Kauffman, Louis H.

Algebraic Modeling of Topological and Computational Structures and Applications

Kauffman, Louis H. - Algebraic Modeling of Topological and Computational Structures and Applications, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Algebraic Modeling of Topological Structures

1. Link Invariants from the Yokonuma–Hecke Algebras
Konstantinos Karvounis, Sofia Lambropoulou

2. A Survey on Temperley–Lieb-type Quotients from the Yokonuma–Hecke Algebras
Dimos Goundaroulis

3. Representation Theory of Framisations of Knot Algebras
Maria Chlouveraki

4. Invariants for Links from Classical and Affine Yokonuma–Hecke Algebras
Loic Poulain d’Andecy

5. On the Framization of the Hecke Algebra of Type

$${texttt {B}}

Marcelo Flores

6. Link Diagrams in Seifert Manifolds and Applications to Skein Modules
Boštjan Gabrovšek, Maciej Mroczkowski

7. The Braid Approach to the HOMFLYPT Skein Module of the Lens Spaces L(p, 1)
Ioannis Diamantis, Sofia Lambropoulou

8. Some Hecke-Type Algebras Derived from the Braid Group with Two Fixed Strands
Dimitrios Kodokostas, Sofia Lambropoulou

9. Braid Groups in Handlebodies and Corresponding Hecke Algebras
Valeriy G. Bardakov

10. Infinite Loop Spaces, Dyer–Lashof Algebra, Cohomology of the Infinite Symmetric Group and Modular Invariants
Nondas E. Kechagias

Part II. Algebraic Modeling of Applications

11. Linking in Systems with One-Dimensional Periodic Boundaries
Kenneth C. Millett, Eleni Panagiotou

12. On the Height of Knotoids
Neslihan Gügümcü, Louis H. Kauffman

13. Fourier Braids
Stephan Klaus

14. Molecular Simulation of Ionic Liquids: Complex Dynamics and Structure
Niki Vergadou

15. Topological Surgery in Nature
Stathis Antoniou, Sofia Lambropoulou

Part III. Algebraic Modeling of Computational Structures

16. Automorphisms of Curves
Jannis A. Antoniadis, Aristides Kontogeorgis

17. Building and Integrating Semantic Theories over Institutions
Nicola Angius, Maria Dimarogkona, Petros Stefaneas

18. Generic Constructions and Generic Limits
Sergey V. Sudoplatov, Yiannis Kiouvrekis, Petros Stefaneas

19. On Combining Algebraic Specifications with First-Order Logic via Athena
Katerina Ksystra, Nikos Triantafyllou, Petros Stefaneas

20. A Rule-Based Approach for Air Traffic Control in the Vicinity of the Airport
Theodoros Mitsikas, Petros Stefaneas, Iakovos Ouranos

21. Sequential Machines and Affine Musical Contours
Marianthi Bozapalidou

22. A Formal Representation of Video Content with the Picture Hyperoperation
Antonios Kalampakas, Nikolaos Triantafyllou, Katerina Ksystra, Petros Stefaneas

23. Novel Approaches to Medical Information Processing and Analysis
Evi Karali

Keywords: Mathematics, Topology, Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis, Combinatorics, Geometry, Number Theory, Topology

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Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics
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