García, Adolfo M.

Neuroscience and Social Science

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Table of contents

1. Exploring the Borderlands of Neuroscience and Social Science
Agustín Ibáñez, Lucas Sedeño, Adolfo M. García

Part I. Neuroscientific Research on Social Cognition

2. Valuing Others: Evidence from Economics, Developmental Psychology, and Neurobiology
Pablo Billeke, Patricia Soto-Icaza, Mauricio Aspé-Sánchez, Verónica Villarroel, Carlos Rodríguez-Sickert

3. Bias and Control in Social Decision-Making
Paloma Díaz-Gutiérrez, Sonia Alguacil, María Ruz

4. Neurobiological Approaches to Interpersonal Coordination: Achievements and Pitfalls
Carlos Cornejo, Zamara Cuadros, Ricardo Morales

5. The Social Neuroscience of Attachment
Pascal Vrtička

6. Mind-Reading in Altruists and Psychopaths
Fatima Maria Felisberti, Robert King

7. From Primary Emotions to the Spectrum of Affect: An Evolutionary Neurosociology of the Emotions
Warren D. TenHouten

8. Moral Cognition and Moral Emotions
Sandra Baez, Adolfo M. García, Hernando Santamaría-García

9. On the Cognitive (Neuro)science of Moral Cognition: Utilitarianism, Deontology, and the “Fragmentation of Value”
Alejandro Rosas

10. The Social/Neuroscience: Bridging or Polarizing Culture and Biology?
Andrés Haye, Ricardo Morales, Sebastián Niño

Part II. Impact of Social Neuroscience on Social Spheres

11. Dementia and Social Neuroscience: Historical and Cultural Perspectives
Olivier Piguet

12. Clinical Studies of Social Neuroscience: A Lesion Model Approach
Fiona Kumfor, Jessica L. Hazelton, François-Laurent Winter, Laurent Cleret Langavant, Jan Stock

13. Psychotherapy and Social Neuroscience: Forging Links Together
Andrés Roussos, Malena Braun, Saskia Aufenacker, Julieta Olivera

14. The Brain in the Public Space: Social Neuroscience and the Media
María Jimena Mantilla, Martín H. Marco, Diego A. Golombek

Part III. Integration of Social and Neuroscientific Insights

15. Electrophysiological Approaches in the Study of the Influence of Childhood Poverty on Cognition
Marcos Luis Pietto, Juan E. Kamienkowski, Sebastián J. Lipina

16. The Cultural Neuroscience of Socioeconomic Status
Jung Yul Kwon, Ryan S. Hampton, Michael E. W. Varnum

17. Social Ties, Health and Wellbeing: A Literature Review and Model
Andrew Haddon Kemp, Juan Antonio Arias, Zoe Fisher

Part IV. Philosophical Contributions to Theoretical, Methodological, and Ethical Questions

18. The Self-Domesticated Animal and Its Study
Mario Bunge

19. How Is Our Self Related to Its Brain? Neurophilosophical Concepts
Georg Northoff

20. Enaction and Neurophenomenology in Language
Roberto Arístegui

21. A Pluralist Framework for the Philosophy of Social Neuroscience
Sergio Daniel Barberis, M. Itatí Branca, A. Nicolás Venturelli

22. Social Neuroscience and Neuroethics: A Fruitful Synergy
Arleen Salles, Kathinka Evers

Keywords: Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Sociology, general, Neurosciences, Philosophy of Mind

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