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High Performance Computing in Science and Engineering ' 17

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Table of contents

Part I. Physics

1. Blood Proteins and Their Interactions with Nanoparticles Investigated Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Timo Schäfer, Jiajia Zhou, Friederike Schmid, Giovanni Settanni

2. Cosmic Large-Scale Structure in the IllustrisTNG Simulations
Volker Springel, Annalisa Pillepich, Rainer Weinberger, Rüdiger Pakmor, Lars Hernquist, Dylan Nelson, Shy Genel, Mark Vogelsberger, Federico Marinacci, Jill Naiman, Paul Torrey

3. PAMOP: Large-Scale Calculations Supporting Experiments and Astrophysical Applications
B. M. McLaughlin, C. P. Ballance, M. S. Pindzola, P. C. Stancil, J. F. Babb, S. Schippers, A. Müller

4. Phenomenology of Strange Resonances
Paolo Alba, Rene Bellwied, Szabolcs Borsanyi, Zoltan Fodor, Jana Günther, Sandor D. Katz, Valentina Mantovani Sarti, Jacquelyn Noronha-Hostler, Paolo Parotto, Attila Pasztor, Israel Portillo Vazquez, Claudia Ratti

5. Real-Time Lattice Simulations of Quantum Anomalies, Topologies and Particle Production in Strongly Correlated Gauge Theories
Niklas Mueller, Oscar Garcia-Montero, Naoto Tanji, Juergen Berges

6. Many-Body Effects in Fragmented, Depleted, and Condensed Bosonic Systems in Traps and Optical Cavities by MCTDHB and MCTDH-X
Ofir E. Alon, Raphael Beinke, Christoph Bruder, Lorenz S. Cederbaum, Shachar Klaiman, Axel U. J. Lode, Kaspar Sakmann, Marcus Theisen, Marios C. Tsatsos, Storm E. Weiner, Alexej I. Streltsov

Part II. Molecules, Interfaces, and Solids

7. Calculation of Global, High-Dimensional Potential Energy Surface Fits in Sum-of-Products Form Using Monte-Carlo Methods
Markus Schröder, Hans-Dieter Meyer

8. Sum Frequency Generation Spectra from Velocity-Velocity Correlation Functions: New Developments and Applications
Khatib Rémi, Sulpizi Marialore

9. Photo-Excited Surface Dynamics from Massively Parallel Constrained-DFT Calculations
A. Lücke, T. Biktagirov, A. Riefer, M. Landmann, M. Rohrmüller, C. Braun, S. Neufeld, U. Gerstmann, W. G. Schmidt

10. Dynamic Material Parameters in Molecular Dynamics and Hydrodynamic Simulations on Ultrashort-Pulse Laser Ablation of Aluminum
Stefan Scharring, Marco Patrizio, Hans-Albert Eckel, Johannes Roth, Mikhail Povarnitsyn

Part III. Reactive Flows

11. Automated Code Generation for Maximizing Performance of Detailed Chemistry Calculations in OpenFOAM
Thorsten Zirwes, Feichi Zhang, Jordan A. Denev, Peter Habisreuther, Henning Bockhorn

12. A Resolved Simulation Study on the Interactions Between Droplets and Turbulent Flames Using OpenFOAM
B. Wang, H. Chu, A. Kronenburg, O. T. Stein

13. Towards Affordable LES of Rocket Combustion Engines
Roman Keller, Martin Grader, Peter Gerlinger, Manfred Aigner

Part IV. Computational Fluid Dynamics

14. Numerical Analysis of Heat Transfer During Cooling of Supercritical Fluid by Means of Direct Numerical Simulation
Sandeep Pandey, Xu Chu, Eckart Laurien

15. Control of Traveling Crossflow Vortices Using Plasma Actuators
Philipp C. Dörr, Zhengfei Guo, Johannes M. F. Peter, Markus J. Kloker

16. Towards the Implementation of a New Multigrid Solver in the DNS Code FS3D for Simulations of Shear-Thinning Jet Break-Up at Higher Reynolds Numbers
Moritz Ertl, Jonathan Reutzsch, Arne Nägel, Gabriel Wittum, Bernhard Weigand

17. Numerical Investigation of the Turbulent Wake of Generic Space Launchers
S. Loosen, V. Statnikov, M. Meinke, W. Schröder

18. Optimization and HPC-Applications of the Flow Solver FLOWer
Johannes Letzgus, Lukas Dürrwächter, Ulrich Schäferlein, Manuel Keßler, Ewald Krämer

19. Numerical Simulations of Artificial Disturbance Influence on a High Lift Airfoil
Katharina Wawrzinek, Thorsten Lutz, Ewald Krämer

20. About the Influence of Wind Tunnel Walls, Tower and Nozzle on the Performance of a Model Wind Turbine
Annette Klein (née Fischer), Sven Zabel, Thorsten Lutz, Ewald Krämer

21. Numerical Analysis of a Propeller Turbine Operated in Part Load Conditions
Bernd Junginger, Stefan Riedelbauch

22. Mesoscale Simulations of Janus Particles and Deformable Capsules in Flow
Othmane Aouane, Qingguang Xie, Andrea Scagliarini, Jens Harting

23. Application and Development of the High Order Discontinuous Galerkin Spectral Element Method for Compressible Multiscale Flows
Andrea Beck, Thomas Bolemann, David Flad, Hannes Frank, Nico Krais, Kristina Kukuschkin, Matthias Sonntag, Claus-Dieter Munz

Part V. Transport and Climate

24. Regional Climate Simulations with COSMO-CLM: Ensembles, Very High Resolution and Paleoclimate
G. Schädler, H.-J. Panitz, E. Christner, H. Feldmann, M. Karremann, N. Laube

25. High Resolution WRF Simulations for Climate Change Studies in Germany
Kirsten Warrach-Sagi, Viktoria Mohr, Volker Wulfmeyer

26. Seasonal Simulation of Weather Extremes
Thomas Schwitalla, Volker Wulfmeyer, Kirsten Warrach-Sagi

Part VI. Miscellaneous Topics

27. Massively Parallel Multigrid for the Simulation of Skin Permeation on Anisotropic Tetrakaidecahedral Cell Geometries
Sebastian Reiter, Arne Nägel, Andreas Vogel, Gabriel Wittum

28. Real Data Applications of Seismic Full Waveform Inversion
A. Kurzmann, L. Gaßner, R. Shigapov, N. Thiel, N. Athanasopoulos, T. Bohlen, T. Steinweg

29. The Impact of Pores on Microstructure Evolution: A Phase-Field Study of Pore-Grain Boundary Interaction
V. Rehn, J. Hötzer, M. Kellner, M. Seiz, C. Serr, W. Rheinheimer, M. J. Hoffmann, B. Nestler

30. Modeling the Interior Dynamics of Terrestrial Planets
Ana-Catalina Plesa, Christian Hüttig, Florian Willich

31. EXAHD: An Exa-Scalable Two-Level Sparse Grid Approach for Higher-Dimensional Problems in Plasma Physics and Beyond
Mario Heene, Alfredo Parra Hinojosa, Michael Obersteiner, Hans-Joachim Bungartz, Dirk Pflüger

Keywords: Mathematics, Computational Science and Engineering, Theoretical, Mathematical and Computational Physics, Mathematical and Computational Engineering, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, Simulation and Modeling, Mathematical Applications in Computer Science

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