Abraham, Ajith

Proceedings of the Second International Scientific Conference “Intelligent Information Technologies for Industry” (IITI’17)

Abraham, Ajith - Proceedings of the Second International Scientific Conference “Intelligent Information Technologies for Industry” (IITI’17), ebook


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Table of contents

1. Approach to the Search for Similar Software Projects Based on the UML Ontology
Gleb Guskov, Alexey Namestnikov, Nadezda Yarushkina

2. Intelligent Support of Educational Process Basing on Ontological Approach with Use of Tutoring Integrated Expert Systems
Galina V. Rybina, Victor M. Rybin, Yury M. Blokhin, Elena S. Sergienko

3. Expert System with Extended Knowledge Acquisition Module for Decision Making Support
Alexander Tselykh, Larisa Tselykh, Vladislav Vasilev, Simon Barkovskii

4. Trajectory-Tracking Control of Mobile Robot via Feedback Linearization
Aleksey A. Kabanov, Svilen Stoyanov, Ekaterina N. Kabanova

5. Optimization of Design Opportunities and Transfer of Information Between Data 3D Graphics Program Blender and Solidworks CAD System for Use in Dental Industry
Rosen Vasilev, Hristo Skulev, Tihomir Dovramadjiev

6. Method for Conceptual Presentation of Subject Tasks in Knowledge Engineering for Computer-Aided Design Systems
Anatoly Korobeynikov, Michael Fedosovsky, Igor Zharinov, Vladimir Polyakov, Anatoly Shukalov, Andrey Gurjanov, Sergey Arustamov

7. Energy Meter for Smart Home Purposes
Zdenek Slanina, Tomas Docekal

8. Decision Models for Volume Plans in Mechanical Engineering
Georgy Burdo

9. Algorithm for Building Recommendations for Intelligent Systems
S. B. Kartiev, V. M. Kureychick

10. Reconfigurable Distributed Information and Control System Multiagent Management Approach
E. Melnik, A. Klimenko, V. Korobkin

11. Intelligent System for Technological Adjustment of the Harvesting Machines Parameters
Lyudmila Borisova, Valery Dimitrov, Inna Nurutdinova

12. Multi-Criteria Decision Making Using AHP to Select the Best CAD Software
Omar Bataineh, Dina Abu Hjeelah, Sereen Arabiat

13. Dynamic Programming for Automatic Positioning of Wheel Chocks on Marshalling Yards
Sergey M. Kovalev, Alexander N. Shabelnikov, Andrey V. Sukhanov

14. Mobile Smart Objects for Incidents Analysis in Railway Intelligent Control System
Andrey V. Chernov, Maria A. Butakova, Vladimir D. Vereskun, Oleg O. Kartashov

15. Intellectualization of Sorting Processes Control on the Basis of Instrumental Determination of Analogies
A. N. Shabelnikov, N. N. Lyabakh

16. Evaluation of the Intelligence Degree of Systems
M. V. Kolesnikov, Ya. M. Gibner

17. Transport Systems Intellectualization Based on Analytical Control Synthesis of Angular Velocities for the Axisymmetric Spacecraft
Vladimir Taran, Vladimir Trofimenko

18. Executable Logic Prototypes of Systems Engineering Complexes and Processes on Railway Transport
Alexander N. Guda, Vera V. Ilicheva, Oleg N. Chislov

19. Intellectualization of Monitoring Vibroacoustic Characteristics of the Permanent Way and Passing Rolling Stock
O. A. Belyak, A. E. Larin, T. V. Suvorova

20. Intelligent Security Analysis of Railway Transport Infrastructure Components on the Base of Analytical Modeling
Igor Kotenko, Andrey Chechulin, Mikhail Bulgakov

21. Sensing Thermal Processes with Piezoelectric Film Elements
Iliya Hadzhidimov, Emil Rosenov

22. Reliability Estimation of Electricity Distribution Substation Surge Protection System Composed by Surge Arresters with Different Operational Parameters
Nikolay Nikolov, Neli Dimitrova, Anton Georgiev, Margreta Vasileva

23. Approximate Solutions of Timoshenko’s Differential Equation for the Free Transverse Vibration of Stubby Beams
Victor A. Chirikov

