Commun, Patricia

Wilhelm Röpke (1899–1966)

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Table of contents

1. Wilhelm Röpke as a Pragmatic Political Economist and Eclectic Social Philosopher: An Introduction
Patricia Commun, Stefan Kolev

Part I. Wilhelm Röpke: New Biographical Insights

2. Between Two Continents: Wilhelm Röpke’s Years in Istanbul
Antonio Masala, Özge Kama

3. Wilhelm Röpke’s Utopia and Swiss Reality: From Neoliberalism to Neoconservatism
Andrea Franc

4. The Making of the “Third Way”: Wilhelm Röpke, Luigi Einaudi, and the Identity of Neoliberalism
Alberto Giordano

5. Paleo- and Neoliberals: Ludwig von Mises and the “Ordo-interventionists”
Stefan Kolev

Part II. Wilhelm Röpke as a Political Economist: Between Keynes and the Austrians

6. The Moral Foundations of Society and Technological Progress of the Economy in the Work of Wilhelm Röpke
Marcelo Resico, Stefano Solari

7. Was Wilhelm Röpke Really a Proto-Keynesian?
Raphaël Fèvre

8. Wilhelm Röpke’s Report on the Brauns Commission: Advocating a Pragmatic Business Cycle Policy
Patricia Commun

9. The Secondary Depression: An Integral Part of Wilhelm Röpke’s Business Cycle Theory
Lachezar Grudev

Part IIIA. Wilhelm Röpke as a Social Philosopher. Part A: Conservatism

10. From Basel to Brooklyn: Liberal Cultural Pessimism in Burckhardt, Röpke, and the American Neoconservatives
Alan S. Kahan

11. Wilhelm Röpke: Why He Was a Conservative
Jean Solchany

12. Wilhelm Röpke and American Conservatism
Tim Petersen

13. Cultural Pessimism and Liberal Regeneration? Wilhelm Röpke as an Ideological In-Between in German Social Philosophy
Frans Willem Lantink

Part IIIB. Wilhelm Röpke as a Social Philosopher. Part B: Liberalism

14. Wilhelm Röpke on Liberalism, Culture, and Economic Development
Nils Goldschmidt, Julian Dörr

15. Skepticism About Markets and Optimism About Culture
Henrique Schneider

16. Democracy, Liberalism, and Moral Order in Wilhelm Röpke: A Comparison with James M. Buchanan
Gabriele Ciampini

17. Wilhelm Röpke’s Relevance in a Post-Totalitarian World
Richard Ebeling

Keywords: Economics, History of Economic Thought/Methodology, Political Philosophy, International Political Economy, Sociology, general, Public Economics

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The European Heritage in Economics and the Social Sciences
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