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Urban Disaster Resilience and Security

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to ‘Urban Disaster Resilience and Security—Addressing Risks in Societies’
Alexander Fekete, Frank Fiedrich

Part I. Planning Urban Resilience

2. Nepal and the “Urban Resilience Utopia”
Johannes Anhorn

3. Exploring the Role of Planning in Urban Resilience Enhancement—An Irish Perspective
Aoife Doyle, William Hynes, Stephen M. Purcell, Maria Rochford

4. Toward Climate Resilience in the USA: From Federal to Local Level Initiatives and Practices Since the 2000s
Ebru A. Gencer, Wesley Rhodes

5. Enhancing Resilience Towards Summer Storms from a Spatial Planning Perspective—Lessons Learned from Summer Storm Ela

Hanna Christine Schmitt, Stefan Greiving

6. Measuring Urban Resilience to Natural Disasters for Iranian Cities: Challenges and Key Concepts
Solmaz Hosseinioon

7. Resilience History and Focus in the USA
Ronald Fisher, Michael Norman, James Peerenboom

Part II. Organizing Professionals and the People

8. Integrating Volunteers in Emergency Response: A Strategy for Increased Resilience Within German Civil Security Research
Jens Hälterlein, Linda Madsen, Agnetha Schuchardt, Roman Peperhove, Lars Gerhold

9. Contributions of Flood Insurance to Enhance Resilience–Findings from Germany
Annegret H. Thieken

10. Collaborative Emergency Supply Chains for Essential Goods and Services
Marcus Wiens, Frank Schätter, Christopher W. Zobel, Frank Schultmann

Part III. Urban Resilience Assessment: Methods and Challenges

11. Competence as Enabler of Urban Critical Infrastructure Resilience Assessment
Florian Brauner, Marie Claßen, Frank Fiedrich

12. Resilient Disaster Recovery: The Role of Health Impact Assessment
James K. Mitchell

13. DS3 Model Testing: Assessing Critical Infrastructure Network Flood Resilience at the Neighbourhood Scale
Damien Serre

14. Enhancing Flood Resilience Through Collaborative Modelling and Multi-criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA)
Mariele Evers, Adrian Almoradie, Mariana Madruga Brito

Part IV. Urban Critical Infrastructure and Security

15. An Approach for Quantifying the Multidimensional Nature of Disaster Resilience in the Context of Municipal Service Provision
Christopher W. Zobel, Milad Baghersad, Yang Zhang

16. A Future-Oriented Agent-Based Simulation to Improve Urban Critical Infrastructure Resilience
Thomas Münzberg, Tim Müller, Wolfgang Raskob

17. An Indicator-Based Approach to Assessing Resilience of Smart Critical Infrastructures
A. Jovanović, K. Øien, A. Choudhary

18. Certified Video Surveillance Systems for More Resilient Urban Societies
Simone Wurster, Irene Kamara, Thordis Sveinsdottir, Erik Krempel

19. Situational Resilience—A Network-Perspective on Resilience to Crime
Herbert Schubert, Tim Lukas

Part V. Resilience Trends, Paradigms and Reflections

20. Urban Riskscapes—Social and Spatial Dimensions of Risk in Urban Infrastructure Settings
Florian Neisser, Detlef Müller-Mahn

21. Researching Milieu-Specific Perceptions of Risk, (in)Security, and Vulnerability—A Conceptual Approach for Understanding the Inequality and Segregation Nexus in Urban Spaces
Kristina Seidelsohn, Martin Voss, Daniela Krüger

22. Resilience and Thriving in Spite of Disasters: A Stages of Change Approach
Norbert Mundorf, Colleen A. Redding, James O. Prochaska, Andrea L. Paiva, Pamela Rubinoff

23. Foresight in Sight: How to Improve Urban Resilience with Collaboration Among Public Authorities?
Riitta Molarius, Nina Wessberg, Jaana Keränen, Mervi Murtonen

24. How to Demarcate Resilience? A Reflection on Reviews in Disaster Resilience Research
Maike Vollmer, Gerald Walther

25. Challenges in Establishing Cross-Border Resilience
Anouck Adrot, Frank Fiedrich, Andreas Lotter, Thomas Münzberg, Eric Rigaud, Marcus Wiens, Wolfgang Raskob, Frank Schultmann

Part VI. Perspectives from the Science-Policy Nexus

26. Resilience—A Useful Approach for Climate Adaptation?
Thomas Abeling, Achim Daschkeit, Petra Mahrenholz, Inke Schauser

27. Urban Resilience and Crisis Management: Perspectives from France and Germany
Juergen Weichselgartner, Bernard Guézo, Irmtraud Beerlage, Christian Després, Alexander Fekete, Gabriele Hufschmidt, Orsola Lussignoli, Stefanie Mey-Richters, Jens Naumann, Ina Wienand

28. Considerations About Urban Disaster Resilience and Security—Two Concepts in Tandem?
Alexander Fekete, Janos J. Bogardi

29. Synthesis
Alexander Fekete, Frank Fiedrich

Keywords: Geography, Urban Geography / Urbanism (inc. megacities, cities, towns), Natural Hazards, Environmental Management, Sustainability Management, Transportation Technology and Traffic Engineering

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The Urban Book Series
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15 pages
Natural Sciences
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