24. A Computing Approach to Risk Assessment Related to Electromagnetic Field Exposure from Overhead Power Lines
Marinela Yordanova, Mediha Mehmed-Hamza

25. Modified Scheduler for Traffic Prioritization in LTE Networks
Veneta Aleksieva, Aydan Haka

26. Multithreaded Hybrid Library
Hristo Valchanov, Simeon Andreev

27. Opportunities for Application of TCSC in Low Voltage Power Supply Systems as Technical Solution for Improving of Power Quality
Valentin Gyurov, Yuliyan Yordanov

28. Simulation Modeling of Stormwater Sewage Discharge and Dispersion in the Bulgarian Black Sea Coastal Waters
Tatyana Zhekova, Anna Simeonova, Nikolay Nikov

29. A Computing Approach for Determination of the Magnetic Flux Density Under Transmission Power Lines
Emil Panov, Mediha Mehmed-Hamza, Marinela Yordanova

30. An Approach for Monitoring Transport and Delivery Chain of Liquid Fuels in Bulgaria
Todorka Georgieva, Siyka Demirova, Penka Zlateva

31. On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies According to the Rotary Theory
Emil Panov

32. On the Electromagnetic Radiation from a Short Electric Dipole According to the Rotary Theory
Emil Panov

33. Verification of SVD Based Algorithm for Voltage Stability Assessment Against Other Methods
Nikolay Nikolaev

34. Application of Principal Component Analysis for Fault Detection of DC Motor Parameters
Nasko Atanasov, Zhivko Zhekov, Ivan Grigorov, Mariela Alexandrova

35. Automated Stress Level Monitoring in Mobile Setup
Valentina Markova, Kalin Kalinkov, Petar Stanev, Todor Ganchev

36. Evaluation of Sandstone Internal Structure with Application of Micro-CT and FOTOM System
Lačezar Ličev, Jakub Hendrych, Radim Kunčický, Kateřina Kovářová, Ivana Kumpová

37. Operational Reliability Assessment of Systems Containing Electronic Elements
Julia Garipova, Anton Georgiev, Toncho Papanchev, Nikolay Nikolov, Dimitar Zlatev

38. Sensorless Control of the High-Speed Switched-Reluctance Generator for the Steam Turbine
Pavel G. Kolpakhchyan, Alexey R. Shaikhiev, Alexander E. Kochin

39. Design and Implementation of High Speed AES on a RISC Microcontroller
Plamen Stoianov

40. An Algorithm for Generating Optimal Toolpaths for CNC Based Ball-Burnishing Process of Planar Surfaces
Stoyan Slavov

41. Improvement Aspects in Teaching Analog Electronics
Ekaterina Dimitrova, Dimitar Kovachev, Vencislav Valchev

42. Increasing the Education Quality by Means of Computer-Aided Visualization of the Processes in Electric Power Systems
Mediha Mehmed-Hamza, Margreta Vasileva, Plamen Stanchev

43. Project of Experimental Complex for Power System Stability Studies
Yulian Rangelov, Nikolay Nikolaev, Yoncho Kamenov, Krum Gerasimov

44. Determination of the Temperature of Cathode Unit of Indirect Plasma Burner Through a Computer Simulation Model
Krastin Yordanov, Tatyana Mechkarova, Aneliya Stoyanova, Penka Zlateva

45. Modeling, Measurement and Management of Business Processes in Organization
Krasimira Dimitrova

46. Application of Recursive Methods for Parameter Estimation in Adaptive Control of DC Motor
Ivan V. Grigorov, Nasko R. Atanasov, Zhivko Zhekov, Mariela Alexandrova

47. Electronic Differentials with Active Torque Distribution for IWD Vehicles
Petr Simonik, Tomas Mrovec, Samuel Przeczek

48. EMG as Objective Method for Revealed Mistakes in Sport Shooting
Lucie Svecova, David Vala, Zdenek Slanina

49. Compensation of Nonlinear Distortions in Telecommunication Systems with the Use of Functional Series of Volterra
N. D. Pirogova, I. O. Neches

50. Improving the Reliability of Busbar Protection System with IEC 61850 GOOSE Based Communication
Dimitar Bogdanov, Georgi Dimitrov, Francisco Gonzalez-Longatt

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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15 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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