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Inspired by Nature

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Table of contents

Part I. Evolution and Hardware

1. Evolvable Hardware Challenges: Past, Present and the Path to a Promising Future
Pauline C. Haddow, Andy M. Tyrrell

2. Bridging the Gap Between Evolvable Hardware and Industry Using Cartesian Genetic Programming
Zdenek Vasicek

3. Designing Digital Systems Using Cartesian Genetic Programming and VHDL
Benjamin Henson, James Alfred Walker, Martin A. Trefzer, Andy M. Tyrrell

4. Evolution in Nanomaterio: The NASCENCE Project
Hajo Broersma

5. Using Reed-Muller Expansions in the Synthesis and Optimization of Boolean Quantum Circuits
Ahmed Younes

Part II. Cartesian Genetic Programming Applications

6. Some Remarks on Code Evolution with Genetic Programming
Wolfgang Banzhaf

7. Cartesian Genetic Programming for Control Engineering
Tim Clarke

8. Combining Local and Global Search: A Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm for Cartesian Genetic Programming
Paul Kaufmann, Marco Platzner

9. Approximate Computing: An Old Job for Cartesian Genetic Programming?
Lukas Sekanina

10. Breaking the Stereotypical Dogma of Artificial Neural Networks with Cartesian Genetic Programming
Gul Muhammad Khan, Arbab Masood Ahmad

11. Multi-step Ahead Forecasting Using Cartesian Genetic Programming
Ivars Dzalbs, Tatiana Kalganova

12. Medical Applications of Cartesian Genetic Programming
Stephen L. Smith, Michael A. Lones

Part III. Chemistry and Development

13. Chemical Computing Through Simulated Evolution
Larry Bull, Rita Toth, Chris Stone, Ben Lacy Costello, Andrew Adamatzky

14. Sub-Symbolic Artificial Chemistries
Penelope Faulkner, Mihail Krastev, Angelika Sebald, Susan Stepney

15. Discovering Boolean Gates in Slime Mould
Simon Harding, Jan Koutník, Júrgen Schmidhuber, Andrew Adamatzky

16. Artificial Development
Tüze Kuyucu, Martin A. Trefzer, Andy M. Tyrrell

17. Computers from Plants We Never Made: Speculations
Andrew Adamatzky, Simon Harding, Victor Erokhin, Richard Mayne, Nina Gizzie, Frantisek Baluška, Stefano Mancuso, Georgios Ch. Sirakoulis

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Algorithms, Complexity

Publication year
Emergence, Complexity and Computation
Page amount
10 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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