jakub Svoboda, Jan Kudlacek, Viktor Kreibich, Stanislaw Legutko

67. Influence of Machining Conditions on the Energy Consumption and Productivity in Finish Hard Turning
Roman Chudy, Wit Grzesik, Krzysztof Zak

68. Application of Principal Component Analysis and Decision Trees in Diagnostics of Cylindrical Plunge Grinding Process
Pawel Lajmert, Malgorzata Sikora, Bogdan Kruszynski, Dariusz Ostrowski

69. Assessment of Deformation Characteristics on CW004A Copper Influenced by Acoustically Enhanced Water Jet
Dominika Lehocka, Vladimir Simkulet, Stanislaw Legutko

Part IV. Measurement Systems and Quality Engineering

70. Measuring the Punching Profile of a Punch And Bind Machine
Joao Sousa, Luis Figueiredo, Jose Machado, Joao P. Mendonca

71. Influence of the Inlet Nozzle Diameter on the Air Gauge Dynamics
Michal Jakubowicz, Miroslaw Rucki, Gyula Varga, Radomir Majchrowski

72. Accuracy of Hysteresis Modeling in Smart Actuator with MSMA
Bartosz Minorowicz, Grzegorz Pittner, Frederik Stefanski

73. Application of Scanning Techniques in the Analysis of the Wear Forging Tools
Marek Hawryluk, Jacek Ziemba, Marcin Rychlik

74. Comparison of Geometrical Accuracy of a Component Manufactured Using Additive and Conventional Methods
Witold Habrat, Maciej Zak, Jolanta Krolczyk, Pawel Turek

75. Studies of Geometric Accuracy of Polygons Machined by Polygonal Turning Technique
Michal Regus, Bartosz Gapinski, Piotr Czajka, Piotr Jablonski

76. Ensuring the Reliability of the Car Body Controls by Controlling the Current Inspection of Measuring Machines
Robert Koteras, Michal Wieczorowski, Piotr Znaniecki, Lidia Marciniak-Podsadna

77. Application of Industrial Robot as a Measuring System
Ksenia Ostrowska, Robert Kupiec, Malgorzata Kowalczyk, Pawel Wojakowski, Halszka Skorska, Jerzy Sladek

78. Surface Roughness of Graphite and Aluminium Alloy After Hydro-abrasive Machining
Jan Carach, Dominika Lehocka, Stanislaw Legutko, Sergej Hloch, Somnath Chattopadhyaya, Amit R. Dixit

79. Measurement of Surface Topography Using Computed Tomography
Bartosz Gapinski, Michal Wieczorowski, Lidia Marciniak-Podsadna, Alejandro Pereira Domínguez, Lenka Cepova, Anton Martinez Rey

80. Cylindricity Measurement on a Coordinate Measuring Machine
Nermina Zaimovic-Uzunovic, Samir Lemes

81. Improvement of Acceptance Sampling Inspection for the Operation of Sealing Packages
Agnieszka Kujawinska, Michal Rogalewicz, Magdalena Diering, Marcin Luczak, Mariusz Bozek, Sachin D. Waigaonkar

82. I Spy, with My Little Eye: Quality Standards of Different Target Groups
Beatrice M. Rich, Jane Worlitz, Stefan Peplowsky, Ralf Woll

83. Reduction of Errors of the Conformity Assessment During the Visual Inspection ofElectrical Devices
Krzysztof Knop, Manuela Ingaldi, Marta Smilek-Starczynowska

84. Possibilities and Limitations of Passive Experiments Conducted in Industrial Conditions
Michal Rogalewicz, Pawel Smuskiewicz, Adam Hamrol, Agnieszka Kujawinska, Luis P. Reis

85. A Study of Raters Agreement in Quality Inspection with the Participation of Hearing Disabled Employees
Beata Starzynska, Karolina Szajkowska, Magdalena Diering, Alvaro Rocha, Luis P. Reis

86. Assessment of Quality Management System Maturity
Marta Grabowska, Josu Takala

87. Organization of Visual Inspection and Its Impact on the Effectiveness of Inspection
Agnieszka Kujawinska, Katarzyna Vogt, Magdalena Diering, Michal Rogalewicz, Sachin D. Waigaonkar

Part V. Materials Engineering

88. On the Formation Features and Some Material Properties of the Coating Formed by Laser Cladding of a NiCrBSi Self-fluxing Alloy
Oleg Devojno, Eugene Feldshtein, Marharyta Kardapolava, Nikolaj Lutsko

89. Fracture Toughness of Plasma Paste-Borided Layers Produced on Nickel-Based Alloys
Magdalena Frackowiak, Natalia Makuch, Piotr Dziarski, Michal Kulka, Sukru Taktak

90. Effect of Residual Stresses in Surface Layer of Nickel-Based Alloy—Inconel 718 on the Safety Factor of Construction
Joanna Krajewska-Spiewak, Jozef Gawlik

91. Influence of Preparation Conditions on Final Dielectric Properties of Pure and Ca-Doped BaTiO3 Ceramics
Izabela Szafraniak-Wiza, Anna Włódarkiewicz, Ewa Markiewicz, Bozena Hilczer, Kamil Feliksik, Lucjan Kozielski

92. Wear of Solid Carbide Ball Nose End Mill
Iwona Lapunka, Piotr Wittbrodt, Katarzyna Marek-Kolodziej

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Design, Manufacturing, Machines, Tools, Production, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD, CAE) and Design

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